Thursday, November 03, 2005

Deepavali 2005

I'm still in holiday mood..

This year's Deepavali was more of a family affair..didn't held any open house as the previous here..but the spirit and the joy of Deepavali was there..

Me on Deepavali Day..

On the Deepavali eve, we had prayers for our ancestors..went to the graveyard and held a prayer there as well..then, back home, we had our bath and another prayers for the souls..

The Deepavali day itself was another family gathering...we went to temples and then back home, we had another prayers. then, after having a was angpow time..where the unmarried people receive gifts and money from married couple.. :) well, i'm still single, i'm still in 'recieving mode'..i got myself a pair of cute Australian Silky Terries as this year's most valuable Deepavali gifts..

Then, we had fun taking family pictures (which i haven't develop yet :( )..visiting other relatives' open houses..and so on..

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Today is Hari Raya Aidilfitri (or internationally known as Eid)..So, taking this opportunity to wish my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..Maaf Zahir & Batin..


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Me first woo hoo

Ok we had a similar day minus all those prayers and I got no presents :(

Happy Diwali and Eid Mubarak

tulipspeaks said... are the first..hugsssss presents?? lolz..i haven't count the number of presents i got ;)

muuuaxxx and hugsss buddy


Keshi said...

awwwwww ur bakkk HUGGGGGGGGZ! I missed u heaps matey!

wow look who's looking gorgeous in all that sexy Indian gear...u r absolutely beautiful Amu!

Hey Im in receiving mode too lol but didnt receivce anything :(


tulipspeaks said...

k000kie..i hope the picture is clear enough..taken with my webcam.. one gave you angpow, k000kie?

nvm, let me put a bid on you..

muuuuaxxx and hugsss


Keshi said...

wut's angpow? hmm is that some kinda diwali sweet? :)


ShiningIndian said...

Happy diwali:). My first visit

tulipspeaks said...

nah..angpow is a chinese word for gifts in form of will be placed inside special packets..


tulipspeaks said... name itself brought shine to the blog..

thanks for the visit..

Happy Deepavali too

muuuaxx and hugsss


Keshi said...

lol oh ok..nah no such luck :(


tulipspeaks said...

kekeke..let me scan some angpow pockets and e-mail ya


Keshi said...

aww so sweet...

I feel sad again but :(


Keshi said...

ok bye Amu...u tc.


tulipspeaks said...

take care k000kie..i'm sending the angpows for you.. ;)


Arz000n said...

Am000nie you are looking cute



Happy diwali to u once again!!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


You're back with a BLAST!!! ooo...someone looked so sexy!! heheee. all traditional n all eh!

btw...u know wut...the bangles u wearing ... the similar kinds punjabi brides when i saw the pic first...i was like 'Whaaa...AMutha got married in this vacation or wut!' lol

hope u had a gr8 time!


tiger said...

heyyy amuta
i saw ur pic and tot
damn she looks hot


tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie
Happy Deepavali again..

@ cheesy..when you said it looked like Punjabi's bangles..i immediately checked them out..

lolz..yea, i know the bangles you are talking about and those are certainly NOT that bangles..and let me clarify here..i'm NOT married ;)..not yet, actually..hehehehe

i had a wonderful time and i hope you had fun too

muuaxxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

lolz..thank you tiger

~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

hi amutha
happy diwali 2 u ..

u look very pretty ...
thats a nice dress...

take care

Michelle said...

amuuu lukin boo ti phoooll !! ;)
happpy diwaaaliii n eid mubarak me goin to my frnd's house for sheer khurma tom wooooo!!!

Invincible said...

still in festive mood,
good :)
same here !!
today was bhaii beej, so it was 'giving' time for me, but it ws fun nonetheless :D

:) said...

awww am00 u looking cho pretty..
nice to knw u had a good time with family ... i enjoyed with frds too... missed home a lot... but ok hehehe:)


Keshi said...

oiii Amu u loook fan-bloody-tastic! Thanks for the angpows and ur pics :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ kiran

happy diwali to u too ;)
hope you had fun this diwali..
lolz..i'm sure u would have looked ravishing on diwali as well..

