Sunday, December 11, 2005

HaPPy BirTHday MoMMy is my mom's 51st birthday :) :) :) and this is a very first time i'm sharing this with my blog buddies ...awww..what a great feeling!!!

Sometimes, called mom, or...mommy, or...moms (hehehe), or..ammi (adapted from malayalayee version of amme),, or...amma..she has been a pillar of my achievement so far..

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At times, she can be 'over-protective'..not letting me to go out with friends far from home, and guess what? my curfew starts at 8pm!! expt when i need to attend dinner functions and attending family events..but i never really complain, coz i know she is worried for me, just like i will in future :)

She'll call me for every meal hour, making sure i ate my meals on time..and that's pretty tough for me to handle in the know, receiving calls in front of peers 4 times a day when i was in hostel and being laughed at for being a mommy's child was kind of embrassing for me at first..and you know when i begun to cherish those calls?? when i was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and went through horrible episodes of fainting spells..thats when i realise how important was my mom was.. (prior to this, i wasn't very close to her)...she'll be rushing to my hostel each time after been informed i've fainted, and it happens all the time!! after going through all these, i made to understood her love and care for me, her eldest child..

And there were numerous events where i might have taken her for granted, but God was always there to remind me of her..she might not be reading this, but i'm sure my prayers and wishes will reach her..

Happy Birthday Ma


southpaw said...

That was sweet, ur mom must be really proud to hv a daughter like u...:)

Jeevan said...

wish your mom a Happy Birthday. she should live long and give you good Advice for your future.:)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Wishing ur mom a very very Happy Birthday!!!

Hope she has a very long and most importantly very healthy life!!

What did u gift her???

L said...

Wishing your Mom a great Birthday...!! And u for having a great time..!!

musings (m000nie) said...

awww ur moms bday... wish her on my bhalf ok... n ask her to give me some aashirwad

visithra said...

Happy birthday to amus mom ;)

Arz000n said...

Happpy B'day to your maa!!!

Tht was really cute of you Am000nie piez...

Cute posty there...

Keshi said...

awww HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a lovely mother out there who has raised a great daughter!

**my curfew starts at 8pm!!

lol ok that's better than the kind of curfew I mum used to send an uncle or a cousin bro when I went out with friends at embarassing is that, having drinks with ur uncle? lol!

**but God was always there to remind me of her..

They say that God created mothers cos He cant be everywhere at the same time...

Lovely ode to ur Ma Amu!

still_figuring_out said...

happy b`day to your mom, amutha!

it was great meeting you the other day :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ south
:) i'm proud to have a mom like her too..

@ jeevan
thank you :)

@ cheesy
normally, we don't celebrate mom's or dad's birthdays in a grand manner..its their anniversary which means a lot to them and, my parents prefer it that way



tulipspeaks said...

@ L

thank you :)

@ m000nie

awww...thats so sweet of you..surely all of guys will get her aashirwad..

@ visithra

thank you :) and it was a pleasure meeting you..



tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie

thank you so much :)

@ keshi

my mum used to send an uncle or a cousin bro when I went out with friends at night.
kekeke..well, i feel much relieved now..rofl

thanks dear..

@ still

thank you still..nice meeting you too



Keshi said...

lol awww Amu :( :(


PuNeEt said...

thatz cho cho cho chweet...
ur prayers and wishes would alwayz reach her...

Wishing your mom a very very happy birthday ...

Dewdrop said...

hope you and yr mom enjoyed teh day. Wishes for her

uttara said...


moms r the second name for sacrifice ..ok am not getting into that now loll

hope she had a wonderful time wish her belated on behalf of me:) n ye she is blessed with a wonderful n matured gurl like u she will be happy always

god bless amoooonie


strawy said...

oooooooo chooooo chweet post for mommaaaaaaaaaaa


am000nie u r a sweetheart re i m sure ur mom is so proud to have a darling daughter like u,...
love u babezzzz
missed ya cho cho much
huggy huggy

praveen said...

its nice to know that you share a special bond with your mom..i alwiz look at my mom and wonder if i could ever be one like her..trying to juggle between work and home

Zombie said...

I'm touched.

Birthday wishes for aunty.

tulipspeaks said...

puneet, dewdy, uttara, strawy, praveen & zombie

thank you so much for the wishes guys..i really appreciate it..

hugsss to all


cellvi said...

Happy birthday to ur mom...