Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Countdown to Merdeka: The Landmarks

Seems like there is so much to tell about Malaysia..Puneet, i am sure after this you are going to give my blog url to History students :P..Here, i introduce ( some hills, islands and landmarks outside KL and Selangor..Have fun going through the pics (again..thanks to google's image search)

Malacca The historical state of Malaysia..this place boast an architure no other states could offer..Malacca, in history, was the sultanate which ruled almost an entire region of South East Asia.


A fort build by Portuguese which ruled Malacaa after 1511. Unfortunately only the front part of the fort still exist now. There is a water park and a golf course named after A`Famosa, and situated somewhere near the fort.

Kampung Keling Mosque

This is a picture of a mosque actually..hope you will believe it..It is build with a combination of indian and malay architure..but i think it is more of indian architure..looks like a temple to do you guys find it?

Pulau Langkawi A group of over 100 islands..A place which is equivalent to a heaven on earth..I have been there once and i can't wait to step again on this wonderful island.

White Sand Beach

The sand is really really white as you can see in the pic..damn! i should have got my own pics taken there.. :( Backed by limestone hills..phhewww..a romantic place nah..

Black Sand Beach
Black sand opposite to white sand sand black in colour!!

Makam Mahsuri

There is this sad story of princess from this island, Mahsuri who was senteced to death for committing adultery, but she maintained her innocence. However, none believed her. She killed herself with a knife and, white blood flowed from her body proving her innocence. Mahsuri, then cursed that Langkawi will not prosper for the next 7 generations..This is her grave (makam).


Genting Highlands A city of entertainment..a hill resort..Malaysian Las it anything you want..but it a place shouldn't be missed! Only about 45 mins drive from KL..make sure you bring me along, okie??


Cameroon Highlands
If you got tired of looking skyscrapers all the time..for a change, do visit Cameroon Highlands..A hill resort, which i would love to spend my old days! Tea plants, roses, get to see them fresh here..they got tonnes of my fav yellow roses too!!



This is one of Malaysian island..hmm..various places of visits here..i've been here some time ago.i guess i was pretty small then..forgotten most of my visits :(

East Peninsular Malaysia
Although lesser known to tourist, there are few islands here which are among the best in the world. Previously known as nesting beach for leatherback turtles, now the numbers of turtles nesting here are dwindling :( so sad nah?

Sabah & Sarawak
The majority of residents here are the aborigines. If you are interested to see rather quiet but different kind of living environment, do pay East Malaysia a visit..Here, the last surviving hunter-gatherer tribe (Penan) in S.E.A lives..
For those who had watched the very first "Survivor" and wondering where is the is situated here..called Pulau Sipadan :P This states, part of Borneo..also home to the Kinabalu Mountain (highest peak in S.E.A)


This is the final installment of my countdown series towards Merdeka..

Today, we celebrate our 48th National Day..
May God will continue to shower us with all the properity and blessings..

Thank you for being with me!


Vivhyd said...

nice pics again .. and thnx for info

tulipspeaks said...

welcome vivhyd..this will be the final part of my malaysian tour..

i guess this is enough for time being..

after this, back to normal 'my type' of post..debates, daily journals and so on..

bear with me, nah!


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Happy Merdeka Amu :)

BTW I copied the conversation between you and vivhyd and going to get it translated by my mate ;)

tulipspeaks said...

@ n000nie - Thank you for your wishes :D..someone going to translated for u?? oh got tamil-speaking friend???

pochi.. pochi..vivhyd!! inge parungelen

Vivhyd said...

amutha. hmm.. ennavo pa.. enna panardhu ippo.. poi solran hopefully

tulipspeaks said...

athaan vivhyd...i am hoping for that also :)

Vivhyd said...

hmm.. btw naa onnodae yahoo id add panirken.. hope its ok

tulipspeaks said...

vivhyd, i have add you in my YM also :P

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Keshi can you hurry up and translate the conversation between vivhyd n amu.

tulipspeaks said...

**am000nie stares at n000nie

Keshi said...

10 comments already? ok I just went to the Ladies' to dandify myself...brush mah hair n touch up on mah eye-liner...hehehe n then am000nie had been notty in between :( noffair!

First of all Happy Independence Day am000nie! I read it yday in the papers that today was Malaysia's Ind Day n I so wanted to wish u :)

Amazing amazing pics girl!! woww mesmerising...

**White Sand Beach
thats one place I dying to go b4 I die...I mean lol.. u know wut I mean :p it looks just heavenly!!

**Makam Mahsuri
wutt!! This is a very sad story...but is this for real? Goshhhh! I hate stories like that but guess it happens so often...society is f##ked up with their nonsense laws. Hope her soul rests in peace...

Now I know why I like Penang Chicken...yummmm!

Informative n colorful post babezz...thanks!

n000nie wut translation? ohh lemme check mah emails...beware am000nie I know Tamillllsterness lol!


