Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What THE.....!!!!

Still healing my broken heart, i decided to get my hair done at the saloon..while going through Cleo (a wonderful magazine dedicated to women), i found an interesting article..I quickly get myself a paper and pen from the hair stylist and started to jot down the point, much to my stylist's dismay..lolz..

The article actually lists down 16 types of 'names' that guys tend to give to girls, based on their 'performance' in it goes:

WOT - Woman On Top
Nope..i'm not talking about THAT position..its a term describing a woman who decides on everything for her man

LOL - Lady Of Leisure
Woman who likes to lead an easy life

LOD - Lives Off Daddy
A rich woman who still hanging on her daddy's money

PMM - Perfect Marriage Material
The one who is err...perfect to be married to..need i to say more?

T & G - Touch & Go
Woman who dreads commitment..wonder if this type of women ever exist..*sssigghhhh

WWI - Woman With Issues
Woman who brings the past disappointments into the new relationship

TTH - Tries Too Hard
Little short of begging...

SCB - Sensitive Cry Baby
Woman or literally a baby who cries for even for silly things

BWN - Best When Naked
Okie..this one needs no description :P

CWA - Comes With Anchor
A woman who tends to hold her guy a prisoner..lolz..basically it means he loses his freedom

DMH - Devoted Man Hater
A feminist and a woman who hates men..all men..

B & D - Bitch And Dangerous

If you end the relationship with her, then you are finished

WTS - Way Too Smart
As the name suggest, the woman is way too, is that a fault!!!

PDB - Perfect/Pretty Dumb Blonde
Guy's prefered type of women..easily conquered and antidote to WTS

RMH - Real Mother Hen
Way too matured for age..

JNI - Just Not Interested
No matter how hard he tries..she is Just Not Interested

I had a good laugh reading that article..lolz..


Jeevan said...

funny articles, I have read many like this in Tamil magazine Kumutham.

anup.777 said...

lolz :) really funny! ... do men really have da time to get all these abbreviations in place? ... YES! ;)

Keshi said...

Amu I read Cleo and Cosmopolitan all the time lol!

Oh so boys name us too ha? :):) I didnt know...

Im definitely WTS - lol! I aint joking cos alot of guys said that to me..hehe..

Glad to see ur in a better mood today...hugggggggggz!


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

muuaxxx for being the first ;)

its funny nah..thank God i didn't burst into laughing at the saloon.. :P

@ anup

welcome back :).. and is that a confession from men's side..hmm...

@ keshi

seems like they, we just had anup's confession! rofl

WTS!!! ooooo...but then, what can we do if we are too smart for them *wink wink

i feel much better and confident today..

btwn, i've prob assessing to my hotmail acc from my office..i'll read ur mail once i got back home..



Keshi said...

lol yep Anup confirmed it...omahgoshhhh u badd boys!


southpaw said...

Good to see u trying to get back to good mood...:)

musings (m000nie) said...

lol this ones funny amu... people think of such silly n funny things to write... lol

still_figuring_out said...

ok, i am going to print this out and demand that my sweetie picks one which he thinks best suits me ;)

and he better choose something nice!

and amutha, getting your hair done has to be one of the best ways to sooth a broken heart :)

visithra said...

this months issue? hummm

i like cleo :) i like b n d photo such a hoochie mama ;)

oh yes go shopping that helps too - pamper urself gal ;)

hows the job ;)

Arz000n said...

PMM - Perfect Marriage Material
Yup...we call this as WIFE-kinda girlfriend
So actually we guys have one wife-kinda gf and rest TP-kinda gf's

Guys will be guys :)

BWN - Best When Naked
I will not care about the hair style then....atleast not the one at the top of the skull

Rest gave me a good laugh afta the end of some boring day...

Thanks for sharing this with us Am000nie-piez.
Things will be fine soon...just chillax!!

praveen said...

**LOL - Lady Of Leisure
Woman who likes to lead an easy life

i guezz this represents compared to the others..definitely not a PMM,i hate the SCB's, BWN (wtf) !!but then, could i be a WTS...Hmm...i guess i'll stick to my initial one

what about you gurl??

PuNeEt said...

That was hillarious...
yes some were very much known...

thanks for sharing...
it was just too cool

regarding ur comment on ur prev post...

dun loose heart...
wen he plans... he does it for the best... he has a better vision...

hope things gets fine with u


Rohit Talwar said...

Phunny! :D

Ash said...

hey ....

this brings into mind a thought ....ppl do think and write a lot on various things under the sun ....
acronyms and in full with the details of what is what wonder womanare the topic of conversion ....

good article ....
good day amrutha

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

lolz.. at least sumone is telling the truth nah? :P

@ south

i'm trying my best.. started with the hair-do..hehehehe..

@ m000nie last, i got u here! :)))))))))))))

yea, they do..but its really entertaining..



tulipspeaks said...

@ still

lolz.. pavem unge sweetie..enna paade pade poraro..kekekeke

@ visithra

yes, honey.. january issue..

shopping..aww..thats means the world to me..waiting for sambelam to come la..lolz..

