Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger of the month: z000nie

This is just my way of appreciating my blog buddies.. those i love and treasure so much in blog-o-sphere..

Each month, i'm gonna come up with one of my fav blog buddies with some intro of my own as well as my selection of their best (or may be best of the best) posts..

For the month of February, fav blogger is gonna be z000nie..

Recently celebrated his first year in the blogworld, z000nie is one of my fav blogger and one of the earliest blog buddy i had here..he is highly-distiguishable through his humor and (ahem ahem) sexy-seductive posts and comments...he should be smilling by now.kekekeke..

We shared alot of humors and serious (nah....not-so-serious) conversation via msn msgr/YM.. but only God knows why he has since disappeared from msn..why huh z000nie? :((((

Previously, a part of blogspot has since moved on (or should i say upgraded) to his very own [dot] com.... and i admire his sketches more than his writings..i mean i like them both okie? just that i feel sketching needs far more talent than writing.....

Here is the list of my fav 10 posts by my fav blogger for this month, in random order:

Newton's Laws ripped apart

OMG, I got hacked!!


Mu"D"ick on your body!!

Blogger Lingo (Part 1)

Blogger Lingo (Part 2)

Blogger Lingo (Part 3)

Know HIM after magic words

Know HER after those magical words


Honey, i'm glad you are a part of my blog-family..thanks for being here..


uttara said...

wooooooo hooooooo

damnnn good babes

congo z000nie
z000nie is indeed bizzare.....loll

n yey yepieeeeeeeeee me firsttttttttt


am000 missed u sweets
u tc

saby said...

Arz000nie cheated
he slept wid the judge

he really slept
i cud hear him snoring in mumbai

Jigal.. said...


Arz00n congo man

am000 nice idea to boost ppal and apreciate ppal.


take care

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Cool eh !!

Am waiting for u to pick up ma blog some day ;p ;p

lol kidding!!

Yes z00nie is one DEDICATED blogger!!!

still_figuring_out said...

i like his sense of humor too :) a good choice, amutha!

praveen said...

thats really sweet of you, the way, i'm checking out z000nie's stuff...he's soo hillarious man...

Arz000n said...

he should be smilling by now.kekekeke..
I almost giggled and the other guys sitting inside the lab were okie...what happend ;)

why huh z000nie?
aawww...I gave up MSN afta those series of weekend conversations we used to Im only on YM, but are neva there am000nie :(

Thanks for this sweet post...

Whenver I plan to take a break coz of hectic schedule and when coming out with new posty seems just impossible...friends like you pull me back with such encouraging words...if not for you people, z000nie would not have existed in blog-o-sphere...

Hugzzzz to ma am000nie piez...
Take care and have sent you a mail..
Lemme know if things go fine..
Thanks once again >:D<

visithra said...

awww arz is blushing ;)))

but he is hillairously wonderful - n i didnt know he sketches ;) thanks for letting us know

tulipspeaks said...


aww..the birthday baby is here.. first!!!

saw the birthday song i sang for u in ur space? *am000nie blushes..

@ saby

kekekeke..didn't know he snores though :P

@ jigal

:) thanks.. i hope i'll know u enough to post sumthing on u soon...



tulipspeaks said...

@ cheesy

sure honey.. definitely u gonna appear here one day..and i know it'll be very soon.. :)

@ still

:))) besides his humor.. i like the way he refers me as am000nie-piez.. *am000nie blushes..

@ praveen

kekeke..check him out honey.. espl his post on blogger part 1-3..



tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie

awww... HE is here..muuaxx muuaxxx.. Im only on YM, but are neva there am000nie

aww..alright alright.. let me make an appearance in YM..

:) of course we wanna pull u back here..see how significant u r in our least in mine.. u mean alot to me nah..

i've just seen the mail.. thank you honey.. i'll do that right away..

@ visithra

i love those sketches..espl the one titled 'pencil sketch' ( 'legs' (



PuNeEt said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PuNeEt said...

as per me... z000nie can be the best blogger all 12 months...

I mean it seriously...
all his posts tickle us...
make us laugh in whatever mood we may be...

and the best thing is his creativity :-)
bows down to z000nie boy...

keep up the good work


southpaw said...

He is creative, no doubt about it.

Jeevan said...

z000nie drawings are realy amazing, got a good chance from you to see his drawing.

