Tuesday, December 27, 2005

== 2 0 0 6 ==

Welcome guys..to my new blog.or more accurate new url..and sorry to freak some of you out..i think i owe all an explanation for what happened to ButterDiary..

Well..as many would know, ButterDiary originates from my frustration and sadness..which you guys have helped me to overcome.. Butter (my mirc chating nick) + Diary (personal journal) is what make ButterDiary..Now, i feel it no longer relevant and this new url serves as a better option..Tulip (which you all know i'm crazy about) + Speaks (a symbol of communication between you all and i) makes the brand new
==tulip speaks ==

My message in ButterDiary has shocked many..i received sms, e-mails, msg in YM asking what happened etc.. while i'm glad you guys love me so much..i also would like to extend my apologies for freaking you guys out..

From now onwards, let the tulips to speak to you..


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

You scared me girl ... thanks a LOT for restarting ..... love yaaaaaaaa!!!

Aww tulipspeaks ... tiz such a beautiful name for ur blog....

Hope the New Year brings u a lot happiness,peace and good health and takes away all sorrow from you and your life.

Take care girl...

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Aww threz so much glitter on ur blog ... i love it SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Nanyaar? said...

Hurray YOu are BACK!! >:D< I am so Glad that your back.. Seriously..

Tulip speaks denotes the kinda new environment u wanna have so thats neat!

Happy New Year 2006 Girl!

tulipspeaks said...

@ cheesy

muuaxxx for being the first!!

honey..thanks for your concern..i didn't knw i made you so sad :( i'm so sorry..

btwn, i'm glad you like the new url.. lolz.. sorry, it wasn't cheesy diary like you suggested though..lolz..

Happy New Year dear..

may God bless you..

tulipspeaks said...

@ nanyaar

:) seriously, i feel so bad for leaving you guys suddenly..

Happy New Year dear..


btwn, you were the first to find this 'tulip' actually.. congrats!!


PuNeEt said...

hey Amutha...
good to see u around re...

went i read ur goodbye mesg...
i got upset...
whr u disappeard...

i dun have ur email id also

so a new blog for a new year...
great going


Arz000n said...

Goood that you said Im first in discovering this blog.....coz I was feeling so sad that you spoke to me that day and still neva told me about this

now Im happy..And I jump in joy to celebrate this new blog of yours..



Am000nie piez the new look of your blog ROCKS!!!

Hugzzzzz and Happy New year 2006!!!

Arz000n said...

Btw, I got the BlogID from my STATCOUTER's referer link...it said, new visitor from

Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

and she came from


Am I scaring you now??
I betta shut up :|

strawy said...

omg baby u scared us
nice to c u back
hugssss hunny
love ya
Happy New Year to YOU too

southpaw said...

Happy new year buddy...:)

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

oooooooooooo wow there. great page there.. soo glittery and nice.. woop woop.. good job. must have put lot of work in it..


still_figuring_out said...

geesh...lol. you did surprise me with that cute little note you left in your previous blog, amu. i was so darn glad to see your comment with your new url ;) the tulip header is simply beautiful :) so, bet you are looking forward to another long weekend, huh? as for why i did not wish to further extend my views on the previous topic (custody of children), it is because i do not want to hurt the feelings of others from the other religion. i am quite set in my beliefs, so i prefer to keep my thoughts to myself :) however, if we were to debate it face to face, lol..i`ll be more than happy to contribute my two cents worth!

visithra said...

welcome back ;) and nice new place ;) good to see ya back ;)

visithra said...

still amu - id agree previous topic am not discusing online what with mr google loving every single word i dish out ;)

saby said...

DAMN dat cheesy
i wanted to be first

saby said...

do u need a friend?

i sure need one as lovely as u

lakshmi said...

Happy new year

Anbae said...

Hey Amutha, first time here.Referred ur link through nanyaar?..

Its very serious to find the commets dropped here expressing happiness abt ur re-back with new identity.Don know ur past even don wanna to know... but keen to watch ur spirited future ..

Happy new year...

Invincible said...

this new look is so graceful !
Happy new year amu :)

Divya said...

hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz amu... happy new year to u too..

i loved ur blog name muaahs

tulipspeaks said...

@ puneet

i'm so sorry to make you upset.. i would be feeling the same if you disappeared :)

thanks for visiting my new space..update ur blogroll okie?


Happy New Year!

@ z000nie

I was feeling so sad that you spoke to me that day and still neva told me about this

well..remember i said its gonna be a surprise? and when you keep asking whats wrong, i kept puting it off :) believe me, it was very hard to say nothin wrong when you asked..

lolz...that statcounter did that huh? spoilt my surprise for you..

between, Happy New Year darling.. *wink wink


@ st000nie

muuaxxx dear for scaring you off.. nice to have you in my new url too..

Happy New Year sweetie..



tulipspeaks said...

@ south

Happy New Year too.. glad to have it here..

@ icey

hugsss baby! been a long time since i have you here.. glad you like it :) :)

Happy New Year

@ still

i surprised many with that announcement :)... but in real, i do have a valid reason to do so.. i have to do it..

btwn, i respect decision by urs and many others not to discuss the issue further..

Happy New Year


tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

:) thanks for the sms.. glad you like the new space..

again, i understood your stand in this matter.. no worries..

Happy New Year

@ saby

:) thats very sweet of you saby..your presence is what matters to me.. hugsss

Happy New Year

@ Lakshmi

Happy New Year to you too..



tulipspeaks said...

@ anbae

welcome to my new space :)

well.. its a kind of a long story..but as you said, leave it as it is..

btwn, i hope to see you again here

Happy New Year

@ invincible

hie there..geeezzz..i just noticed you are missing from my blogbuddies link.. glad you like my new space..

Happy New Year

@ divya

Hugss honey.. glad you like it..

Happy New Year



MS said...

Hi Amutha!

New 2 your blog, n after seeing these comments, feel how much your friends out here luv u n how much U reciprocate...Itz a gr8 feeling...

Hope your this new start, brings you all the happiness n joy in the new year!!

Hey BTW, my last post is also on this beautiful feeling of the 'Spirit of Friendship'...

Chalo then..catch up later..
Pleasure once again..visiting your world..

tulipspeaks said...

@ ms

hi there..welcome to my space..well, they are truly wonderful buddies you can ever think of!! I'm so lucky to have these beautiful ladies and perfect gentlemen around..don't ya think so?

btwn, i'll pay you a visit soon..its getting late and i better call it a day



Jeevan said...

Hi amutha, how r u? Nice to see you back with new URL . Wish you a Happy new Year.:)

Zombie said...

nice template and welcome back:)

Zombie said...
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Keshi said...

Beautiful new name for ur blog...Tulip speaks...wow!

Happy New Year to u Amu...I hope that in the New Year, all ur troubles and worries will disappear and only sunny days will prevail...muahhhhhhhhhh!

I miss u too..I will be back on the 3rd...


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

hie..nice to have you here.. Happy New Year too..

@ zombie

thanks.. Happy New Year..

@ keshi

muuaxxxx honey..phhewww.. i'm so glad to see you here..missing ya a lot..see you in 2006!!!



4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Happy New Year Amu :)

I went on your blog and had no idea where you had gone, jeez I feel so left out :(

tulipspeaks said...

Happy New Year n000nie

hugsss dear..i felt so bad when i got ur sms...i left offline msg in YM for you, but i think you didn't get it.. neway, i just changed the url on 27th..didn't tell anyone at first

neway, i'm sorry okie?

and i do wish to see you making a comeback to the blogworld in 2006..

love ya