Thursday, December 01, 2005

Money or Dignity?

Case 1

Ravinderpal (19) met a trainee teacher (20) through internet and they began dating. Within 2 months, she trusted him enough to send him digital pics of her posing topless. Soon after, the r/ship soured and she wanted to end it. Then, Ravinderpal told her that he still had her topless pics (even though he had deleted it) and threatened to post it on the Internet unless she paid him money. He was arrested when he show up to collect the cash.

Case 2

Mohammad Johan (22) began a r/ship with a customer service officer after they met in an Internet chatroom. He persuaded her to send topless pics of her through her mobile phone, which she did. In Sept last year, he told her he would distribute the pics to his friends, post it on the Net and even paste it on her door if she don't pay him up. Unknown to her, he already deleted the pic from his mobile phone. In Jan, Johan was jailed 30 monts for this conviction. He also received 3 strokes of the cane.

Case 3

In Jan, an unemployed man, V.Manivanan (31) threatened to expose nude pics of a 16-yr olf school girl if she failed to meet him again. He had posed as a private detective when he saw her with her bf, and lied to them that he had been hired by her school to investigate their r/ship. In pretext of checking if she had any love bites on her body, he told her to remove her underwear and snapped pics of her. He, then, threatened to put up the pics on newspaper and on the Net if she refused to meet him again. In Aug, Manivanan was jailed for a year and given 6 strokes of cane after he pleaded guilty to outraging an underage girl's modesty.


These are some of the news that is happening right now, at this very moment. Ignorance and being love-struck may push a girl to expose herself, in the name of TRUST. But then, the person they confide in soon become the traitor. What done is done..we cannot undo their mistakes...Human do mistakes and at times, unfortunately it is something irreversable..

In your opinion, how could we help those who are already facing this dillema? Should they expose the blackmailer? Should they settle it amicably? Remember, we are talking about girls living in a society which is still very much immersed in Eastern culture (such as Indians)..and this is a sensitive issue as far as the girls' dignity is concern..


Dreamgirl said...

Ohh Am i first here???
lemme still check again ;-)

Dreamgirl said...

I guess these girls are too naive... nd i am surprised such things still happen....Sending snaps is still accepted..but how can these girls TRUST them soo much as to send them topless/naked snaps????
Case 3 was ofcource unavoidable...
According to me..The blackmailer should be exposed....bcoz such issues can never be settled by money...he will again come back after a while...
The girls dignity will be marred.. but is there an option????

Dreamgirl said...

U know what??Just yest i saw something on the tv in the same lines...Its CSI MIAMI i.e Crime Scene Investigation.. very intersting soap..They had a case of this girl & her BF having sex nd recording it..nd the tape is missing...nd this girl seeks the detectives help...later on its found that its her bf who did that..nd he was punished 4 it.. the master copy was destroyed & girls identity/dignity was thus saved...

ufff i wrote a loooot i guess...
Tk cr

Keshi said...

goshhh how could they even think of sending nude pics through the net? thats damn stupidity. ok so not every girl is born with some smart beans...

And the guys who did this r simply disgusting human beings, with no morals or values in their life.

Anyways this shows that net crime is punishable and ppl need to be careful in just abusing ppl on the net...including that imposter who hates me...he/she is playing with his/her freedom :)

**In your opinion, how could we help those who are already facing this dillema?

They should inform they Police ASAP. So what if they put the pics on the net - it just has to be stopped somehow an dthis is the only way.

**Should they expose the blackmailer?

Yes. Get rid of junk ASAP.

**Should they settle it amicably?

NOPE! I know that Indian girls r afraid and worried abt their reputation. But these girls r not all that clean either....tehy exposed themselves anyways so why not be bold enough again and tell these guys off too?


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

I agree with Keshi those girls were really stupid to have done something like that, Im sorry but thats just taking it too far.

All I gota say is girls shouldn't be scared of telling the police and their parents if something like this occurred.

Jeevan said...

they should tell about the blackmails to Cyber Crime Police, and also the complined should be very secret. this all happens when they fall in Love to unknown people.

novin said...

We suffer from our karma...

Om namo amithaba..

tulipspeaks said...

@ dreamgirl are first again!

i also think the same..the blackmailer should be exposed..and as you said, the girl's dignity will be marred..wat other option she has? kill him? :P

that episode was aired sterday in AXN rite? i saw it too and i was 'wow'..what a timely episode..kekeke



tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi times, girls fall for sweet talks..sometimes they think this as harmless prank..thinking "a man who loves me could not possibly expose me"..well, this kind of things happen..

i think i'll be blaming the men here (surely southpaw will argue with this feminist later..)..if we put the blame entirely on the girls, then it will be similar to put the blame of rape on girls wearing sexy clothes..

the guys who take advantage of this situation should be punished..that is my verdict..just like what u have said



tulipspeaks said...

@ n000nie

muuuaxxx first :P :P share the same opinion with me, keshi and dreamgirl..

looking at another perspective..its easy to ask other girls to make things public..but what if its someone close to you? what would you do? how would you solve this prob?

@ jeevan

hehehe..your solution was right..okie..but tell you one thing about love: we really can't decide when, how, to whom we lose our heart to.. agree?

@ novin

it has been few mins of me staring at this comment..and i cant come up with a proper reply..for now



4u2nvau/Rohit said...

i think i'll be blaming the men here

What rubbish mate, how can you blame only men here?? when the girls themselves took the naked picture? how how how??? huh huh huh??

novin said...

haha.. when u could u comment on me ? ;) ... never :)

Arz000n said...

she trusted him enough to send him digital pics of her posing topless.
No wonder I love trainees. They are always ready to show there "hidden" talents


how could we help those who are already facing this dillema?
Does asking them to share there topless pics help? I dont know...


