Thursday, November 24, 2005

Despite the ODDS

Thanking all my blogmates and friends who have been looking high and low for me for a couple of days. I received the e-mails, msgs all..I was down and out due to some personal reason and couldn't blog as usual..I'll be making a slow but steady comeback in your blogs soon..muuuuaxxx and hugssss to all..Love you guys!!

After couple of days, now i'm back with an heart-wrenching story of a girl, living few hunderd miles from me..a gal who is barely 13 and already facing the hardship of life in a progressing country..

Priya, walks 15km to her primary school everyday. She even missed 2 months of her school this year, taking care of her siblings while her mom was down with typhoid fever. Her father works for an undertaker, and will only get paid whenever there is funeral. Her mom works as a cleaner for a monthly wage of RM250. Going to school im empty stomach and without any pocket money is a daily routine for her. Living in a squatter home with out the basic facilities like water, electricity and phone (which most of us take for granted), she revise her studies mostly under the lamp post.

Despite the odds, she scored straight As (7A) in UPSR. For those unaware of M'sian education system..UPSR is a public exam at the primary level where students of age 12 are required to sit for between 5 and 7 papers. After this public exam, they will enter the lower secondary school.

Priya now become an aspiration to many students, especially the poor. She is an living example, showing them being poor is not an obstancle to be successful. For us, this aspiring doctor is a reminder of the often-taken-for-granted facilities and luxuries that we enjoy daily.


Keshi said...

poverty was never a barrier to success..if u look at many famous people such as world leaders, scholars and musicians, most of them were very poor in their childhood...their families worked real hard to survive...for eg William Shakespeare, The Bronte sisters, Ludwig van Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln etc etc..

Poverty does not define a person or his/her strive for the best always :)


Keshi said...

And I forgot to add this..

Poor or not, if a person has got the gift and the will, he/she will somehow excel :)


Arz000n said...

Nice to see you back with a new posty Am000nie


Now lemme read it with a smile :)

Arz000n said...

this aspiring doctor is a reminder of the often-taken-for-granted facilities and luxuries that we enjoy daily.
I've heard and seen lot of such people in real life too..

Infact, when you see the efforts which your parents put into for getting your education, you tend to give your best. Though there are exception to this too...

When you are born and brought up in an enviornment when you have to struggle for small small things, you tend to focus more on things which you know are going to change your life style later in life. Education is the key or everything....very few realise this at young age.

icyblue said...

We are born lucky.. God has granted us everything, yet we tend to crib.

A very motivating post...


uttara said...

hey am000nie .. here even in mum .. wen i was doing a project of social marketing .. i had to meet some NGO's .. who wrk for different sectors .. some for child labour, some for prstetutes, some for beggers ..ets ...
i was working on child labour topic ..
it was sad wen we heard their story .. but this NGO got them outta their daily routine .. n r educating the students .. there is this school in Vashi - mum ..its a convent school ..they teach the student free of cost n its basically night shift ...

there is 1 particular student i stil rem .. he is born blind n he was given brail book ... that boi is a topper .. n now he is going fo rhis higher studies too..:)) he has an aspiration to do that .. n the NGO's r supporting him .. its a big deal ...

how poor they r .. n y the child have to work for the family .... its a bit out of topic ...
i will post my experience sometime :)...
but somewhere its related .. coz u told she is just 12 yrs old .. we need tolearn from their hardship .. most of the toppers in SSC n HSC r from the hutmens .. most of the time ..thats my observation .. n will say HAts off to them :)

hey babes
u have a point always..

Divya said...

a very motivating post amuu...

hugzzzzzzzzz and welcome backk


southpaw said...

Hmmmm...quite motivating...and i agree with keshi that Poverty does not define a person or his/her capabilities, and rightly said about the will as well coz if we have the HUNGER and WILL and a right direction in mind nobody can stop us.

dwaipayan said...

when the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Aww Amutha ... u doing ok now? i myself was keeping a bit busy ... so sorry to not have realised that u were low. :(
I really hope u're alright now!

