Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Core of Batman..

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After about 2 months, i manage to spare 3 hours to watch a movie "Batman Begins"..and thanks to Dj`Swetha of ThendralFM for being kind enough to keep me accompanied throughout this movie..Nandri :)

Not going to narrate the story..not going to review the story..i am merely going to pin point one core aspect of the whole batman series..'To fight your fear and injustice'..

Do you fear of sumthing? Do i feel fear of sumthing? Yes, certainly we do..I did came across a website called Phobia Fear Release which outlined all the phobias they could actually name..

What do i fear most?? Here's the list goes...

  • Fear of insects..kekeke..a bit childish though..i fear of all sorts of insects..even though my fren, usha used to say "Hey, u r thousand times bigger than that tiny creature, gal" (in the movie, bruce wayne fears of bats :));
  • Fear of certain people...i remember growing up fearing my primary school Maths teacher...still remember my uncles and aunties who used the rattan to threatened me with whenever i didnt finish up my homework...still remember the fear i had towards a bus conductor who was a sex-maniac;
  • Fear of failure...this one..hmm..failure in exam, in life, fear of making mistakes in even simplest thing i do..they all haunting me even as i am typing this..
  • Fear of friendship..a series of backstabbing...a long list of friends who let me down in the crutial part of my life...a list of friends who were lost, swallowed by time..causing me to fear any new friendship which i am about to bound of friendship can make me feel safe and secured anymore..
  • Fear of trust..hmm..this i mentioned in previous writings...i fear to put my trust on sumone nowadays..Difficult not to trust...fear to, i am rather caught in a dillema..but then, remember Fox Mulder's famous quote??? TRUST NO ONE
  • Fear of love...i guess this is no surprise..a relationship which got me into halucination..into a world of wonder..into a jeopardy..wouldn't i fear this 'pure' feelings?? can anyone blame me for that??

Thats the fears which i could single out at this point of time..

and what i can do for overcoming these fears?

As Thomas Wayne will say, " Why did you fall down? To Stand and Continue Living.." (well, more or less, that is what he said :D ...

Stand up against ur fears..continue with ur life...

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