Monday, November 28, 2005

Do I hear WeDDinG BeLLs?

Caught you! it is definitely NOT my wedding.. hehehehe.. It was my former classmates's wedding and it was such a marvellous event!! and what makes the event so special? was it the money he poured in? was it the car parade he had in front of the wedding hall? was it because i was clad in silk saree, complete with jewels and flowers (ahem ahem.. :P)? nope..none of these was the reason...

The wedding served as a meeting platform for all the schoolmates..and there were about 15 of us!!!Made so much noise, laughed and teased each other..lolz.. Oh boy, i guess we stole the attention away from the bride and bridegroom itself!! (oopsss..sorry about that, Mano) hehehe..But i had wonderful time..a great time that i didn't taste in the last few months..

The gals, Durga, Munis, Reena and Indra..were the only gals who are still puting some effort to keep in touch with the rest of the gang..oh yea..i have forgotten the prettiest of all, ME..hehehe..while Durga came with her future hubby (whom i pity so much..for being ignored at our get-together today)...the other 3 gals are still single..phhewwww..guess i wasn't alone after all...

Then coming to our list goes like this: Sathis, Rajan, Nathan, Kalai, James, Ganesan, Mani, Kopal, Suganes..and Subash (err..someone i wished not to meet again..hope you get what i mean :P) and the worst part is..either they are attached or engaged or married!! geezzzz..whats going on? the boys are all with partners and the gals are single??? i was closer to the boys than the gals even from the school days itself..they never failed to amuse the gals..muuuaxx to them..

But we had a blast and guess what? on 3rd dec, Durga is getting married and on 11th dec, Suganes will be tying the knot!! its fun all the way..what an exciting way to end the year..

and..i was asked about my wedding date not less than 10 times today.. sighhhh**


display_name said...

me third...bohoo

display_name said...

it feels nice to see batchmates specially@ get2gather..

where mostly ppl pretend to remember everything frm teh past..

bt good thing abt it is..only extream incedents r being shared which is healthy most of the times.

u dint mention abt Food:p @function.!

~btw just dropped by frm dreamgal's blog..

Keshi said...

talk abt weddinsg dear, I have 4 to attend in Feb 2006! 4 cousins r getting married :) woohoo I can eat cake and dance like!

Great that u met most of ur old! What color saree did u wear and what was the top like?


Arz000n said...

it is definitely NOT my wedding..
The moment this post appeared along with that wedding pic...for a moment I thought u got marriede or what and I was :O


Back ot post now :)

Arz000n said...

Such social gatherings are a good time to catch up with old friends...

I do get invitations like these from quite many friends and relatives of mine..I attend functions just to enjoy for FREE FOOD. I hog n hog n hog...and more hog...

I remember once I forgot to pass on ma greetings to this bride (Who was a close family friend of mine) and came back home afta enjoying the meal. Mom was like, so you wished her from all of us right...and I was thinking of a good excuse


Jeevan said...

Hope you had a great time with u r Friends. The Weedings are the nice days to meet our loved once.

visithra said...

lol arz ;p

ive got a wedding to go this sat too - its not the same wedding is it? the cousins getting married ;)

besides one none of my close friends are married ;) so i escape the questions ;)

oh yes what colour saree ;)

Dreamgirl said...

I love to attend weddings :-) Its soo much fun...BUt as of friends..Just beento one nd wat fun had...Not to mention the foodiess..i jus freaked out ;-)
My best friend is getting married this dec...nd am sooo sadddd i wont be able to attend it.... :-(((((((((

:: The Protector :: said...

if i got any marriage invitations or any other social gathering i wont miss it coz we can have good food now ;))))


when is ur??????? :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ display name

aik..u r the first nah? why depromoting yourself? was a wonderful experience to see them back..and we were talking how different we look now (in saree and kurtas) compared when we were wearing school uniforms 10 - 15 years back

the food was good but it was the least of our concern..we were more interested in talking, conquering strategic table and posing for the photogapher

@ keshi

after friend's wedding, cousin's weddings are the best! don't ya think so? its like..we are the part of the family but at the same time it gives us the feeling of a fren's definitely going to enjoy this..

it was a silverish grey the pic by now? :P

muuuaxx and huggsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie

lolz..see..i caught you!

come on..there must be 'other' reasons why u wanna attend functions like that apart from the food..think hard..hehehehe

and z000nie i can't blv u actually forgot to wish the bride!!OMG!! bad boy..


