Saturday, November 19, 2005

Top 10 Language

Top 10 languages spoken in the world...

10. French

Number of speakers: 129 million

Often called the most romantic language in the world, French is spoken in tons of countries, including Belgium, Canada, Rwanda, Cameroon, and Haiti. Oh, and France too.
We're actually very lucky that French is so popular, because without it, we might have been stuck with Dutch Toast, Dutch Fries, and Dutch kissing (ew!

9. Malay-Indonesian

Number of speakers: 159 million

Malay-Indonesian is spoken in Malaysia and Indonesia. Actually, we kinda fudged the numbers on this one because there are many dialects of Malay, the most popular of which is Indonesian. But they're all pretty much based on the same root language, which makes it the ninth most-spoken in the world.
Indonesia is a fascinating place; a nation made up of over 13,000 islands it is the sixth most populated country in the world. Malaysia borders on two of the larger parts of Indonesia (including the island of Borneo), and is mostly known for its capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

8. Portuguese

Number of speakers: 191 million

Think of Portuguese as the little language that could. In the 12th Century, Portugal won its independence from Spain and expanded all over the world with the he
lp of its famous explorers like Vasco da Gama and Prince Henry the Navigator. Because Portugal got in so early on the exploring game, the language established itself all over the world, especiallyin Brazil (where it's the national language), Macau, Angola, Venezuela, and Mozambique.

7. Bengali

Number of speakers: 211 million

In Bangladesh, a country of 120+ million people, just about everybody speaks Bengali. And because Bangladesh is virtually surrounded by India the number of Bengali speakers in the world is much higher than most people would expect.

6. Arabic

Number of speakers: 246 million

Arabic, one of the world's oldest languages, is spoken in the Middle East, with speakers found in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt. Furthermore, because Arabic is the language of the Quran, millions of Muslims in other countries speak Arabic as well. So many people have a working knowledge of Arabic, in fact, that in 1974 it was made the sixth official language of the United Nations.

5. Russian

Number of speakers: 277 million

Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, and Yakov Smirnoff are among the millions of Russian speakers out there. Sure, we used to think of them as our Commie enemies.
Now we think of them as our Commie friends. One of the six languages in the UN, Russian is spoken not only in the Mother Country, but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the U.S. (to name just a few places).

4. Spanish

Number of speakers: 392 million

Aside from all of those kids who take it in high school, Spanish is spoken in just about every South American and Central American country, not to mention Spain, Cuba, and the U.S. There is a particular interest in Spanish in the U.S., as many English words are borrowed from the language, including: tornado, bonanza, patio, quesadilla, enchilada, and taco grande supreme.

3. Hindustani

Number of speakers: 497 million

Hindustani is the primary language of India's crowded population, and it encompasses a huge number of dialects (of which the most commonly spoken is Hindi). While many predict that the population of India will soon surpass that of China, the prominence of English in India prevents Hindustani from surpassing the most popular language in the world. If you're interested in learning a little Hindi, there's a very easy way: rent an Indian movie. The film industry in India is the most prolific in the world, making thousands of action/romance/musicals every year.

2. English

Number of speakers: 508 million

While English doesn't have the most speakers, it is the official language of more countries than any other language. Its speakers hail from all around the world, including the U.S., Australia, England, Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Canada. We'd tell you more about English, but you probably feelpretty comfortable with the language already. Let's just move on to the most popular language in the world.

1. Mandarin

Number of speakers: 1 billion+

Surprise, surprise, the most widely spoken language on the planet is based in the most populated country on the planet, China. Beating second-place English by a 2 to 1 ratio, but don't let that fool you into thinking that Mandarin is easy to learn. Speaking Mandarin can be really tough, because each word can be pronounced in four ways (or "tones"), and a beginner will invariably have trouble distinguishing one tone from another. But if over a billion people could do it, so could you.

So, what are the languages that can you speak? :P


Arz000n said...

Am I first to speak on Language?

Arz000n said...

That was one nice post to update ma GK...for a moment I was like, will Hindi be in tehre..coz hardly people speak in Hindi these days...English has taken ova every Indian language in here :(

I was planning to seriously start learning French couple of months back...but then never got the schedule right for it...

Surprised to see Bangladeshi....

And yes...on of ma Friends from Phil taught me lil bit of Mandarin 2 yrs I vaguely remember few words..

Russian...if I eva drop by in Ukraine, and hit on a russian babe out there, I think I'll learn Russian directly from her lips....*blush*

Nice one Am000nie piez.
Enjoy the weekend!!

Michelle said... kissin BORINNN looolzzz :P

and ooo think arabic is reallly sexyyy esp wen guyz talk in arabic :p

moi can speak english,hindi,french n a lill bit of malayalam :p

Jeevan said...

Hai I thought English is the Language that most people speaking, after reading you blog, I realise that Mandarin is the highly speaking language in the world. I also start to learn French, but I stoped it. I have see only French kiss, not saw Dutch Kiss.

I know only 2 language English and Tamil (tailm spoken in south India).

