Friday, December 16, 2005

LooK WhAt I GoT HerE!!!

i wasn't planning to give a new look to my blog till new year, but unfortunately (or fortunately) something went wrong with my previous template and half of my side bar went missing. this includes several of my blogmates' links..hmm..if you were in my previous link and mysteriously disappeared from the new list, please let me know..

muuaxx and hugsss to all..


Nanyaar? said...

hey hey hey AM I the first person? Talk about luck...

Nanyaar? said...

yeah now I am back dont know why I did that but that's the usual trend in your blog I guess.

The template is just great, especially like the way u have your blog buddies rolling up!! thats neat!

and hey Anita got a Id ha.. Kewl!

Holla at ya laters..



Keshi said...

I think I like ur new look Amu...kinda sizzling ;-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ nanyaar?

hugssssssss for being the first :)

especially like the way u have your blog buddies rolling up

ah..i should thank z000nie for providing me with the codes..i'll add you soon

and yea, i pushed her to get an id on her own, now she is considering to start a about influece!

hugsss again


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

:( :( are missing form my links..i'll add you again

ah..glad you like it..when i first preview the template, i thought it looked a bit childish..then, a fren assured it was, there you go..a new look for the new year :P



Keshi said...

looks awesome Amu!


still_figuring_out said...

hey, cool new template, amutha.

love your header picture.

uttara said...


hows u sweets


ur template looks good


PuNeEt said...

Wow dear...
its real cool...

it looks damn cool...

u too with a black background ;-)



tulipspeaks said...

*am000nie wink wink @ keshi

@ still

hey..thank you.. will add you in my list in few mins..

@ uttara

hugssss dear..glad you like it ;)just notice u r not in the link..will add you in few mins..

@ puneet

ah..*am000nie hi-5 puneet..glad you like sorry, u also went missing from my blogmates link..let me add you too..



visithra said...

i like it too ;) i love black ;)) n red combos ;) so pretty

Nanyaar? said...

You are definetly one Infulencial BIG SISTA!!

let us know when the blog warming cermony is gonna take place.. :D

Divya said...

wowwwwwwwwwww amu... thts a beautiful template.. hugzzzzzzzzzzz

cellvi said...

its amazing template i like it.........

Jigal.. said...


nice look...


take care

tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra have no idea how relieved i am, to know my buddies like it..

@ nanyaar?

let us know when the blog warming cermony is gonna take place

very soon.. we are in middle of laying the foundation..

@ divya

hugsssssss divya.. thank you babe! *wink wink

@ cellvi

;) actually, its not really a template by itself..kekeke..its just a patching work i did on top of the black background..

@ jigal

thank you ...

hugsss to all


southpaw said...

Superb look i wud say...:)

Jeevan said...

nice template. Did you blogroll me? i think, u dint add me.:)

tulipspeaks said...

@ south

thank you buddy..

@ jeevan are missing from my link..don't worry..i'll blogroll you in the weekend..cheer up..