Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Those Monsters Called MEN

This is a poem which i read somewhere long time ago (trying hard to recall where, but it doesn't seems to click..)..May be you have read them somewhere in forwarded mails, but certainly worth your time reading..

If you treat him nice
He says you’re in love with him

If you don't
He says you’re proud

If you dress nicely
He says you’re trying to hire him

If you don’t
He says you’re from village

If you’re smarter than him
He’ll look down on you

If he is smarter
He is great

If you don’t love him
He’ll try to possess you

If you do
He’ll try to leave you

If you don’t let him kiss you
He says you don’t love him

If you let him kiss you
He says you’re cheap

If you tell him your problem
You’re troublesome

If you don’t
You’re hiding something from him

If you scold him
You’re just like a nanny to him

If he scolds you
He is reasonable

If you smoke
You’re a bad girl

If he smokes
He is a gentleman

If you cannot go out with him
You’re trying to avoid him

If he can’t go out with you
He just BUSY!!!!

I feel, the points given here are true to a certain extent..Guys, ponder over it..you will know what i am talking about..

Once i posted this poem in a website, and it sparked a debate between guys and girls..i was enjoying it, unfortunately the admin of the website didn't think so. they decided to put a fullstop to these type of postings before 'it goes out of hand'..

But now, i am posting it in my blog and there is no restriction with the comments..and i can't wait for the debate to start..


strawy said...

me 1st .. yeppieeeeee

strawy said...

wowwwwwwww , nice poem am000nie , each n everything is so true , damnn y r guys like this? .... sob sob ... even my IM is like this..... but still i m crazy bout him ... hehehe


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

This is a load of bullshit!!

None of this is true.

Keshi said...

Good morning am000nie muahhh!

I have seen this one b4...and I coudlnt agree more! It's always the case na...guys r so boring yawwwwwwwwwwn! They gotta be more exciting than this...


tulipspeaks said...

good morningggggggggggggg

@ st000nie - each and everything is true? gee..when i don't know why they are like this..very bad nah??

even my IM is like this..... but still i m crazy bout him
They are complicated at times, but seems like we can't live without them :D

@ n000nie - angry huh?? :) why this is not true? come on..at least 50% of it gotta be right!

@ k000kie - miss ya dear..did you saw the song in the heading?? it's for you..hope that will cheer you up..whatever it is..remember i love ya!
hehehe...you have read them? boring aren't they? i guess no matter in what continent the guys are now, they are all came from one planet; mars (with reference to the book 'men are from mars & women are from venus') :P


Keshi said...

awww am000nie I just noticed that lovely dedication to me...that was like WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! brought tears to my eyes...no one ever did anything that special for me on the net...U R THE ONE! thanks n huggggz! U know I luv that song...muahhhh!

**inge sollathe idem kuude kulikindrathe

me n my cuz had a joke abt this line of that song...when we sang it for fun we used to ask each other where does it feel this way? lol! ;-)

One other Tamil song I really luv is...

Ondraa renda aasaigal...ellaam sollave...oru naal podhumaa...

(means: is there only 1 or 2 desires...to tell them all, is one day just enough...?'

Have u seen the movie am000nie? it made me cry oceans...


Me said...

If Kesh doesn’t let me kiss her
She says I don’t love her....

Kisses....and hugzzzz.....Kesh..

Keshi said...



Arz000n said...

remember those long debate I used to have here when I first stumbled on ur blog...me gettting in that mood after reading thsi one....but have some work to do here...coming bck with a big comment pretty sooon

Take care :)

PuNeEt said...

Ye read this long long back...

Me too not in a great mood of debate rt now, but surely will be back...

Keshi... watching u...
Point noted ;-)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Theres nothing to argue bout, this is just utter nonsense and complete bullshit.

tulipspeaks said...

gee..had been a longgggggg day in campus..working in my research lab since 11am this morning and i just got back home.. :(

hmm...lets see..what had been going on..

@ k000kie - :) huggsss to you too dear..aww..that song ondra renda aasaigal is one of my fav too..jothika & surya..marvellous couple! i watched that movie so many times till i lost count, dear :)

@ z000nie..me waiting eagerly for your comments..

@ puneet - me waiting for you to come back with a blast!

@ n000nie..lolz..so angry?? gee..i better take a step back from you..stop firing me nah..


Vivhyd said...

seen this in email fwds.. funny one and quite untrue

tulipspeaks said...

@ vivhyd..are you sure these are untrue statements?? :P

Keshi said...

am000nie I like Surya to death :) he's hottttttt!


Arz000n said...

It depends from person to person...
Not every guy is a MONSTER

Comon...give few good ones (*HINT*...*HINT*) a chance to prove it ;)

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Amu did I freak you out today?? :P

tulipspeaks said...

k000kieeeee...me too!!!! can't wait for his next release..Ghajini :)

z000nie...the good ones??
**am000nie looks around and feels no one meets the criteria!

n000nie..gee..of course you did! when u said its n000nie..i was like..hummm...blinking!! lolz

Keshi said...

***am000nie looks around and feels no one meets the criteria!

LOLLLLLLLLLLLL hahahahaha! poor z000nie...but I think he's good na Amu :)


Keshi said...

Yep Gajani...I soooo wanna see it!


tulipspeaks said...

*am000nie book 2 tickets for Ghajini ..just for k000kie and am000nie..leaving z000nie behind..he is not going to understand it anyway :P

thiva_cute said...

hi hi hi ...im so new to comment here..i cant stop my hands frm writing something tat i feel this is truth..actually its depends on the person,some r bad ..as well as those who r appreciate the love n thier gf...but i can tell tat poem reli make interested to say few words here..those guys tat i met wt r excatly 100% like wat the poems says.....but i dun blame all the guys out there...mayb i met the guys who dun appreciate love kot ? anyway,wat ever it is...hope the guys r hanging like wat the poems says will change(hope so la)
n thanx 4 gip me oppurtunity to say something here....
if got any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes,sowwie..

tulipspeaks said...

hi thiva_cute..to those who might be wondering..this gal is my e-sis :)

don't worry about spelling mistakes or even grammatical errors..as i said before, its your opinion that counts..

muuuaaxx and huggsss


Slice Of Life said...

u wrote this amutha
very good

tulipspeaks said...

aawww..sorry to disappoint you uma, i didn't write it, although i would loved to :)