Wednesday, December 21, 2005

As compassionate as a KING KONG

This was the toughest effort i had to put forward to watch a movie..ggezzz..all tickets in all cinema theatre in and around Kuala Lumpur were fully booked and collected right on time! this time, i had to buy the tickets 2 days earlier, and even then..i only got the seats 5 rows from the front..

But, it was a movie worth watching..not for the astounding direction of Peter Jackson..not for the flawless beauty of Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow)..not for the amazing graphics..but for the compassion shown by KingKong..

It might be just a fake, computer animated, ugly looking giant gorilla..yet, the love it had for Ann was so beautifully revealed..without a word spoken..Although many would be thinking it may not be wise to compare human's emotions with a computer generated gorilla, i can't help myself but to think how many of us actually pouring out our love or even showing a glitter of hope to the one we love? or so to the one who loves us?

Carl Denham (played by Jack Black) was a classical example of a selfish human..who thinks of personal gain right from the beginning till the end..and many of us are actually belongs to this category..thinking of what we will gain, what benefit we will get from everything that we do..nothing on others' feelings or others' life for that matters..

In my opinion, the most pathetic character of the movie will be Jack Driscoll (played by Adrien Brody) it so hard to say you love the girl?? times i feel he is no different from the Kong which unable to express its feelings in words..

In short, its really worth my bucks (RM9) and time (3hrs 8 mins)..catch the Kong fast before it catches you..


Jigal.. said...


me 1st.........


take care....

Jigal.. said...


**** how many of us actually pouring out our love or even showing a glitter of hope to the one we love? or so to the one who loves us?

****Me me me


take care

Jigal.. said...


Can I Have Tickets For that kingkong..


Nanyaar? said...

I am not saying anything!

visithra said...

lol nanyaar ;)

im gonna go tom i think - ;) weee

heh those front row seats are torture

still_figuring_out said...

i`ve booked mine for this friday. i think i`ll collect it today evening. but! if it is not in the last 3 rows from behind, i`m not going! i`ve sat 4 rows from the screen once, and it is enough experience to last me a lifetime!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Hi am000nie ....

Somehow, i have never been able to really enjoy movies like these ... i liked " Planet of Apes " but i kinda dont like watching movies that have animals as the main characters ...

it always makes me think of how much cruelty the animals might have undergone ...

infact , i have stopped watching circuses for the same reason ...


Keshi said...

wow Amu ur fast on movies :)

**computer generated gorilla

LOL thats a good name for my Imposter...hahahahaha thanks Amu!

Sounds like a wonderful movie...I will watch it too - perhaps in the break.

PPL r selfish..not matter what they say or do, it comes down to self-gain...even when someone we love dies, we cry so much - why? cos we miss's abt us! Even if he/she suffered in an illness, we still wanted to keep em for our satisfaction..isnt that sad?


tulipspeaks said...

@ jigal

hugsss for being the first..

lolz..even if i have, i would prefer to go for a second round of the movie..hehehe.. just kidding..

@ nanyaar?

oppsss.why buddy?

@ visithra

ah..have you booked the tickets?



tulipspeaks said...

@ still

thats a quick move..better be fast girl!

@ deepa

hmm..i don't like to watch circus either..

btwn, i don't watch movies with animals as the main characters..but couldn't resist the temptation when it comes to KingKong..

@ keshi

lolz..actually i'm not.. i was planning to watch it on sunday..but no tickets at, bought tickets for monday show and you know what? it was house full too..*sigghhh..

even when someone we love dies, we cry so much - why? cos we miss's abt us!
a fact which i have ignored till now..a point to ponder upon..

muuuaxxx and hugsss to the beauties..


Divya said...

amuu... yeah i've heard tht the animation is really really gud.. so i shud watch the movie.. mebbe i get sum tips frm there ;)


jeya said...

Have to see the movie. It seems you've enjoyed it..

Keep Rolling!


Jeevan said...

soon i will watch the movie, for its specail effects and the love between Gorilla and the girl.

praveen said...

many have recommended me to watch this movie..but i was rather reluctant since i was never fond of movies such as anaconda and jurassic park..i loved narnia though, which i watched last week..

maybe i'll watch it afterall..hope they tickets not out...i had to watch narnia from the most forward seat last week..grrr

Rohit Talwar said...

I didn't like the movie!

Rohit Talwar said...

I didn't like the movie!

tulipspeaks said...

@ divya

:D yea..its a movie not to be missed..

@ jeya

welcome to my blog.. :) yeap, i enjoyed it and hope you will too..

@ jeevan

dont miss it, jeevan..the special effects simply superb..

@ praveen

i loved narnia though, which i watched last week

hmm..i thought its a bit childish movie to watch (in comparision to KK) thats why i didnt attempt to watch it.. how was it anyway?



tulipspeaks said...

lolz.. why rohit? whats wrong with KK??


Jigal.. said...


2day i got ur tickets...

and i rush to see the movie...

just kidding..

ya but today i watch the movie...

nice movie it is...

i like the smartness of director..

good graphics, nice direction, n overall a good movie..

i love most in the movie is eyes of the king kong..


take care.

Michelle said...

the movies got an amazin star cast which is why i wanna watch da of my frnds went for he started cryin!!!

Dewdrop said...

Its nominated for the Oscars, Ic ant wait to see it this weekend. nice review:) have a great holiday season Amutha

musings (m000nie) said...

oh my my forget king kong... girlll i love this new look of ur blog... oooooooo la laaaaaaa... keep this one its awesome......

muahhhh n hugzzzzzz

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...


i love this flick...
i sat and watched the 3 hours wid my eyes wid open stretched from north to south pole..
and den by end time i cried buckets and got my nose all red and puffy.. sob sob..
they killed my kong i was soo mad at Carl Denham i wanted to strangle him into piecess.. bhaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
he fell from the tall building.. poor kong...

n e how wat a great thing u have done to ur blog amu.. jeeez dint know this happend. and wen did u change i been gone so long and so much change.. yikesssssssssssss..
feels as if i missed a ton of stuff..

n e how

sleep time
peace out

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...




peace out
m high


tulipspeaks said...

@ jigal

lolz.. well, i'm glad you enjoyed the movie..

@ michelle

awww..come on girl.. faster catch the kong this weekend..hehehehe..
err..why did your fren cried? hmm..touched or scared? :S

@ dewdy

ah.. yeap.. dont miss it this weekend..



tulipspeaks said...

@ m000nie

lolz.. hugssss dear.. glad you like it, surely will keep the new look at least for a year.. a look for 2006 :P

@ icey

welcome back honey!! looks like you are really into the movie :P

i change the template somewhere last week..just a new look for the new year..thats all :)

btwn, i havent watch narnia..nothing against it, just that my sis has refused to come, i couldnt find a company :(



Rohit Talwar said...

i dont know somehow i just didnt enjoy it.. probably the whole giant thing.. uh huh