Sunday, April 24, 2005


Do you just hate them??? Seems like they don't have any other better work to do..Yea..yea..we got the people are computer what???

Hacking into one's e-mail, changing their passwords, reading their just like watching them disgusting!!!! This is third time, my e-mail being hacked..ahhh...feel like wanna kutuk this people's head with hammer..

Sometimes i do wonder..hey..these hackers got no other work ah?? Hmm..this time, i manage to get back my e-mail account..unlike the previous two times..

You guys know whats the best part of this whole drama is??? When i tell this to a very 'dear' friend of mine, thinking that he is going to back me on this...he blamed me for this...saying that 'good' things only happens to 'good' people...hmm..means what?? you know what it if telling me that i ask for all this..

But what i wonder is..lets say a toddler got raped...are u going to blame the toddler being sexually attrative to the criminals??? Wonder if the victims of each and every crime in the world should be blamed instead of the crooks.....Wonder if the victims should be put behind the bars instead of the offenders.....Wonder if my 'dear' friend got an answer for that....