It's a very touching story ... we really don't realize tht how fortunate we are to have such luxuries in life, for which none of us had to struggle in life.
There are many other little children like Priya ... and listening about them or seeing them really makes me go so sad and at the same time i thank God that i was born with all those facilities!
I really hope, when i grow up, am able to help such children and their families in some way or the other. I really want to.

Keep blogging babez and cheer up!!

Keshi said...

thanks South for agreeing with me...and also I wanted to say that this shows that Money is not everything...the Will and the gift in you is :)


uttara said...

am000nie ....

hey sweets ..

"u gotta mail" :)

Jeevan said...

very touching post. Priya is a good example for success. hope god will give her a good life.

Nanyaar? said...

Hey Ammu..,
Dint know that you were down, happy to know that your back!

Touching story Indeed., when I read the word aspiring doctor it really did prick my heart!!

And yes , we often tend to take life easy., especially a student like me.


slimgabshy said...

Provide reference...Its difficult to believe thats this is happening now in Malaysia.

Evidence please!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

:) well said keshi..i agree with you..

i'm hoping that priya ranjini will be given enough assistance to pursue her study for now, she is gaining lot of attention and receiving monetary aid from many org and individuals

@ z000nie

When you are born and brought up in an enviornment when you have to struggle for small small things, you tend to focus more on things which you know are going to change your life style later in life.

true statement..i back this up 100%

Education is the key or everything....very few realise this at young age.

this is what i'm trying to make my bro and cousin sisters to realise, but in last attempt was to highlight about priya..i dont want them to realise what they are missing when its too late

@ icyblue

yes, indeed..i can't help to think how lucky i was..or even the kids in my home rite now..never a day i have to study under a lamp post! its an eye opener, even for me



tulipspeaks said...

@ uttara

like z000nie and keshi have, poverty shouldn't be an obstacle for one to shine and two, when we struggle hard for something..we tend to be focused and value our hardship..

that says it all..

don't ya think so?

@ divya

hugsss babyyy..surely a motivating one..good enough to make me to bounce back from my 'cave' :)

@ south
thanks for re-emphasizing it..i'm sure i'll always keep this in my mind..for a long time to come :)



tulipspeaks said...

@ dwaipayan

welcome to my blog

yes, indeed :P

@ cheesy

i'm okie now..although not at my best :P

actually, i was thinking of the lucky am i to be born with all these luxuries..and that Priya doesn't even know that people from all around the world is debating on her predicment at this moment!

i hope you can lend a hand to the needy, i'm planning the same..just waiting for the right time



tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

i'm praying for her too..
thank you..

@ nanyaar

:) i guess its a curse on see only the roses, not the torns..but some (like Priya) only sees the torns..time for us to acknowledge the torns too

@ saparmurat

it is happening in M'sia at the moment

try this link:


apart from this, Priya has become an household name in Malaysia..with her interview to be aired live 2moro in a private radio station



strawy said...

mez soo touched,very inspiring post am000nie.Priya is a brave gal.
thnx for sharing such a nice post with us...
hugss am000nie
love ya


~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

hi amutha ...

nice post ..n very senti senti ...

its quite amazing that people who are underpriveleged sometimes surpass even the most difficult tasks of life without much support ...!!!

n im adding u 2 my fav blogs
take care...

PuNeEt said...

hey great to see u back...
hope allz well now

and thats an awesome story
thanks for sharing

take care

Dreamgirl said...

U knw wat??As a kid wenevr i used to watch tv(for a break during my exams)..tats the example my mom used to tell me..Think about the children on the street..u need a break frm studies??They hv to take a break frm work to study!!
Ofcource i never realized anything at that time...But now i do..
We sure are SO LUCKY in life..
Hope u feeling good now
Tk cr & Keep :-)))))))

tulipspeaks said...

@ st000nie

awww.. my baby is touched! :P

yea..she is brave if not braver than you..hugsss dear

@ kiran

thats sweet of you to add me in.. give me a couple of days, i'll add you in too ;)



tulipspeaks said...

@ puneet

i feel much better..although not at my best

thank you..


@ dreamgirl

that was the time when we only see the beautiful part of life..time when we refused to even think of hardship..guess we all are wise enough now to realise the life is harder than it looks