Friday, November 11, 2005


I was watching a reality program "Malaysia's Most Beautiful" last night in our local tv. There were 15 contenders for the title and surprisingly they come in all shapes and sizes, representing all races and age group..They are being required to stay together (4 in a room) in a 4-star hotel for 3 months!!! Each week, one or more participants will be 'eliminated' and sent home..

I'm not going to talk about the reality shows, i have my own reservation about these kind of shows. But what i'm curious about is the interpretation/definition of beauty. At one point, the participants were asked what does beauty means, and they came up with a variety of answers..

If i would ask you, how do you define:

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Arz000n said...

Am I first?

nyzillestpunjabi said...

im second!!
woop woop..

Beauty? this is hard

We always think of beauty as the outside appearance .. usually when one asks u this question.. automatically we think about face skin hair ect ect.. Beauty can be described in many ways.. but it depends on what type of beauty u wana noe about..

Outer Beauty - is a reflection of good health good digestion n healthy eatin habits n lifestyle..

Inner Beauty - is how u think ur values ur morals .. what ur mind has to say about things we experience every day .. its what we really r .. our point of views our thinkin is what our inner beauty presents to the world

uttara said...

am 3rd......loll

hey am000nie .. howz ya???


visithra said...

i watched the program too - theres gonnna be loads of problems soon - saw the snippets - already dont like a few - lol i like reality progs ;p

but beauty at least outer lies in the eye of the beholder - everyone is beautiful for someone - our preferences and likes differ by individual taste

Invincible said...

Beauty. well, the God created the world full of beauty. Beauty is there in everything. The nature is oozing with it. It never fails to amaze.
I m sure you arent talking @ one's inner beauty. That wud be really difficult to comprehend.

Dreamgirl said...

According to me Beauty is highly subjective...It depends on the individual..Somethg tats beautiful to u may not b so for me...
Beauty comes from deep within..U do good..u automatically bcome beautiful...Howevr good looking a person is if they r not not good human beings will anyone appreciate their beauty???
Tk cr

Jeevan said...

Beauty means good mind.

II Blogrolled you.:)

tiger said...

beauty means amutha

Dewdrop said...

Zillie's explanation is quite apt. Beauty to me is skin deep.

UD said...

beauty means which u cant forget.

Michelle said...

beauty is not only what u see on the outside...whats in ur heart, thats what matters

i am beautiful,no matter what they say
-beautiful-christina aguilera :p

strawy said...

beauty ...
i never thought about it...
every cute n innocent looking thing is beauty...
rest i dunno


Organized Noise said...

There is no universally accepted definition of the word "beauty". Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. What is appealling to one person my not be to the next person. One man's trash is another man's treasure. It's all about what you get from it.

tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie

you are the first..but where is your definition????

@ zillie

outer beauty + inner beauty = real beauty..
i guesss that's the sum of what you are trying to tell..

but outer beauty is the one normally 'capture' one's attention first..inner beauty always comes second, if at all..



tulipspeaks said...

@ uttara
i'm doing great here! how are ya there?? i've already linked you..take a look..

@ visithra
ah..u watched the program huh? did you see the clips on audition? there was a obese gal, truly proud of herself..showing her huge butt and fats here and there! i was speechless seeing her..

everyone is beautiful for someone - our preferences and likes differ by individual taste
well said visithra..

muuuaxxx and huggsss

@ invincible
I m sure you arent talking @ one's inner beauty. That wud be really difficult to comprehend.
actually, i didn't define beauty at all, if you have noticed..
inner or is all in your eyes and preference..thats what i think..



tulipspeaks said...

@ dreamgirl

welcome to my blog :)

Beauty comes from deep within..U do good..u automatically bcome beautiful... far is this true? i looks nice to be debated on, to say beauty is all about what you are inside..but is this what happening in real?

@ jeevan
simple definition..interesting..
actually its a statement we can ponder long upon..don't you think so, jeevan?

btwn, thank you for linking me..will add you soon ;)

@ tiger

muuaxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ dewdrop

skin deep..but the outer beauty is the one always succeed in capturing sumone's attention, at least for a short while..what ya think about that?

@ arun

welcome to my blog..

quite a different approach..thanks for the input..

