Friday, May 13, 2005

Topic of Interest: 13 May 1969

well..well...what we have here?? 'anniversary of 13rd May?? Had been 36 yrs since it happened but my mom and my grandma will talk about it as if it happened sterday..Mom was in Form 1 and she was coming back from school in PJ..i try to visualize the situation as she narrates to me..and believe me, seeing people running around with bloody clothes and dead people not a sight a 14-yr old girl wanted to see..

I read couple of websites on the by PDRM, which provided some pics from Arkib ( none of them is deemed to be sensitive pic) article by Harakah article by does provide some clues to me on what might have happened..

I've posted the pics in rumblez and wrote my comment in it..see how the replies goes (if there is any..)

Yes, i do my own dissatisfaction with the way m'sian indians are treated..right from the bumi rights to meritocracy...but i certainly thank the god i don't have to face uncertain future when waking up every morning...