Monday, May 09, 2005

Appreciation: What is that???

well...well...appreciation?? what is that, huh? Is there anything called appreciation nowadays?? Do people actually knows the meaning of appreciating one or not...Try looking up in a dictionary (

Do people actually show gratitude to you for what you have done for them? yea..we should not do something expecting to be given something in return; but if doesn't mean you can let yourself to be taken for granted? Its getting down on your nerves, man..Simple thank you or a show of your gratitute is all person need..and is that too much to ask??? And all you can do is to bark at a person who is trying his or her best to help you out..then, sorry to are digging your own grave!!!

This not only applies to employer-employee relationship...but also between frens, between lovers, between husband-wife, between parents-childrean and also between siblings..

A simple thank you..which being forgotten in this century will do wonders.....


Princess said...

hi tulip,

well said.
a heart felt appreciation is all we need to keep going :D and also to keep our good side of self more brave