Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top 50

My wishes for the New Year 2006, beginning from tomorrow that is....50 of them, carefully 'wished for' in 5 different important aspects of my life..hehehe..

Career and Finance

  1. I wish to earn more
  2. I wish to save more
  3. I wish to save enough for a new car
  4. I wish to enter a NGO
  5. I wish to enforce my role as a nutritionist more aggresively
  6. I wish to publish at least 2 more scientific articles
  7. I wish to send off my first draft of master thesis by February
  8. I wish to make up my mind on my further studies
  9. I wish to build up courage to be away from home, just in case i decided to further studies in overseas
  10. I wish to seriously start thinking on being a freelancer

Daily Life
  1. I wish for a more tolerant goverment counter staffs
  2. I wish for lesser traffic in my campus
  3. I wish to drive through the security everyday without being stopped for identification all the time.. after all, most of them knew me :P
  4. I wish not to pick up any traffic summons (i have a clean record of driving for 4 years)
  5. I wish double or triple parking syndrome in Klang Valley will come to an end
  6. I wish to wear all the sarees i have bought in 2005, most of them still resting in my wardrobe
  7. I wish to keep my desk tidy all the time
  8. I wish to be more compassionate
  9. I wish to change my flooring
  10. I wish to paint my room as well.. having the same old boring look for 4 years now

Relationship and Friendship
  1. I wish to be more tolerant to drinkers and smokers
  2. I wish not to hate backstabbers (and former backstabbers)
  3. I wish to send off my sis to uni without sheding a tear
  4. I wish not to cry for a guy
  5. I wish not to taken for a ride by anyone
  6. I wish to make a difference in a life of at least one person
  7. I wish to attend at least one friend's wedding
  8. I wish to not to go into chating anymore, that chapter is over
  9. I wish to show i can live without err.. someone
  10. I wish to stop flirting :)))))))))

Blogging activities
  1. I wish to maintain 2 blogs
  2. I wish to update them at least once in every 3-4 days
  3. I wish to blog-hop every 2 days
  4. I wish to top the blogcharts
  5. I wish to achieve 200 posts in this blog
  6. I wish to pull my sis into active blogging
  7. I wish to maintain good friendship with my blogmates
  8. I wish not to miss any v000m
  9. I wish not to hurt feelings of any of my blog buddies..i have't done it once and i feel so bad :(((((
  10. I wish to be a 'tulip' for the rest for time here

Entertainment and Hobbies
  1. I wish to enjoy at least one concert
  2. I wish to watch the new season of Survivor from the first episode (i always miss the first few episodes usually)
  3. I wish to stop cheering after Miss India in any international beauty pagents
  4. I wish to buy a book a month
  5. I wish to start a mini-library
  6. I wish to go shopping only once a month, not everytime i hear the word sale :P
  7. I wish to finish off the scrap book i've started long time ago
  8. I wish to learn a new game
  9. I wish to go on vacation.. haven't go on one for 6 years ;)
  10. I wish to stop watching movies in vcds all together

Now, what are your wishes?


    Arz000n said...

    Top 50 and Im in TOP 5....nothing can make me more happy

    I know I cheated...but hey this is last day of the year..lemme do wht Im at best ;)

    Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

    Awwww .... too many wishes ... i havent thought so much for myself yet .....

    I really hope all ur wishes get fulfilled.

    Wishing u a new year filled with happiness and joy!!!

    4u2nvau/Rohit said...

    You wish to stop flirting????? :O

    Amuuuuuuuuu nooooooooooooooooooo!!!


    southpaw said...

    May all ur wishes come true...Happy new year amutha..:)

    Rohit Talwar said...

    "I wish to stop flirting :)"

    Hope your wishes come true!

    best wishes for 2006! =)

    uttara said...

    ur new blog is supurb wen i came bk i dint have ur yahoo id too i cud have balsted the hell outta u ..heheheh na re u r soooo sweet na how can i ????

    HUGZZZZZZZ but am happpy u bkkk

    HUGZZZZZZZ happpy new yr sweets


    Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

    lol btw do u really flirt???

    4u2nvau/Rohit said...

    Yes she does cheesy, yes she does :p

    tulipspeaks said...

    @ z000nie

    lolz.. should i muuaxx you for being the first...hehehe..

    @ cheesy

    :P this is the very first time i am wishing for something..2005 was pretty bad for me, i'm praying 2006 will bring happiness..

    btwn, yea.. i do flirt and i think
    'someone' over here knows it better than anyone else..hehehe

    Happy New Year honey..

    @ n000nie

    well.. you are not appearing in my YM anymore..with whom am i going to flirt then? :(((



    tulipspeaks said...

    @ south

    Thank you.. Happy New Year to you too..