@ jeevan

yea..we had a blast and i can't wait for this weekend..its going to be another wedding with dance! yippppieeeeeeeeeee



Michelle said...

i luv weddings!!!!!!!!!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

i don't think so..i'll be attending one in PJ this week

aha..lucky gal..but then i think you'll be bombarded with that question from relatives in the cousin's, have fun! hehehehehe

the saree color was silverish grey..a silk saree, a gift for my birthday last september

@ dreamgirl

lolz..i can see that most of you guys really like wedding foods!! hehehehe..

well..i once had to miss my childhood fren's wedding. she had it in india and i'm stuck in m'sia with a major exam :(( so i know how it feels ..cheer up dear..sure your wish will reach her anyway :)



tulipspeaks said...

@ vishnu

welcome to my blog :)

ah..vishnu..that name is very special to me (dont ask why, but i assure you it is not my bf's name)..

another food-lover..hehehehe

and you are officially the 13th person to ask when is my wedding since sunday morning..*siighhhh

@ michelle

i'm not really into these kind of functions..mainly because i want to avoid the dreaded ques (which vishnu asked)..lolz



PuNeEt said...

hey one

it is definitely NOT my wedding
I was sure abt that ;-)

Weddings are so fun yaar...
n specially if its of close friends

whats going on? the boys are all with partners and the gals are single???
lollssss hahhahahahahaaa

enjoy the wedding season


musings (m000nie) said...

awww u had real fun girl... i remember my wedding.. darn half of them were my frnds from coll n skool n work.. hehe

Rohit Talwar said...

i am sure u had fun!! all ur friends gettin married huh...ur turn?!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ puneet

at least you are clear (clearer than z000nie..) rofl

i'm enjoying the season to the fullest..can't be better!

@ m000nie

awww..bringing back memories huh? *am000nie imagining m000nie in her wedding attire..ooooo


@ rohit talwar
yea..i had fun..and you are officially the 14th person to ask me that ques..*sigghh again



Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Oooo....looks like someone had so much fun!!!!!

yeah ... i know such weddings n parties often become a platform for school/college reunions!

I wont like to talk to u abt ur marriage now ... lol ... coz i guess ... our very first chat ... was all about it if u remember! lol


Keshi said...

Got the pic and u look a million bucks!

yep...cuzns weddings r much more fun cos we r family and I can strut my stuff ard looking important lol!


visithra said...

hopefully they dont - the last time i was at the birthday party we were discussing this wedding ;) so lets see if i escape

:: The Protector :: said...

//welcome to my blog :)

//ah..vishnu..that name is very special to me (dont ask why, but i assure you it is not my bf's name)..

>> Spare you! :)

//another food-lover..hehehehe
>> hehehe :0

//and you are officially the 13th person to ask when is my wedding since sunday morning..*siighhhh

>> Wat to do? *grin*

Ajay said...

marriage brings the end to a care free life..... mmmmmmm me i dont like to attend wedding functions... I get bugged there

Dreamgirl said...

yeah i know.
My wishes are always with her.Ofcource but the presence always matters!!!
I know she will miss me more than i do :-) but thats destiny i guess..We were supposed to have a blast at her wedding last year but it somehow got postponed..we did have a blast but at mine!!!LOLSss
i dsprtly want to be the 15th person to ask u ;-))))hahahahahahha
Tk cr

Arz000n said...

other' reasons why u wanna attend functions like that apart from the food..think hard.

The other reason is to watch chicks...I cant think of any other reason...

If no good food and no good chicks....then I just run out in like 6.7mins.....I dont stay there for long, its total waste of time, you see


tulipspeaks said...

@ cheesy

yeap..they are...and i cant wait for the next wedding this saturday..its going to be dinner and dance!!

I wont like to talk to u abt ur marriage now ... lol ... coz i guess ... our very first chat ...

yeap..thats rite..hehehehe

@ keshi

Got the pic and u look a million bucks!

*am000nie blushes at this one..lolz

@ visithra

see..i know it! ..err..just coz me going through the same experience now..hehehe



tulipspeaks said...

@ vishnu

lolz..replying to my sentence by must be a careful person .. ;)

@ ajay

well..thats what we were disturbing my fren on sunday.. he was like smiling and laughing the way and we were saying "dei, this is going to be the last smile/ better laugh our head off!"

@ dreamgirl

aha..the 15th person huh? hehehehe..

@ z000nie

there you go! i knew it!! it must be the chicks..rofl



4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Weddings are good to watch lol I mean Im personally not looking forward to getting married.

2 of my cousins are getting married this year, pity I won't be able to go, miss out on the yummy food :)

tulipspeaks said...

welcome back n000nie..after sooooooo long..i really miss ya around :)

lolz..well, you are still young nah? still got plenty of time to enjoy yourself before getting stucked in the web called marriage

till then, have fun!!

muuuaxxx and huggsss


cellvi said...

Its good to see some old friends, in a marriage, but to be frank, ithu mathiri marriage occasionsle naan ore jollu thaan....

tulipspeaks said...

lolz @ cellvi