Sunday, November 06, 2005

==Being a WoMaN==

What do i really want as a woman?

Refering to a question raised by Organized_Noise and my reply to him .. what i really look forward in life? Is it just about accomplishing my task as a daughter, sister, friend, lover, wife and a mother? If that is what i want in my life, have i accomplished it?..any of it?

A post-mortem of my accomplishment, so far..


I'm proud to say for the past 25 years, i've been a good daughter to my parents..this is despite the fact that i was not brought up by my parents. i was brought up by my grandparents ( i still call my grandma "amma")..i remember visits by my parents during the weekends, i remember waving them goodbye in the evening..never shed a tear.. but now, if you ask me..staying away from them will be an up-hill task..


Being the eldest in the family only means added responsibility towards the other siblings..i got a sis, who more or less my best fren and a bro (rather protective one..)..apart from that, i have countless cousin sisters and 2 cousin bro, whom i love a lot..i don't know which one is correct, me being a fantastic sister or them being lovely bro and sis..

Friend.. about my role as a friend..i think i have done a good job in this 'department'..don't you think so? nothing much to be said here..its for you to judge..


Sighhhh* seriously, i don't know if i passed this test with flying colors or failed miserably..i'm in a crossroad..

Wife & Mother..

Yet to come..


PuNeEt said...

am I first here too ;-)

tulipspeaks said...

:) congrats puneet..



PuNeEt said...

hey damn sweet post...

PuNeEt said...

I know how it feels to be away from parents...
its difficult

Ye me too eldest... but good that me n my sis wont have much of age diff we are more like friends ;-)

keep rocking

take care

tulipspeaks said...

ah..u know what sis and i have a huge 6 year gap between us..yet, we are best buddies!!

being away from parents..grrrr..not something i really wanna talk about :( :(


good nite


Arz000n said...

Think you did an awesome job in whtever roles u were put in...

Im sure you gonna come out with flying colors while performing roles of wife and mother am000nie

Good luck!!

Organized Noise said...

So far, so good. Keep up the good work.

southpaw said...

A post-mortem of my accomplishment, so far***now u see why i referred u as a practical human-being in my anniversary are definitely a very nice human-being and i am sure u wud continue to remain the same in future as well...:)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Awww Amutha....wht a great analysis.....!!

U rock babezz! And i bet u're an awesome friend as well....i wud have been in a position to write much more had i known you well.

And as far as being a Lover is concerned...a person with a lovely heart fails nowhere! And am pretty sure you'll be a role model for all who know you as a mother, wife and plenty more such roles to come!

I wonder if i, ever will be able to analyse myself so wonderfully!

Good job babezz!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie
thanks for the confidence you have in me, z000nie..

muuuaxxx and hugssss

@ organized_noise
i hope the 'training' i've received are good enough for me to pursue the next challenges..

@ south
geeezzz...seriously, you think i'm being practical? at times, i feel my posts sound as if i wrote them while on dreamland..with lot of un-real stuff..don't you think so?


tulipspeaks said...

@ cheesy

first of all, hugsssssssssssss to cheesy.. ;)

a person with a lovely heart fails nowhere!
cheesy..i am hoping for the best...only time will decide for me.. :)

pretty sure you'll be a role model for all who know you as a mother, wife and plenty more such roles to come!
you know what dear..even i don't have such a confident in me..frankly, i'm a bit worried of what future holds for me, as far as my role is concern..

muuaxxx and hugsss


strawy said...

damnn y do always gal have to go away from parents ...
huh, me never gonna do that
hugs am000nie
nice post babez


southpaw said...

Not really, though u may do that conciously to make an impression like that but again to do something like that one has to be practical again...

Divya said...

hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz amuthaaaaaaaaa hows yaaaaaaaaaaa cutieeeeee muaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

Michelle said...

ur one happenin gurl !! :)

u passed in everythin :)

esp frndship :)

:) said...

awww sweet post am000...
u rock gal...


Keshi said...

aww great post...reminds of our roles...what we r so far and how good/not-so-good we r...:)

No doubt u have excelled in all the role so far Amu...I know ur a sensitive girl with a golden heart...

Ur granpa and granma raised ya? wow I dint know that. Well they raised u real good. Hats off to them!

As a friend ur a precious gem to many..I'm so sure of that! HUGGGGGGGZ!

In my life so far...

Daughter - my mum says I'm one of the best people she's known in her life...she didnt say this to friend told me that she said this to her one day :)

Sister - I'm the youngest in my family...but ppl say Im the more mature one :) Cos I talk alot, jump in front for everything :), organise things ard the house, take the first initiative for anything and everything and maintain the family/friends network. Though my sis and I don't always agree on certain things, I have never hurt her in any way...I'm so sure of that...

