Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Topic of Interest: CSMU & Indians

Wow..seems like the whole internet community talking about CSMU..even people who never even heard of this university is now talking about how MMC had erred in its decision of re-cognizing CSMU...its funny...

In a span of few days, so many agenda was uncovered by me..:) right from discussions in forums, blogs, and even in mirc..everyone is talking about everything, right from CSMU, medical students, Indian's hope of seeing a doctor per family, local university entrance, MMC's 'biased' decision and not to forget...Datuk S. Sothinathan's outburst in Parliment..i think the latter is the one sparked so many Indians to voice their anger..

But isn't it our mentality to talk about something when it is still 'hot'? All this while, did anyone cared about recognization or de-rognization of universities by MMC? When a varsity which holding so many of our student got affected, all talking about it..but no matter how many roundtable discussion we have, no matter how many people talk about it..nothing going to solve it..coz we are not in power although by right, we are the ONE with power in a a democratic country..

We, the Indians..call ourselves as minority..but then, are we? Why are we pulling ourselves that low by even saying we are minorities?? We call Malays as natekaren but in literal translation, we are saying they are the owner of the country..correct me if i am wrong..So, all this while..we are degrading our ownselves..if we don't pull ourselves up, how can we expect others to respect us?

Now, after seeing that CSMU with majority of our students studying there face dilemma..we are voicing our displeasure...it is not a matter of CSMU alone i am angry about..i am angry with our own mentality..mentality of regarding medicine as the only profession in the world..mentality of sacrificing everything to send at least one kid to medical school rather than guiding them from early childhood...

I am a local university post-graduate student..i know how is the intake of Indians there and i am not merely saying it..i am seeing it everyday..previously, we had more Indians under the quota system..we even called the Faculty of Economics and Management as Indian's faculty :P..we get to see the majority of Indians there..we were in the engg fac..medical fac..man, we were in the critical courses and majority of the students in lesser known fac like languange fac will be malays..but the so-called meritocracy system changed everything..upside down..

So, sending their children to universities in Indonesia, Ukraine and Russia become an interesting option to us..we can't be blamed for that, can we? Emotionally, Indians are very much affected by both the meritocracy sytem as well as de-recognization of CSMU..even i got a dear friend studying there, mind you...but see it from MMC's point of view...who knows how much pressure these guys are having at the moment...who knows how much and who pressured them making that decision? we will never going to know...MMC also need to be given break...

Let me paste my comment in another blog..just to complete this topic :P..hope the other blogger won't mind..

"Re-cognization of CSMU..as MMC had claimed, the university lacked of quality and dubious entry of students..MMC does conduct an assesstment on varsities offering medical courses every 2 to 5 yrs..and even local universities are not exempted from it...in a conference which i attended, it was even said that MMC had rejected application from universities in Japan to offer medical studies to Malaysians on same basis..

So, when a decision like this taken..we should always analyze it carefully before getting in a conclusion based on emotion alone..and before anyone start cursing me to take MMC's side, let me get this straight..i am merely being neutral here..

Most of these universities as seen as an alternative for not-so-good students to further studies in medicine. Strong financial support is what these students need in order to achieve their 'ambition' to be a doctor..i still remember a friend of mine who 'scored' 5E in his STPM and still got a seat to do medicine in Indonesia..is receiving the title as a doctor is all one need? how abt the fate of thousands of patients the doctor going to treat for the rest of his or her career..if a student don't even have the confidence or capabilities to do well in STPM (where some students are even running away from), how can we entrust them to be a good medical students later..after all, medicine is far more tougher than what we, the lay person think..believe me, i know it..(by the way, i am still waiting to see the intake of Indian students for the new sem this year..wonder what drama will be staged this time..)

So, what is my point here? No, i am not saying that MMC is alright in re-cognizing a university which claimed to have produced world-class doctors..MMC had affected us, the Indians emotionally with their decision..because of our very own DELTA syndrome: D-Doctor, E-Engineer, L-Lawyer, T-Teacher and A-Accountant..for those who don't understand this syndrome..its actually a reflection of our mentality..where we only recognize these jobs as profession..nothing else matters (please don't get offended, this is what my Indian teachers used to say)..

But MMC also need to be given a chance to defend its stand..after all it is the body that regulates medical professionals in our country..if we don't respect our own rules and bodies, who else will???

Now, coming to the issue of Datuk Sothinathan..:)

I am proud that he stood up for Indians in Parliment..which i guess rarely happened among BN MPs..Thank you..

"As a member of the government he should not have taken the stand to criticise the government. It is a breach of party discipline,"

But the problem is when he actually went against words of another Ministry, when he is suppose to be with the Ministry..as it is code of ethics where the Cabinet held on a collective decision..meaning which each and every Cabinet/Party member should stood by the Cabinet's decision..This is something which might go against a Cabinet member's personal views (just like in this case), but the regulations require them to either follow the flow or resign or get sacked if u still went with decision against the collective power of the Cabinet..

As a Deputy Minister, Datuk Sothinathan should have known better.."