This post is Very Informative.

southpaw said...

That was some good info...
Well the languages i can speak r
English, hindi, bengali, marathi, gujarati and spanish. I am planning to learn russian but am not getting any good institute where i m based right now, so maybe when i get shifted back to mumbai in future, maybe then i'll learn that as well.

PuNeEt said...

#1 is Mandrin... ye thats a surprise for me

#7 is Bengali... that was another surprise...

Good Post yaar...
Some GK for me... who has very poor GK ne ways ;-)

Hindi n English... I can speak
can understand Marathi...
that's it...

Greeat post


Dreamgirl said...

Dutch toast,Dutch Fries,Dutch Kiss-LOL
Bengali was real surprising..English @ #2!!!quite new things to learn... :-)
I can speak in English,Hindi,Malayalam & can understand Tamil & Marathi...
How abt ya??
Tk care

musings (m000nie) said...

me??... lol i speak only english n hindi out of these...

tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie
yes...first again!

...on of ma Friends from Phil taught me lil bit of Mandarin 2 yrs I vaguely remember few words..

seriously, i tried to learn Mandarin myself..geezzz it was hard :(

ni hao ma? thats what i can remember clearly..kekekeke

if I eva drop by in Ukraine, and hit on a russian babe out there, I think I'll learn Russian directly from her lips....*blush*

awww....z000nie blushing on this??? lolz..sure you'll pass with flying colors then!!

hope you had a fabulous weekend buddy

muuaxxx and huggsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ michelle

ooo la can speak malayalam too?? i'm trying to catch up with that language via surya far, so bad..lolz..

@ jeevan first i also thought English will be the most widely spoken language..i think Mandarin become the first because of the high population in China

and yes, i speak tamil too ;) its my mother tongue




tulipspeaks said...

@ south

wow! you can speak 6 languages??? all the best in learning russian as well..hmm, i always have the perception that one will forget the language he or she had learnt if it was never put into regular do you deal with that? just asking out of curiosity..

@ puneet cannot speak many languages either.. ;)

@ dreamgirl

English,Hindi,Malayalam & can understand Tamil & Marathi...

ah..then can understand if i say "nandri" lolz..basic nah?

i speak english, malay(indonesia), tamil..trying my best to learn malayalam through surya tv..hehehehe

@ m000nie

wanna join south's quest in finding a russian-language institute??;)



southpaw said...

You are absolutely right amutha, one has to keep using the languages otherwise we do loose the track, now as far as i am concerned, English and hindi are quite common in day to day's routine, Gujarati-since i am posted in gujarat right now i speak that frequently with the local chaps out here, the shopkeepers, etc,etc.. Marathi-since i was brought up in mumbai and have a few maharashtrian friends so wheni usually call them up on phone or go there i always prefer to talk to thm in marathi which makes them comfortable and helps me to keep in track with that language as well, Bengali-well its my mother tongue so its obvious that i ain't gonna loose the track there, Spanish- I learnt that for a specific assignment abroad and to maintain the pace i read a few spanish literature and also listen to a lot of spanish numbers regularly...Thats it

southpaw said...

And the reason i am desperately looking for an institute for russian coz i have a friend in russia, she hardly comes to india once in a year, but still she managed to learn hindi, sanskrit and also the bharatnatyam and me like a freaking idiot still can't manage more than a few words....:( Bloody hell!!! i am cribbing again....

Dreamgirl said...

Ofcource i know NANDRI :-)
I guess malayalam is easy since u know tamil... its very much similar..U get surya tv there?Tats nice...I can help u with mal too!!!LOLzzzz
Tk care.

Rohit Talwar said...

hard to believe my eyes! french at the 10th position!!

whats the source of this?

strawy said...

wowwwwwwwwww nice post am000nie.
top 10 languages ... cool babez

ummmmm let me c which languages i can speak :
hindi, punjabi, english,norwegian,swedish... thats it... cant say malay aawww... it has been ages talked in that lingo so forgotten now..

hugss am000nie

Nanyaar? said...

Baarfjees(hello) Amutha!

Cool post!

Back after quiet a long while.
Was Expecting Mandarin, was but was suprised French in the 10th place.
Now for Langugaes..,

Tamil (Vanakam) my mother tougune.,
Hindi (kya hua?)second language.. hated my hindi ma'
English.. Telegu..
A bit of Malayalam, Kanada, Marathi, Russian
French ( kuppa kotified for 2 years)


Keshi said...

wow Manadrin tops it all ha...not a surprise :)

I speak Enlgish, Tamil and Sinhalese...and if u dun count much fluency, then I can speak a lil bit of Hindi (lol NV will disagree harshly), Spanish and Italian...:)

South ur a polyglot! wow!


praveen said...

hmm...english,malay,tamil,hindi(a little..but it sucks i guess) soon to speak how popular was spanish again??...takin the paper starting from next semester...then i can watch all those spanish shows on tv!!

visithra said...

english, tamil, malay - understand smatterings of chinese (have no idea which dialect though) and malayalam ;p

tulipspeaks said...

