Friday, June 03, 2005

<< Trust >>

The timing for topic for deejaying this morning couldn't be better..."What does trust means to you?? Is it wrong to trust sumone??"

I trust people..That is my weakness..I know that very well..It had landed me in so much trouble...I know that also..But then, I will never stop trusting people..U know why?? Because trust is an important factor in life which keeps us going..Without trust, we are no where..

Trust brings a relationship closer; to a higher level..

Whom should we trust?? Trust the people who brought you to this world; Trust The Almighty who created the universe; Trust the one who grew up with you; Trust the one whom you get intimate with; Trust all who are part of your life..

And when we will be hurt because of a word called TRUST??? You will be hurt when your trust is being abused; You will be hurt when people who suppose to trust you failed to do so; You will be hurt when you cannot trust anyone anymore...

Am I hurt now??? ......YESSSSSS