Sunday, October 30, 2005

[==Questions Answered==]

Questions answered!

Dewdrop asked:
If there was one thing about men that Amutha could change, she would..?

My say:
Their ego..

Raju asked:
If you have a chance to travel in Time machine just once backwards, which age would you love to go to?

My say:
Is there anything more wonderful than our childhood days? To be exact, I want to travel back to time when i was in kindergarden..around 6 years old..Life was a heaven then!

lakshmi asked...
What kinds of people around you makes you feel good and happy?

My say:
People who genuinely want to be with me..people who feels good with me around, as much as I want them with me..people who don't pretend in front of us and backstab us behind..

Organized Noise asked..
What are you most looking forward to from the rest of your life?

My say:
To accomplish my task as a daughther, sister, friend, lover, wife and a mother..

southpaw asked..
What does amutha thinks is the purpose of her life?

My say:
To serve karma of past life..

visithra asked...
Tell us one of the most embarrasing moments and the weirdest pickup line uve heard

My say:
ah..visithra..that's 2, i'm answering only for the first one..okie? most embrassing moment..or i would say one of the most embrassing moment was during a family function.

There was this cousin of mine, i think he was around 4 years old, came to me and said "akka, ungale ennake rombe pidichiruke. ungale naan kalyanam pannike poren. okieva?" (sister, i like you a lot, i want to marry you. okie?)..

i said "neenge rombe small la irukingele..naan rombe tall la irukenne? eppadi la" (you are so short, i'm so la?"

he gave a deep thought and replied "okie. naan sikiram valentuduren..appuram kalyanam panikelamma?" (okie. i'll grow up fast, then we get married)

i gave a laugh and said okie..then only i realise the whole crowd is watching..ouch... cheh..settu polam.. ;)

Nanyaar? asked...
If you had it all in life, what is something that will never quench your desire for more..

My say:
To love and to be loved

Mί¢ђεĻLē asked..
one thing amutha wud change bout herself

My say:
I want to change my vulnerability to emotions..damn..being so emotional at times, more than necessary..

Vijay Ramamurthi asked..
If every body in the world were walking upside down , would you walk with ur legs or ur hands ??

My say:

4u2nvau/Rohit asked..
Why didn't Amutha reply to my mssg?

My say:
awww..didn't know that was you..but now that i know..keep your mobile phone with you all the time buddy!! *wink wink

musings (m000nie) asked:
if u were a guy which of my female 00nies ud fall for n y??

My say:

st000nie..aww..anyone who have watched this angel in webcam would know the answer..i just love her bubbly cheeks..beautiful hair..huge, sparkling eyes...

TamilPonnu asked...
Pick one: Coke or Pepsi?

My say:
Coke, anytime..

chennai pages asked...
what do u look for in ur mr right?

My say:

The most difficult question..
He should be able to accept me as I my biggest my strongest supporter..and love me in return


strawy said...

aawwww i missed ur post , damn it, hey nice replies re, can i ask a Q too ?
if u get 3 wishes, what would it be ?


Raju said...

mm.. Nice answers to all the qns..

strawy said...

***musings (m000nie) asked:
if u were a guy which of my female 00nies ud fall for n y??

My say:
st000nie..aww..anyone who have watched this angel in webcam would know the answer..i just love her bubbly cheeks..beautiful hair..huge, sparkling eyes...****

uff ufff, i forgot this ...hehhee
oyeeeeee u would have fallen for me , me blushing blushing ..lolzz
awwwww chooo chweet re,have no words to say now
muahhhhhhhhhhh am000nie,mez already fallen for u now ,hehehe hugsss sweety


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

awww how cute!

lol the embarassment question....gosh all lil kids are crazy!

and aye asked for ur yahoo id...u didnt gimme ?? :(

mesg me at whenever u get time!

visithra said...

Hehehe thats cutee and sweet ;p kids ask the darnest things! ;p

btw Happy Deeparaya ;)

tulipspeaks said...

@ st000nie

i missing u too.. ;)

if u get 3 wishes, what would it be ?

My say:
1. BMW 5 series matching my birthdate

2. Huge library filled with reading materials of my choice (i gave these 2 answers for cheesy as well..)

3. My love :(

and yea, i would have fallen for you..awwww..u've fallen for me alredi?? *am000nie blushes..

muuuaxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ raju

lolz..i hope you are satisfied with the answers.. ;)

Happy Deepavali


tulipspeaks said...

@ cheesy

i've replied to our question in the earlier post..check them out! yahoo id :

muuuuaxx and huggsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

adduii..rombe aumanema pochi la...ish ish..

bwtn Happy Deepavali and Salam Aidilfitri to you..enjoy your holiday..

muuuaxx and hugsss


Dewdrop said...

Thanks fr answering, sigh** @ changing male ego ;)