Sunday, October 16, 2005


Hey is Muruku Day in my home! hehehehe..i mean, we have done murukus for Deepavali today..ah..most of you should know what is muruku..if you don't..join me while i make these wonderful murukus in home, first time in blog..

Muruku, made from rice & white dhal flour. My granny also added yellu and ommam in it (don't ask me english translation for it..i don't know)..Ready-made flour sold in packets is a big no-no..Granny always insists we make them ourselves.. Can you see the dough? aunty's hand..lolz..

My mom is 'designing' the murukus..

Few un-cooked murukus which I did (ahem ahem)..

Oppss..Did I mentioned murukus are deep-fried?? Kind of high in calories..but hey, it's Deepavali..

The end product..

With this Muruku Day, the Deepavali celebration officially begins in my residence..


Invincible said...

yo ho !!
i m the first to pounce on the murukus.
We call it 'chakli'.

Reminds me of something
*vinci rushes to his mom .. 'Mom, u know Diwali is in less than a fortnight !! n i see nothing of my fav diwali dishes :( :('*

tulipspeaks said...


ah..its called chakli..this is the first time i hear that word..great info! let me disturb my mom

"mommy..whr did you hide the chakli??"



Michelle said...

i luv murukkuuu my granmum makes emmmm


tulipspeaks said...

michelle..i wonder why only grannies make lovely murukus..gee, i guess i better get serious in kitchen after this..


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

My mum makes muruku, love em, so crunchy.

Arz000n said...

Oh yeah..
We all it Chakali and its one of ma fav, usually made in diwali. I like the spicy one a lot.

When is diwali btw?

PuNeEt said...

yeee we call it chakli...
ook ok tell me wen to give u my address... pls parcel it

they are looking so damn yummy...

I want my share ;-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ n000nie

ur mom makes them? alrite..but i know you are interested in cooking stuff as, when am i going to eat murukus made by you? ;)

@ z000nie

ah..vinci told me its called chakli..and yes, its synonymous with Deepavali here as well..

z000nie, Deepavali will be on 1st of Nov 2005..i've just finished with my shopping..can't wait till Deepavali to try those lovely clothes..

@ puneet

lolz..puneet is the first one to place order on my muruku@chakli..hmm..should i reward him?...hehehehe

bwtn, its going to be busy online only after 6pm..going to miss you guys..


musings (m000nie) said...

lol chakliiiiiiiiiiii... yummyyyyyyyyyy

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


were those ur pics or wht???

i really like eating murukus....have just had abt twice or thrice...but they tasted real cool!!

happy diwali celebrations! lol


lakshmi said...

Enjoying ah?

tulipspeaks said...

@ m000nie

welcome to the club! *wink wink

@ cheesy

yea, those pics r mine..taken with my mobile phone..
aww..only twice/thrice?? gee..i have been having it every year, but it still taste as delicious as ever!

@ lakshmi

yeap..the celebration has just begin..appuram enna? enjoy thaan!

muuaxx and hugsss to all..


tulipspeaks said...

Please vote in the poll..I would love to know what is you guys' fav cookies!


Dewdrop said...

, oops I just had to see them when Im starving. Murukus/chaklis look so tempting

strawy said...

ooooooooooooooooo murukus, yummyyyyyyyy gosh u always bring sweet memmories am00nie , miss malaysia now ,i remember v had south indian neighbours n they used to make so many south indian dishes on diwali, aawwwwww miss eating food on banana leaves... goshhh i wanna come to malaysia soon ..lolzz

Me said...

happy Muruku day...i love all deep fried foods...

tulipspeaks said...

@ ephemeral

welcome back!!

tempting delicious and i think murukus/chakli is wht make Deepavali so special..ah..i still can't find where my mom hide them.. :D

@ st000nie

am00nie , miss malaysia now
*am000nie considering to join Ms World pagent, representing Malaysia..hows that? lolz..

miss eating food on banana leaves
ah..come over here..we serve delicious vege (and non-vege) on banana leaves..:)

@ av000nie last 'someone' is here after went missing for couple of posts..

av000nie likes deep fried foods..oh dear..a word of caution here: they are high in saturated fat!!!

muuaaxxx and hugsss to all


visithra said...

yum yum yum we're gonna make some soon ;)

southpaw said...

Send some here too amu......:):):)

tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

aha..wanna exchange them or not? let me taste visithra's muruku..

@ south..

this is the 2nd order i got for muruku this year..lolz..


PuNeEt said...

I need a reward

plss do send it

take care


Slice Of Life said...

i love murukkus....very very much

tulipspeaks said...

@ puneet

lolz..puneet..i'm willing to trade my murukus with some of your famous Indian cookies over there..any suggestions?

@ uma

:) me too