Jeezz...comeon. At least not topless and underwear pics to anyone who talks sweet online. This is cyber world for gods sake!!

this is a sensitive issue as far as the girls' dignity is concern..
I think they should be educated properly..and made to read a 1000 page policy about Internet Security.

The policy should have like 500 pages in which its written



tulipspeaks said...

@ n000nie

*am000nie puts her helmet on

ah..buddy, while i'm not blaming entirely the male species..i would say its their fault too..may be 70% :P

the girls shows themselves to one person..too bad they trusted the wrong guy..thats all..why on earth a man wanna expose a gal who trusted him on the first place?

how how how?? huh huh huh?? lolz


tulipspeaks said...

@ novin

yea rite.. :P

/me merajuk

@ z000nie

hehehe..z000nie never fail to amuse me even in a serious post like this :) hugssss

i'll take ur advice as a precaution..but what if the damage is already done?



The Zuzupilanian said...

they must expose them.

if u cant feel any shame in sharing topless pics online.. u must not feel any shame speakin over cammera with ur face hidden!

The Zuzupilanian said...

that was just my view abt specific Q u had asked through ur blog...

each case u mentioned has its own story.. bt dont feel like gettin into it.

Keshi said...

**sometimes they think this as harmless prank..

no way Amu! No sane girl will expose their nude selves on the net for some guy!! Amu if we think that's a harmless thing to do, then what actually is harmful??

No I dun blame ONLY the men's majorly the GIRLS' fault in the first place. I mean would u lose ur virtues just for a man on the net? And this cant be compared with Rape's not always girls who wear sexy clothes that get raped Amu.


4u2nvau/Rohit said...


You said it, its the girls fault damn their so dumb.

PuNeEt said...

Hey Amu...
Infact I heard of some similar stories long back in India...

Infact in the first two cases its not a matter of trust... its pure stupidity on the girlz part...
y the hell were they so keen to send their topless pics...
I mean one cant be stupid to the core yaar

Infact only in the third case
the girl was tricked...

I feel the blackmailer should be trapped... its not difficult but the girl needs to take some1 in confidence for that...

Good one

Dreamgirl said...

Me too dont think that its the guys fault...I guess the girls were too stupid!!!Even if she was inluve with the is not at reqd!!!

Divya said...

Should they expose the blackmailer? Should they settle it amicably?

i think they shud expose the blackmailer..

Michelle said...

how can ne1 trust a person they havent met...
gosh it really disgusts me wen pp sink to sucha low level...

tulipspeaks said...

@ zuzupilanian

welcome to my blog :)

lolz..thats look like a logic one..

@ keshi, n000nie & dreamgirl

both got a point here..while, my purpose is not to get the guys taking the entire blame, i know i'm being bias again :(

p/s: i just noticed n000nie's cute display pic.. :) its nice buddy..

@ puneet
I feel the blackmailer should be trapped

same here.. many times, the guys do not keep the nude pics (like in the case) but use it for blackmail the gals emotionally..they deserve it!



tulipspeaks said...

@ divya

welcome back :P hugsssssssssssssss

thank you for sharing the sentiments with us :)

@ michelle

hmm..whom are you talking about? the gals who send the pics or the guys who expose it? another ques for you, what would your advice to sumone in a similar predicment? what if its a gal you know? lets say the damage is already done and the gal turned to you for an advice,what would you say?



cellvi said...

Definitely BM's shd be exposed, also they should be punished severely for doing such thing. btw y r these girls doing such nonsense things in the name of Trust.

Zombie said...

sickheads and dickheads! duh

tulipspeaks said...

@ cellvi

welcome to my blog ;)

i would do the same if i'm in the gal's shoes..err..i mean, i would expose the guys :P

@ zombie down dear..hugsss


Keshi said...

lol Amu...yes I like NV's new pic cute and so like him in glasses hehehe...

Amu I know wut u mean...a good guy will never do such a thing to a girl, even if the girl was such a ding-bat. What I mean is it's both the girl's and the boy's fault. But the girl started it, remember that :)


Nanyaar? said...

I dont know girls could just blindly turst a person never know before on the internet..and SEND SUCH KIND OF PICTURES!! When it comes to that its just plain foolishness like many of them pointed out.
>> Well for that Action is being taken, and with the Instances you've mentioned they have been bold enough to report..

But the other instances are saddening!! And I am sure this does not happen with the big city girls but rather with the simple rural girls... Now it all comes up to courage... Was the girl foolish enough to belive that her school would send a person to check her? and if they sent a person a Male?

I always thought girls knew to handle things in a more bold-er way? but all this is not helping
! When it comes to punishing I dont think just 3 or 4 strokes would. Coz if this was the case there would be no fear for the law..

At times you get to think that probably what they do in the middle east is not all that bad after all!

And before I end " Hello GIRLS if u really want a relationship just open your eyes there are millions of REAL people around, please dont be deceived by fake people who up an un-real character Online!! "

Nanyaar? said...

sorry about all the typo's

musings (m000nie) said...

all i can say is take care... b friendly wth people u meet online... but b cautious n use a lil of ur head...

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

But m000nie how is that possible?? I mean girls don't use their heads at all :p

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

:) i know you'll understand my stand in this and of course i understand yours

@ nanyaar

At times you get to think that probably what they do in the middle east is not all that bad after all!

hehehehe..i got it..but its not always suit our lifestyle.

please dont be deceived by fake people who up an un-real character Online!!
thats a good advice :P thank you



tulipspeaks said...

@ m000nie

hmm..m000nie you point out our stand in a very 'diplomatic' way i must show of outrage at all..sounds like a great advice from a caring big sis :P

muuuuaxxxx and hugsss


*am000nie :( @ n000nie