Saturday, September 17, 2005

FaCes of ==ammu==

Bored of working on my thesis, i was playing around with a picture of mine, which i recently took with my webcam..

Look what i got!! Some of it looks nice, some turned out to be real disaster..lolz..but i had fun working on it, instead of slogging into my thesis all the time..

Watercolor effect..not bad..just it looks too dark at some edges

Stained glass..err..i cant see myself there..anyone can?

Sharpen...can't see much difference from sandstone below.. of my favorite

Posterize..not bad, i think

Pen work..dont know why..but i hate this one..

Blue negative..aww...this is the best...hmm..can see myself clearly a nostalgic feelings to me..i love this one!

Red negative..not so good as the blue negative

Embrossed..this is another good one..after this, i am going to embross all my pics...lolz

Chalk & charcoal..errkkk...i look like a character in Ju On (The Grudge)..

Canvas....not an excellent work..but okie la..boleh tahan!

Burlap...i look horrible ..

Which is/are your favorite(s)?


southpaw said...

The canvass one seems to be pretty okay i must say...:)

dfg said...

the one u hate ....the pen work...
I dont know why...but that one is my favorite
BTW this is why i like student life....whenever, whereever...u can stop doing ur stuff and do what u like .....

Keshi said...

Cool shots Amuuuu :)

I like all of em but cos u look real hawwwt in em...hehe...

ok so my fav is


look s very elegant and clear....this is THE Best!


Organized Noise said...

I'm going to go with the Sharpen (and yes, I can tell the difference between the Sharpen and the Sandstone)

tulipspeaks said...

@ southpaw
canvas? hmm...let me see..

know what? i said its boleh means not bad in malay language :P

@ prakash
aik..u like the pen work?
*am000nie taking another closer look at the pen work..

@ k000kie
aww..u like them all?? huggs and muuaxx..hehehehe..

u like the embrossed? it is nice also..

@ organized noise
at least you can see the difference, i can't..


Me said...

all of them...ammu....but my fav is the pen-work.....i dont know why...:)

tulipspeaks said...

hmm..av000nie likes pen work too? okie..

gee..think this is the first time i notice you calling me ammu...

*ammu blushes looking at av000nie

=am000nie-in-pen work=

lakshmi said...

Embrossed and canvas looks good.

tulipspeaks said...

thanks lakshmi


Arz000n said...

All are mavellous :)


And have seen you on cam myself...


I think I will go with that pen effect one :)

Have a nice effect...ooppss..I meant nice weekend ahead am000nie-piez.
Take care and hugz

tulipspeaks said... like the pen work too? hmm..

have a nice weekend too z000nie

=am000nie-in-pen work-again=

saby said...

the prob wid all these pics

they dont show much of cleavage

saby said...

sorry about dat
i was bored
no body fites wid me these days
evry body just chooses to ignore me

i been blog hopping
see wat i found

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Michelle said...

oo is tht uuu????

ur preeeeetttyyyy :)

tulipspeaks said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tulipspeaks said...

michelle..that is me..
*am000nie wink wink at michelle..

which effects did you like?

PuNeEt said...

wow... dear
nice ones...
i liked the sharpen one the best ;-)

Michelle said...

ma favs is blue negative too :)

tulipspeaks said...

puneet...the sharpen? can you see me clearerly in that? last, someone liked my choice as well..*wink wink

=am000nie-in-blue negative=

Keshi said...

wuzzzup Malaysian hottie? ;-)

hey the AR Rahman show was fabbbb! Hari Haran and Chitra sang Uiyre of mah all-time favvvs! I!

And everyone danced to Chaiyya was one great show mate!


tulipspeaks said... are back..been missing ya through the weekend...

uyire uyire from bombay? aww..thats a lovely song nah..

and chaiya chaiya..kekeke..srk's song..surely a hit..


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

i got ya post up tonite..
chek it out as soon as u get time..
i hope u like it..
all the amu's fans. chek out my new post dedicated for amu..
dun forget to leave comments on how u liked it..

peace out
and ammu my fav one os sharpen. u just look marvelous..


Keshi said...

aww u missed me as usual - sorry to bore ya in the weekends girl...I hardly get time...btw did u go attend the v000m?

yes thats the one - from Bombay...I simply love that song...

wheres n000nie today?

k000kie singing Chaiyya!

strawy said...

i love them all , u r gorgeous baby, hugssss


PuNeEt said...

Ambiguity keeps the interest going ;-)
Kidding babez…
BTW… I replied to your earlier post too…

Take care… Cheers

Good day

tulipspeaks said...

@ icey
awww..u got the post up?? gee..cant wait to check it out..

another vote for 'sharpen' :)
thanks dear..

i attended v000m..and it was so much fun getting to know the 000nies closer..and guess what? i sang song for them..kekeke..

i got no idea where is n000nie..hmm..let me know if you saw him anywhere..

@ st000nie are the best babyyyyy..muuaxx and huggsss

@ puneet
alright, i will check the earlier one as well..


Keshi said...

ammooooooooooo its me :)

na I havent seen n000nie-nooo since last Friday...

oh btw who attended v000m? wow n u sang? damnnn I missed it :( wut did u sing?


tulipspeaks said...

we had bunch of 000nies there..puneet was there too..

st000nie was there even though it was 6.30am and she was damn sleepy..

we had m000nie of course..who sang so many songs..ahem ahem..and duet with puneet too..

sebia also sang..hindi number..although i got no idea what was the song about..

i sang puthuvellai mazhai from roja.. kekeke..

we had vinci, wordy..many more..


Divya said...

u look cute in all of them amutha... except for stained glass hehe... :P

tulipspeaks said...


well, the stained glass is not my fav anyway..
'too artistic' may be..


Keshi said...

aww u had a great time na wow!

n000nie is being the snob as usual...I aint gonna look for him duhhhh!


tulipspeaks said...

yeap..surely a great time with other 000nies..missed you there neway..


visithra said...

i like the pen art too ;p

u should try fresco ;)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


tulipspeaks said...

visithra liked the pen art..fresco?? hmm..let me see..


tulipspeaks said...

aww...cheesy..first vote for the watercolor..

muuaxx and huggsss