@ michelle

lolz..i'm sure u r pretty as well..happy diwali and selamat hari raya to you too..awww..i love kurma..yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy

@ invincible

bhaii beej <--- what is this? never heard of it before..

@ pari

hugsssssssss pari..glad to know you enjoyed diwali too..

muuuaxx and hugsss to all


tulipspeaks said...

@ k000kie..

i'll e-mail you some more pics of deepavali celebration once i develop the film..all the shops are still closed as we are still celebrating Hari Raya..

muuuaxxx and hugsss


Keshi said...

awwww thanks sweety...looking forward to them :)


tulipspeaks said...

:) okie k000kie..i gtg now..log in back in the evening

c ya..

muuaxxx and hugssss


Keshi said...

buh byee babez :)


strawy said...

Selamat Dipawali and
Selamat Hari Raya
hugsssssss am000nie


Keshi said...

goshh look at st000nie smart piez...knows malay too :) wow!


Jeevan said...

Hope u enjoyed the Diwali. Happy Ramzaan. Nice photo.

PuNeEt said...

hey me too yet in holiday mood...
but I'm working :-(

In office also we are freaking on sweets n dry fruits...

Gosh so many calories ;-)

Wishing u a very happy Diwali n Happy Eid

tulipspeaks said...

@ st000nie

Selamat Hari Deepavali & Hari Raya to you too ;)

@ k000kie

she was staying in Malaysia for couple of years nah..thats why..she can sing in malay too...*wink @ st000nie

@ jeevan

hi there..yea, i had fabulous deepavali..still in festive mood..hope you had fun too..

@ puneet have started working huh? here, the whole nation still having fun and on holiday..will be back in action only on monday..

yea, i decided to put aside my calorie-counting habit and enjoy the foods!

muuuaxx and hugssss


tiger said...

I own a jungle in the Amazon
I own the animals too

Will u be my JANE???


sebia said...

happy dewali babes...can i steal ur jewelry and outfit..they r awsome...hope u had lovely day..and may u get all the happiness u ever crave fr in this cming year and all ur life..

Keshi said...

ohh is that so our st000nie babez is a supa-hottie nah?


tulipspeaks said...

@ sebia

awww..thank you for the lovely msg dear..

lolz..wanna steal them? come on..i'm sure you gals will get better ones in India..i always envy those in gals have much more choices than i do..

@ k000kie

yea..she IS a hottie..lolz i want her to be my gf is i were a male, do you know tht?? *blushing..

good morning to all..


visithra said...

Oohh sexy ;p hey i didnt get gifts - gifted myself gotla ;p

and that henna done at sentral? - i was so tempted but had to drive home n i can draw it myself ;p

tiger said...


southpaw said...

Ahem ahem...someone's looking really good...:)

tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

aww..well, its a tradition in my family where those who are unmarried (regardless they are working or not) will get angpow/gifts from those who are, for now..i'm in the 'recieving mode' *wink wink

no..i did the henna work for all the gals in my family..7 of them..and my sister did the henna for me..

innum holiday mood ah?

muuuuaxxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ tiger..

oh come on..st000nie is a hottie..thats a fact nah? :)

@ south

lolz..*am000nie blushes..


uttara said...

hey am000nie..........

u look awesome .. u lloks amazingly gorgeous ...

awwww i love any1 dressing up in Indian outfits with all jwelleries .. lady looks whhoopppsssssssss sexyy :p

hey gr8 to see u now


tulipspeaks said...

am000nie blushes at ut000nie..

visithra said...

self done? Oohhh nice nice ;)

nah happy to be back to work ;)

Åsa said...
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Åsa said...

And thank you for visiting my blog and posting a comment
I really like yours too and that was a beautiful picture
Hope you have a Smackaboulistick day

tulipspeaks said...

hi asa..

thanks for visiting mine :)