Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life As A Postgrad...

Its a miserable as it can be...hmm..i was much more happier and had so much of fun when i was doing my first worries of having your reagents arriving on time; no regrets of postponing appointments with patients; no hassle of answering to patients; no burdern of carrying hundreds of files around....

I lost lot of free more time for my novels and time for easy-reading....they are just occupying space in my book more arratai with my gal frens (they all left the varsity after completing their first degree) more late night movies with friends (if you get what i mean, hehehe) more furious debate about the federal constitution at 2am....hmm...i just missed all the moment i shared with my gals..

Looking at my room right now...boy...its a mess!!!! Let me count...hmm..i got 9 files of journal articles (not including the papers in have on my study table now)...and also countless articles in my c drive..spend lots of my time online looking for them (well, i admit logging in mirc, but god knows what i was doing besides chating...sigghhhh...)..

If missing my peers is not enough, the kind of company i now mingling with...were all from older age group...adduuii...having guys from 1960s and early 70s in your lecture hall..doesn't seem appealing to me at all :( Hmm...lecturers, lab technicians, university staff...these are my working collegues at the moment...Never found my university life so boring like this before..

Okie..okie...enough grumbling..hehehe...anything exciting abt postgraduate studies?? Yeap..sure...well, once you enrol yourself in a postgraduate are certainly a class above the rest...not everyone will get the opportunity to further their master of phd in local need the burning fire inside you to be an excellent scientist (if you are pursuing MSc, like me) need at least a CGPA of 3.00 and lots of luck, to even apply for a postgrad seat...This is what will make you stand out of the crowd...

Then,you will definitely brush up your inter-personal skills and your public speaking skills..yes, i do grumbled about mingling around with men and women twice my age, but talking to these people actually will increase your own self esteem..these are people with so much of knowledge and will learn to interact not only with local intellects but also with experts from overseas when you attend conferences, a way, this will deepen your knowledge, even if it doesnt widen it..

As a postgrad, you will be required to present various talks or proposals, and even create posters or brochures..this will teach you to improve your public speaking skills..even i was doing my BSc, must say that i dread even at the sight of mic..but now, speaking in front of hundreds of partcipants will not pose a big threat to me..

Now, will you believe me if i say i want to further my studies to higher level??? You better believe it!!!!