@ z000nie

So actually we guys have one wife-kinda gf and rest TP-kinda gf's

geezz.. u guys are so mean.. ;)



tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

so, its official... praveen is a LOL..kekekeke..

me? well.. i'm a bit of eevrything...fair enough? :P

@ puneet

hope u had fun.. i mean, by reading them..lolz..

dun loose heart...
wen he plans... he does it for the best... he has a better vision...

thanks dear..but on lighter note.. HE better have good plans for least, HE can wish me good luck for a date or sumthing like that nah?

@ rohit


@ ash

welcome ;)

yea, it was a good article..wonder who was the first one to come up with such abbreviation.. *am000nie looks it anup or z000nie? :P :P



Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


That was hilarious eh!

I think am LOL ! hehee ... but i can be B & D as well!! mwahahaha! :P :P

Nice read!!

Michelle said...

ha ha my my!

uttara said...

amuu..hey sweety
hows u doingg... i missed u girl ..hugggzzzzzzzz

will come bk soon n comment ..muahhhh


saby said...

while your aching heart mends
spend time wid women and gays and me

i am gay and feminine too
but dont give up on men

a knight in shining armour waits behind the curtain

he will show up on stage soon

Keshi said...

yeah but Anup is not a meanie yet


tulipspeaks said...

@ cheesy

LOL + B&D = cheesy

now, thats a rare combination :P

@ michelle

i'm glad to make u laugh, honey...

@ uttara

hugsssss babyyyyyyyyyyyy!! i'm okie, recovering.. and i'm missing ya too... muuuaxxxxxx come back fast, okie?

tulipspeaks said...

@ saby

well, i'm not giving up on men, not yet at least...

a knight in shining armour waits behind the curtain

he will show up on stage soon

hope he doesn't doze off there! hehehehe..

@ keshi

hehehe.. i find him funny instead of mean :P

hugsss and good morning to all..


still_figuring_out said...

amutha, you know i`ve tagged you.. ;) and why pavem? after 7 years, it should be easy, don`t you think??


Keshi said...

Anup is a good guy awww :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ still

7 years? awww.. then, it should be easy.. hmm.. may be he already knows which of the terms gonna make u happy.. ahem..ahem.. :P

@ keshi

seems like he is.. see, he is being very quiet now, even as we are talking about him.. or is it bcoz he didnt see this? lolz..



p¡£®®£(X000nie) said...

That was really funny....hehee :-D

Nice twinkling blog ;-)

Known Stranger said...


Nanyaar? said...

Nice Article., i know a lot of JNI'

And hey, thought I'd let you know that I was not going to stop blogging.

tulipspeaks said...

@ x000nie

i got a 000nie here!! lolz.. welcome welcome to my space..

thank you and do come again..ahem..don't i sound like a good host now :P

@ known stranger

*am000nie wink wink at stranger

@ nanyaar

hopefully, i'm not one of the JNI you are talking about..tell me, i'm not..pleassssssseee!! :))))

and yes, i told me about your decision and i'm glad to see you back here..



Known Stranger said...

actually i didnt read your bleeding heart. I wrote something to express myself about a friend who after marrying decieded to forget me or trying to forget me

Keshi said...

lolz Anup r u there? Can u see us? awww...


anup.777 said...

Aww...(blushing)... I was just too embarassed to say anything girls... Now that Keshi is off on her trip, i can break my silence and confess... Keshi and Amu are sooo sweet .... (blushes again) lolz ... ;)

tulipspeaks said...

@ known stranger

oh.. okie okie.. trying to digest the fact that one need to marry sumone other than the one we love..*siggh.. its hard :(

@ keshi

lolz.. i'm sure he least, now

@ anup

hmm..let me see.. i think you about to say "keshi is so sweet' but decided to include my name there sumhow..for the reason known only to i rite?



anup.777 said...

Hey Amu, why wld u say something like that? ... lolz.. :) hmm... very perceptive of u as usual ... perhaps I do find keshi a lil' bit sweeter ... but, that don't change the fact that u r both extremely sweet.. ok? ... lolz ;)

tulipspeaks said...

that don't change the fact that u r both extremely sweet

ahemm.. ahem..

perhaps I do find keshi a lil' bit sweeter ... jeles now..


anup.777 said...

lolz... but u r a sweet meanie... just like me... so ur "grr" didn't frighten me at all! ... ;) ... have a gr8 day ...

BTW, did u read my take on marriages? ... I think u may have missed that one... at least I certainly missed ur comments on that... :)

tulipspeaks said...

kekeke.. my grrr didnt frighten u eh? how abt hugeeeeeeeeeee hugs? :P

btwn, i just left 2 comments for u there..check it out buddy



anup.777 said...

nope ... the hugs didn't frighten me either... u r just a sweet meanie ... i know that! :) lolz...

and thanks 4 ur generous comments on the marriage post... just saw that... made my day... Thanks Amu!

tulipspeaks said...

*am000nie blinks her eyes like YM icon @ anup...



Known Stranger said...

i didnt mean that she loved me and she married some one whom she didnt love. she is my friend but she just start forgetting her old friends and old life she lived with out bearing the TAG mrs. I meant in that angel.

i wrote in an aspect of friendship bwtn a femal and a male and then wrote with a note of shannai... when she gets adjusted to the life of husband forgetting the old friends who just turn to be a known stranger for a gal after marriage.

I am a known stranger for many females to whom i would have been a good friend before she gained a tag Mrs.

tulipspeaks said...

@ known stranger

ah.. now i understand your whole point..its crystal clear to me now..thank buddy..