~*~ kiran ~*~ said...


hehehe ...welcome to teh 1st monthly blog awards!!! gizm000nie...zoons....oh my god ....this bizzzaaare creature is capturing every1s attention ...n basking in teh glory ..!!!
congrats gizm000nie....!!!!
u really deserve this !!!
seriously other blogger has the capacity make people laugh n keep laughing ....n still laughing even when not online ....
it takes a lot of effort in making some 1 laugh ..
hurt can be caused ..alomost instantly ...but u know what ..when im depressed or something ...i just read ur blog ...(which i do the most when online )it just brings back those smiles on my face...
the bloggersville is incomplete without ur hillarious posts.....

>:D< hugggzzzz to u zoonie....
tussi great ho !!!

n thanks a lot amu ...for writing such a sweet stuff about zoonie boy !!!

anup.777 said...

I just checked out his site! ... awesome sense of humor! :) ... He deserves this recognition! Gr8 choice! ... thanks for introducing me to this new source of fun ... :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ puneet

make us laugh in whatever mood we may be

very true... i would at least manage a small laugh if not a huge one, while reading his posts and at times, his comments :P

@ south

i bet he is :))))))

@ jeevan

yea.. he is talented.. again, do i see him blushing? kekekeke..



tulipspeaks said...

@ kiran

well-said, honey

the bloggersville is incomplete without ur hillarious posts.....

saw that z000nie? people need u here...kiran, me and whole lot of people counting on ya for some good laughter :))))))

@ anup

:) besides a good blogger, he is a great friend too.. do visit his space often..



xtremely_insane said...

hey neat ur posts.good going!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

HI !

I agreeeee ........

z000nie ... heard that ????

REad ur previous post ...
@ virginity means a lot to me ... i wouldnt " Demand " my guy to a be a virgin .. but definitely want him to be one ... ok .. i cant explain this ... but i'd always wanna be a virgin b/f marriage

@ orange mug : Sweet ... loved the orange colour

anup.777 said...

sure thing Amu ... will do so .. and I'm sorry I made u sad girl ... But I'll make it up to you ... here's a thornless rose (pink in color, in case u were wondering)... just for u ... :)

uttara said...


yes yes u did sing well ..soo sweet u sound oo sweet :d
hahhaha better than BA

z000nie is 1 hec of a guy ..loll n

i loved the way he writes

thanx z000 for being bizzarreeeeee

hugggzzzzzzzzz u n am000


Hiren said...

Thanks for introducing him to me. It is one of the best blogs I have read. He seems to be like a natural writer and it is always a pleasure to bump into fellow writers and poets for which blogging is an excellent platform. People have to move to greener pastures. That can't be helped. If you know more of such people I would highly appreciate if you let me know. Thanks again.

Invincible said...

wow !! thats some dedication, Amutha :)
Good going z000nie boy. Your blog is the best fun place i know on web.

Dewdrop said...

Wonderful tribute, way to go Z000nie boy!

Rohit Talwar said...

yoohoo! coool!

waiting for my blog to be up here soon ;)

RandomThoughts said...

Good ! am impressed with your choice.arz000n's blog is sure a great read always!


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oye! wherez you babez???

tulipspeaks said...

ah... glad to be back in blogworld..siggh..sorry guys, could update the blog for couple of days, my broadband connection was not behaving..

@ xtremely insane

hi there.. welcome to my space.. thanks..:)

@ deepa

hugsssssssss...for being here and commenting on previous posts as well..

i'm sure he is beaming by now..

@ anup

aww..i think thats the first virtual rose i ever received in my blog.. *wink wink.. thank you so much honey...



tulipspeaks said...

@ uttara

hehehe.. thats only in blog..u gotta listen to my voice (ahem ahem) 'live' to truly appreciate it..well, i mean this one..

@ hiren

welcome..and thank you for visiting z000nie's space..i'll definitelty intro all my buddies.. one by one..bookmark my little space.. :)

@ invincible

:) truly he writes awesome posts..



tulipspeaks said...

@ rohit

surely it will.. :)

@ randomthoughts

hi there..welcome to my space.. looks like i got a bunch of new visitors here..awesome!

@ cheesy

sorry honey.. my Net connection was down.. blogging from office now..hehehehe..


=am000nie= said...

If you want a seriosly good laugh watch these hillariously funny videos Happy