@ south

i must say thats a good reason to start learning a language!! kekekeke..she'll be proud of you

in m'sia..we don't speak so many indian dialects..the famous ones will be tamil, telegu, malayalam & may be hindi (bcoz of bollywood craze)..

@ dreamgirl

oh yea..we got surya tv..actually it comes together with sun tv package in astro (our cable tv provider)

pls clarify this one: premam = i rite? how do you say "i love you like crazy in mal?" lolzzzz

@ rohit talwar

i guess its because of the smaller number of people speaking it with the huge Chinese population & see..

well, it was from a fwd msg..but i have hear a similar line up not long ago & we are very sure about Mandarin being #1.



tulipspeaks said...

@ st000nie

come on babyyyyyy..add malay to the list..let me help you with that one

sing with me..

rasa sayang
hey rasa sayang sayang hey
hey lihat nona jauh
rasa sayang sayang hey

buah cempedak di luar pagar
ambil galah tolong jolokkan
saya budak baru belajar
kalau salah tolong tunjukkan

P/s: thats a malay nursery rhyme ;)

muuuaxxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ naanyaar?

vanakam.. can speak quite a number of languages too..

tell you what..teach me one or two words every now & then okie? :P

@ keshi

well well..keshi can speak Italian huh?

come on tell me how do i say "baby, you look hot!" in Italian..

hehehe :P

muuuaxx and hugsss


tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

welcome..from friendster to blogspot! hehehe..

hows studies in UPM?? wow..wanna take spanish classes huh? do they offer foreign language classes for postgrads as well (as if i got time..hehehe)..are they airing betty la fella again?? :P

gracious "for dropping by" (don't know how i should say the entire sentence though)..

@ visithra

well..bcoz u r in KL, i assume its Cantonese..thats the Chinese dialect widely spoken here and errr..J.Chan stars in Cantonese movies rite? :P

ah..another malayalam speaker..thats, i can learn malayalam from surya tv, dreamgirl &!!!

btwn, tc lengloi..its flu season in KL (how do i know..coz i caught one :P)



Dewdrop said...

Hindustani (hindi, gujarati, marathi), English and a lil bit of Spanish is all I can speak

I can read Arabic and understand a few words. Same with French

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Oh wow!! That was an interesting and informative postieee!!

I can speak English, Hindi , Punjabi and can understand a bit of Sanskrit!! :D

Slice Of Life said...

hindi,telugu,english,tamil,lttle french
only 5 in the list

Invincible said...

I am so happy to see hindustani as 3rd :) :) :) even after we see more english than hindi these days.

Nanyaar? said...

Sure can just that the tution fee might be a bit high :P

Keshi said...

Amu mi manchi...come sei bella...

thats Italian...guess what I said now :P

One of my good friends here is an Italian..she teaches me few words to get by in life for fishing hunks..hahaha!


visithra said...

The prob is in my 0ffice they speak in a mix of mandrin, cantonese n hokkien - so am normally confussed which one theyre using

lol can't teach ya malayalam - i only can speak that if someone speaks to me in it ;p

Dreamgirl said...

Hey i am so sorryyy...Tats a tough one u asked!!!:-(((((((
i know how to say i love u....but hv been thinking abt i love u like crazyyy nd guess what??i asked 2-3 malus around & noone knows!!!
chooooooo chorrrryyyyyyyy....but i will defntly come back to u if i knw..
btw who is the malllu guy?? does he have a bro??(wink wink)
Tk cr

Me said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arz000n said...

Wht happend to Am000nie??
Where is she and how is she?
And when is new posty coming out??




Nanyaar? said...

hey one or two words rite..
okay here ges your first lesson..

Armenian, Yes- ayyo no- chay

learn that!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ dewdy

thats all you said? wow..thats 5 languages dear! hehehe..and whats with the Arabic language? how did you learnt it?

@ cheesy

sanskrit?? where did you learnt it dear? tough nah?

@ chennai pages

you speak telegu and tamil..i guess you are pretty fluent in tell me, which one is tougher? tamil or telegu?



tulipspeaks said...

@ invincible

:( tamil didnt even make it to the list..see..i'm sobbing!!

@ keshi

mi manchi...come sei bella...
no idea :(..come on be a good teacher and tell me what is about

@ visithra

aha..anthe percenaiya ungaluke? seri seri..nvm..



tulipspeaks said...

@ dreamgirl

lolz..nah..there is no guy..just asking..who knows it might benefit me in future :P

and..if he got a bro, i'll keep you in mind..

@ z000nie

thank you i come :)

@ nanyaar

ayyo nanyaar..i got it :P
i hope its FOC!



Keshi said...

**mi manchi...come sei bella...

means...I miss u...u r beautiful...


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Learnt Sanskrit at school ... i scored 98/100 in my Board exams (u know wut they are, right?)


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi..err..u r bella too..lolz

@ cheesy

that means you are so good in sanskrit..geeezzz..thats awesome babyyyyyyy