Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Friends

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Today, meeting all (except 1) of my roomates after 2 years gap certainly pull myself up again. Usha Baby, Komathi, Usha, Vithiya (the abseentee) and me..we all are best buddies..

Well, meeting was in Midvalley and me as usual was punctual :P Next to arrive was Komathi. Poor gal, she had lost weight i guess..took me a while to digest the fact that she had not changed much expt for her lost weight..and looking at myself..oh boy..i had gone through so many changes!! i certainly not a gal-material when i was in hostel! baggy t-shirt and jeans was my 'uniform' back, wearing blouse and slacks to meet my gals?? soon after that, Usha Baby came in and then Usha..I always meet Usha, so i was kind of prepared to see her..

Then, we all chat for a while in Coffeebean, then move to Chillies. Funny menu with foods with funny names :P Then, it was the time for us to make up for the lost 2 years..catching up with lot of stuff..i guess Usha Baby's life is the one changed dramatically..but then, she is enjoying what she is doing (currently with a NGO)..way to go baby! Then, we have Usha who had just started her working like as an auditor :)..Komathi who is looking for a new job..and what am i doing? oh yea..finishing up my masters and messing up my life :P

Looking back our 3 years together in hostel..boy..thats the best years of my life! No worries, no messing up things, no problems..all i did was: study, sleep, eat, chit-chat..the cycle was going on for a good 3 years! Still remember the first Valentines day celebration we had in the room..Poor Komathi..we bullied her max :D 3 years staying together, there were not a single arguement or problem arised between us..we never said it but we always been together like a family..we always belong to the same 'wavelength'..see, even now all thinking of our career c0mpared to so many of our friends who are settling down..we are always different and we are always close...

My gals, i never tell u all this, but you gals are the BEST!

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