    @ rohit talwar

    kekeke.. yea.. i do wish to stop flirting..but why no one is believing me when i said i do flirt :(((((..come on, thats a new year confession

    thank you..

    Happy New Year too..

    @ uttara

    lolz..sorry dear.. muuaxxx 100x (did that make up for it)

    Happy New Year dear..

    PuNeEt said...

    thats cool stuff dear

    so lots of things u have planned for the new year...


    wishing u all the best...

    may u achieve what ever u have thought of :-))))

    have a very happy n prosperous new year


    aquamarine said...

    Hi Amutha
    Thx for stopping by my blog. Tulips, aren't they the most beautiful:)
    Happy New Year to you too.

    susubala said...

    I wish for all your dreams come true.

    tulipspeaks said...

    @ puneet

    :) yeap.. lots of plan..most of them were supposed be to achieved by this year, sadly i couldn't..aimed to settle the unfinished biz by dec 2006.

    thank you dear...wish the same for u

    @ aquamarine

    hie there..thanks for dropping by..yeap..they are wonderful aren't they..neat and beautiful, that's tulips..

    Happy New Year

    @ susubala

    :) thanks. wish the same for u



    Keshi said...

    Great new resolutions of a great girl...

    **I wish to stop flirting

    lol Amu, wud u be able to but?

    Happy New Year darl! I wish for u sunny days and love-filled moments all throughout 2006 and many more years to come!


    praveen said...

    wow...thats a long one over there..mine are much lesser though..and i have truly procrastinated every year and have hardly got anything done...

    anyway..wish you all the best...pls dont be like me..

    still_figuring_out said...

    lol. and i wish all your wishes come true! have a fantastic new year, amutha gal!

    as for the double and triple parking, if it comes true, i`d be jumping for joy too!!

    ~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

    hhey ....

    happy new year to u ...

    like last year , this year too , i have no resolutions ....

    except prob to be more patient.

    have a nice time

    ~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

    may all ur dreams come true

    ~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

    i didnt get the wish abt " stop cheering for Ms India " ....

    liked that " Buy a book a month "
    simple wishes u have ... huh ???

    Michelle said...

    awesome :-)

    tulipspeaks said...

    @ keshi

    hugsssssssssssssssssssssss happy to see ya back dear :))))))

    **I wish to stop flirting
    lol Amu, wud u be able to but? least i can try :P

    muuuaxxxx to you too...

    @ praveen

    :P..its the first time i'm coming up with wishes for the year..see if i can achieve something out of it :)))))

    Happy New Year

    tulipspeaks said...

    @ still

    :) thank you still..

    s for the double and triple parking, if it comes true, i`d be jumping for joy too

    hey folks, this statement actually reflects how pissed off we are with this 'syndrome'..*sigghhhh

    @ deepa

    i didnt get the wish abt " stop cheering for Ms India "

    well.. its like this.. every time there is a beauty pagent, i'll be cheering (and hoping) for Miss India to win (despite the fact that i'm a Malaysian)..don't ask me why, even i don't know..but strangely nowadays they are not winning :(((

    @ michelle

    :)) thank you dear



    uttara said...


    heheheh u chooo cgweet re lollzzz

    **lolz..sorry dear.. muuaxxx 100x (did that make up for it)

    uummmm am a bit greedy now ... hehehhe

    some more wud do na :p

    hugzzzz mez bk in full action

    muahzzz*200 hehhehe


    Keshi said...

    yeyyy Uttu is bakk in full action muahhhhhh!

    Amu na u cant stop flirting..cos that will break our 000nie!


    geetha said...

    Fuyoo! You have soo many wishes. Hope all of them comes true for you.

    Happy New Year to you.

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog. Visit us again for more cuties...

    Known Stranger said...

    wow.. enjoyed your blog... i lovee only one thing.. to be happy and feel good. any thing will do that makes me happy

    visithra said...

    wishing u get all that u wish for ;)

    Divya said...

    may all ur wishes come true.. :P

    hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz amu

    tulipspeaks said...

    @ uttara

    :)))))))) welcome back honey..hehehe.. want more than 100 muuaxxx??? lolz.. u gonna put my ex to shame..

    @ keshi

    :O i didn't know m000nie had this rule for the club! rofl..btwn, i'm just a beginner in the art of, still early and easy for me to put a full stop..;)

    @ geetha

    vange..vanakam..surely i'll pay you a visit now and then.btwn, i'll blogroll u soon :)

    thank you and may all ur wishes for the year comes true



    tulipspeaks said...

    @ known stranger

    you got a unic name :) welcome to my space..

    thank you and i hope you'll achieve what you desire too..

    @ visithra

    :) thank you and the same wishes to you too..

    @ divya

    hugsss honey..thank you and wish the same to you too..



    Anbae said...

    Bit late here...May all ur dreamy wishes come true.All the best