@ michelle
i am beautiful,no matter what they say
my babe with all the confidence she needs!! way to go dear..muuaxxxxxxx



tulipspeaks said...

@ st000nie

every cute n innocent looking thing is beauty...
are you talking about yourself?? *wink wink


@ organized_noise
well said.. :)



L said...

Well beauty is a complex stuff...!! U know smthing is beautiful...when its pleasing to eye..!!
Something that makes u wow for a long time...!!

uttara said...

am000nie .. thats soo sweet of u babes .. tahnx .. i look sooo pretty there

am searching the definition of beauty in dictionary ....loll



Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Someone said Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Wht imma find beautiful could be ugly to you!

Acc. to me being beautiful is all abt being healthy and extremely attractive!

It's not the skin color, but the skin texture tht counts ... It's not the body shape tht counts ... wht counts is 'how one carries himself! ' Ofcorz having a marvelous figure is an added asset!

It's basically tht quality in a person wich makes him look different from the crowd in some manner!

As such i think there aint no general definition for 'Beauty' !

I could actually go on and on with it! But i got to rush now!

Lovely post !


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

ok i did not copy organized_noise! lolz

PuNeEt said...

Define Beauty
Hmmmm thats tough

I agree with u how can they eliminate one...

For me every girl is beautiful...

Gosh so difficult to select one...

Well I was supposed to define beauty...

am not good with defination...
lemme enjoy ...


Arz000n said...

beauty means inner beauty...

now people can have there own definition of inner beauty ;)

I agree with what Zillie hafa say. deifnition is at 24th position

Rohit Talwar said...

thts my girlfriend is beautiful!! :)

Dreamgirl said...

I knw it dsnt happen in real... In real we always go 4 the outer beauty...But its just will only last 4 a short time....So tat again depends on the individual....
hvnt u heard things like the gal is soo did she end up with TAT guy??? It only proves tat there are people who go for inner beauty also!!!

Keshi said...

Physical beauty is the shallowest...

Real beauty lies in character..the never-changing grace, courage and strength under fire...

And true beauty can never be judged through reality shows...they r just entertainment for ppl :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ L

okie..somethings may be pleasing to eye at first..but later, when you get to know it/her turn out to be a real disaster..what does that mean? the beautiful thing/person not beautiful anymore?

@ uttara

i'm glad you like it ;)
lolz..i haven't think of searching for the meaning in dictionary, not yet though..

muuaxxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ cheesy

being beautiful is all abt being healthy
:) its the first time me seeing!!!

It's not the skin color, but the skin texture tht counts ... It's not the body shape tht counts ... wht counts is 'how one carries himself! '
simply awesome..the way you put it..really 'attractive'..*wink wink

@ puneet
For me every girl is beautiful...
:O :O is puneet being indecisive or generous over here..kekekeke

muuuaxxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie

me hugggggggggggggssss z000nie.. hehehe

@ rohit
welcome to my blog..

lolz..your gf must be proud of you for this.. :)

@ dreamgirl
welcome back..

But its just will only last 4 a short time
exactly...the outer beauty may attract one at first but its the inner self which last long..



tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

thats what i thought when i watch the show.. "can this reality show actually point out a real beauty?"

i'll follow up the show..just to see how the 3 judges define beauty in the end..

btwn, i'm glad you are back :)

and... keshi is beautiful, isn't she?

muuuuuuuuuuuaxxxxx and hugsssssss


Rohit Talwar said...

proud...err...hope so!! :)

Keshi said...

aww Amu is the most beautiful and pure by heart! LUV ya!


Slice Of Life said...

beauty lies in beautiful mind

reva said...


To me beauty is "lending a helping hand to the needy,being compassionate to fellow friends and the society,leading a selfless life"

According to me ,"the most beautiful man would be "mahatma Gandhi, and the most beautiful woman would be Mother Teresa".

tulipspeaks said...

@ rohit talwar

hehehe..sure she will ;)

@ keshi

awwww...i'm blushing at this one..


tulipspeaks said...

@ uma

beautiful mind translates into a beautiful person..great!!! :)

@ reva
hi there..welcome to my blog.. :) i'll visit yours soon..

i got teary eyes seeing your definition of beauty..thank you!

i guess now is the end of this topic, i've gained so much of knowledge on beauty..mission accomplished!