Friday, June 24, 2005

World Collapsing??

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I am 25..and till now, i never felt this lonely ever...not even when my best friend left me 4 years ago..i never felt so depressed like this..ever..even though i promised to myself i will make a come back and will not let sorrow to swallow my spirit..but then what can i do when everything i believed on started to fall apart??

What exactly the is not something i want to say at the moment..but what i can say is its my ambition and aim is what i am talking about...Ambition is what kept me going on despite miseries which came along..but now that even my ambition is being threatened..aaarrrggghhh...hard to accept that decision..its sad to see all my effort and hope to go with the wind..hmm..what can i do now? just to sit and watch?

What makes things tougher? Of course not having the one we loved with us, to fight the sorrow..that is what makes things worse..and dear 'anonymous', i know you will be reading this..hope you will know how much i need a you at my side in hard time like with me...i am in a dead end..

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tulipspeaks said...

i guess i am picking myself up now..trying to settle the problem..hopefully God and my loved one will be with me throughout my ordeal..God Bless!!