Friend - I think I'm a great friend to very few special ppl...I don't have a million friends but I have made a difference in few precious minds...what say? :)

GF - I have been good to all mah men ;-) no one has ever complained abt me in any bad way..hehe collars up Keshi :) Each time we broke up was on mutual consent. I think given the right guy for me, I'd make a great GF (boasting now lol!).

wife/mom - indefinite...


Me said...

great post Ammu...

BTW : sssshh.. Puneet dont open ur vest its so sexy yaar....

tulipspeaks said...

@ st000nie

aww...st000nie, i think each and every gal felt the same way..


@ south

hmm..i'll bear your words in mind ;)


@ divya

i'm doing greaaaaaaaaaat here are ya?? muuuaxxxxxxx

appadi pode pode pode..


tulipspeaks said...

@ michelle

thanksssssss dear..hugsssss

you are a wonderful friend too ;)

@ pari

muuuaxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hugssssssssss


tulipspeaks said...

@ k000kie

first of all..muaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxx to ya!!

yeap, i was raised by my grandparents, being the first grandchild..i was pampered a fact, till one has said NO to anything i asked for.. :)

As a friend ur a precious gem to many
if i'm a diamond, you are a pearl..a pearl which we need to dive deep down the ocean to find..and guess i'm a good diver.. :)i've found you nah? muuuaxxxx keshi

:) and you've done a good job in 'analyzing' your role so far..i'm so sure you are going to excel in your future roles too..

muuuaxx and hugssss


tulipspeaks said...

phhheww at last i found av000nie..geezzz where have you been buddy???

btwn, puneet seems to have stolen the limelight from me..sob! sob!



Keshi said...

Hey muahhhhhhh Amu! awww...

** pearl which we need to dive deep down the ocean to find..and guess i'm a good diver..

good one...but when u were diving I was diving for u too..hehe...and we found each other :)


tulipspeaks said...

lolz..thats rite..we found each other..on the right time in my life, when i really need a fren :)

muuuaxx and huuggsss


musings (m000nie) said...

being a woman n living upto the tasks is very very difficult... specially wth the aount of responsibilies we take up...

u've done a good job girl... keep it up :)

tiger said...

dun be silly amuTHA
u r hotter
u r smarter
u r my...


I am ur...



Jeevan said...

Nice post about ur life. this post shows, what a love you had with u r Family and Friends.

uttara said...

@keshi .. u find every1 in water ;))


am000nie ...

thsi si sooooooo true ... we play sooo many diff roles @the end of the day ... we dont even realise that ..

good 1 babes ....


Keshi said...

aww huggggggz Amu!

hahaha Uttara all my best gals r found in as a pearl, u as a mermaid...hehe...cooool!


Gates said...

I refuse to think about this on account of getting tempted to incriminate myself.

Come to think of it, I will give it a thought.

tulipspeaks said...

@ m000nie

thanks dear..iguess those are praises from a 'senior'..taking it with a open heart..

muuuaxxx and hugsss

@ tiger

lolz..yea yea..

@ jeevan

:) thanks...they are my true love..i realise it now..should have known it earlier though..



tulipspeaks said...

@ uttara

yeap..different roles to be played..our life does not differ much from a stage play, i guess..

@ k000kie, uttara is a mermaid huh..geezz..i always called a dolphin by my sis.. *blushing..

muuaxxx and hugsss to both babes


tulipspeaks said...

@ gates..

thanks for visiting my blg..welcome..

i think its worth pondering over..

best of luck!


=am000nie= said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Keshi said...

Amu u a dolphin? lol awww...

one of my cousins used to call me cos I had a long winter coat that made me look like one..hahaha!


Keshi said...

dunno why NV behaves so different now...:(


tulipspeaks said...

lolz..k000kie was (is) a penguin!!! hehehehe...

i don't know what happened to him.. few days he was missing from the auction..i thought he was busy..then today, both his blogs missing :(

i've emailed him also..don't know what else to do..


Keshi said...

well Amu w ecant do anything nah but wait for him to reply..NV has done that many times b4...mebbe he's busy, mebbe he's pissed off at something...I dunno...but I hope he'll come back soon cos I miss him heaps...

k00kie in tears...

Keshi said...

Amu he wrote back..he's just taking a break...he must have written to u too nah...


tulipspeaks said...

i'll check my mail keshi..thanks for the info.. :(