White Sand Beach

Keshi said...

NV nuttin from ya...also did u check mah email? I need some translations too suga..soon wud be good :)


tulipspeaks said...

thank you for the wishes k000kie..

i would love to spend my tim with you in white sand of the most beautiful beach i ever went!

btwn..hmm..ungaluke tamil theriyuma k000kie?? ennake theriyame poche..

Keshi said...

ennakku nalla thamil pesallaam...yennadi amu unakku ithu romba shock aa?


tulipspeaks said...

shocked?? i am speechless!

Keshi said...

aww chill schoool I only followed Sinhalese n English...but my Ma is Tamil na so yes I speak Tamil well with cuzns from Ma's side...cud be not fluent but I speak alright (n yes I can read n write decent too) :)

Ippa neer yenna pannirai? :)


tulipspeaks said...

lolz keshi..

ippo naan rendu peyar kuude chat pannikittu iruken..

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Oii I asked you to translate it, not start speaking in tamil..

NOw I feel left out :(

tulipspeaks said...

aww...pavem n000nie..
oppss..i mean pity n000nie :P

Keshi said...

amma paaaavum intha chinna pillai!

oooo neer chat pannira - peyar sollalaama?

feeling anymore left out NV? lolll hugggz!


tulipspeaks said...

lolz..oruthar tamilian..innoruthar thaan anthe 'avar' :)

Me said...

" Happy Merdeka Day Amu "

"Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke 48!"

selamat hari jadi malaysia

jaga negara seperti anda jaga diri sendiri

tulipspeaks said...

thank you avik..

don't know where you got those messages..but i am touched! awww...thank you again


Me said...
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Me said...

Happy Merdeka!

Here's wishing all Malaysians a Happy 46th birthday.

BTW !!! pictures are so beautiful....

Keshi said...

lolz anthe avarum unnoddu chat pannirava? ohhh hooo ;-)


tulipspeaks said...

amam..thinamum pesuvare

4u2nvau/Rohit said...


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

LOL thats all i know

tulipspeaks said...

vanakam to you too rohit :P

Arz000n said...

I so wanna run wild on those white and black sand beaches.....hehehe
They are just awesome...

tulipspeaks said... are back!! where have u been nah???

strawy said...

wowwww nice pics , damnn i was too small when i left malaysia , remmeber only some of the places .... nice post am00nie ...thnx ... huggy huggy


Arz000n said...

I was out to buy new clean pair of beach-clothes...thought after posting White and Black Sand beaches...invitation is round da corner ;)

PuNeEt said...

WooW... thats yet another amazing post...

I'm thinkin of teaching history in my colony... next is which country ;-) he hehehehe

U can be a member of national geography channel or discovery channel... ;-)

Have u been to all these places....

good 1 dear

take care


tulipspeaks said...

@ st000nie - come over here one day..we going to have fun!

@ z000nie
**am000nie imagining z000nie in beach clothes by White Sand Beach..

@ puneet - i have been to most of the places here..haven't got the opportunity to go to East Malaysia yet.. :(

musings (m000nie) said...

darnnnnnnnn i aint going to accept this!!!!... not during v00m atleast.... i dont want u guys talking tamil all over n we gazing around like silly people... grrrrrr... am00 n k00kie no tamil ok....... awww pls... all this conversation went above my head... the only thing i understood was vanakem.... hehehe

or i got a new plan... whos gonna teach me tamil???... i wanna harass n00nie more :)))

*wicked m00nie giving a sly smile to all her 00nies*


n00nie... do u know gujju??

*m00nie crosses her fingers n prays that he doesnt so that she can blabber n blabber in gujju n see him going pinker n pinker*


awww am00nie most wonderful post sweetyyyyyyy.... i so wanna get to malaysia now....n happy independence day to u n all ur family n frnds there....

n since i wont b around here tomorrow id love to take the chance n b the first one around to wish u a very very happy b'day.... uffff if u were in mumbai we'd have a fabulous party for u just like we had for z00nie boy :)

best wishes babez...byeeeeeeee...miss me ok :)

tulipspeaks said...

m000nie..ohh..thank you so much for both the wishes..for my independence day and my are so sweet dear..

u want to learn tamil huh? problem at, k000kie and vivhyd can take turns to teach ya..hehehe..guess n000nie will be more pissed off now!


Keshi said...

lol n000nie that was classic! Vanakkum hahahahaha!

m000nie lollz hunny ok Ill teach ya Tamil u teach me Gujju??

am000nie thinamum pesuvar? ohhh hooo lol!


tulipspeaks said...

lolz..k000kie..yea..thinamum pesuvar..ippo kuude en kitte pesi kittu thaan irukar

tulipspeaks said...


91% of the blog visitors thinks that the merdeka day countdown posts as informative..

thanks for the overwhelming support guys!

hugggss and muuuaaxxx


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