Thursday, July 21, 2005

Just Friends..

Couple of weeks ago, i brought this book in MPH...the title and synopsis certainly caught my eyes..Here, i am sharing with you my thought about it..

This story is about Jack and Freya, both of them who were 'just' friends for a good 10 years only to find that they are made for each other after going through numerous failed relationships..the whole idea of this story is to show that THE ONE for you might be just sitting beside you at the moment, or the one who will be sharing a great video cd with you this and women can NEVER be just friends..

So, after finish reading this book, i ask myself: Can two person of opposite sex be JUST friends?

Difficult to far as i am concern, a guy and a girl definitely can be just friends, if they want it that way..Yes, i am not denying the fact that many friendship ended up in marriage, but at the same time, you must agree that not all friends we have at the moment will end up as our life partners..There is always a platonic love in friendship, but should or shouldn't it be transformed into passionate love?

Okie, let me ask the question to i attracted to any of my male friends...hmm..probably :P While i admit that attraction towards a male friend is there, i do maintain close and pure friendship with the others..but then, i am wise enough to know the difference between mere attraction and love :)

Friends will hold you up when you are down; friends share your sorrow and rejoice in you happiness...Its very easy for us to fall for a person of the opposite sex who showed us that they care...but we must always remember that a true love not only comes when we see their 'good' side, also when we are able to tolerate their minus points..

There is a fine line between friendship and love, which anyone tend to easily cross..crossing it is not a crime, doing it at the right time and to the right person may pose some complication :)

One word of caution: think carefully before you make a move, that is what i am exactly doing now :)

Ending this with a poem Joe Vieira:

Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I feel blue
but whenever I see you, I'm as happy as can be
for you bring a smile upon my face
and a feeling of joy within my heart

You're like my sunshine in the morning

and my stars that glow at night

You're like the waves in the ocean
the cool breeze in the wind
like the call of the birds in the morning dew
like the sounds of beauty in the night

You see all of these things are of beauty
and love
that's how I feel whenever you are near for it was the passion
and desire from both of us
that opened up the world
for our eyes to see
for our love of each other will grow and grow
and our needs and desires will be more everyday

For a friend you once were and will always be

has turned into love as it should have been

so I want you to know as a friend and lover
that in my heart and arms
you'll always stay
for our love for each other will never fade.


Keshi said...

wow brilliant post! Lovely blog too, I like the pink Tulips alot...

I don't personally think a guy and a girl can remain's too hard. Man and woman r made with chemistry that attracts the even if u believe that ur just friends with a guy, deep down there'll be some sort of romantic attraction, no matter what and that may end up in happiness or even break up of a good friendship...I'm talking with experience :)

Great post Amutha!

tulipspeaks said...

hey hi keshi,

thanks for your comments about my blog..and i love tulips too :)

if u r talking with experience, then i must say i am experiencing it at the moment :)

just feel a bit confused if the feelings are alright :S i certainly dread any wrong move