Monday, February 13, 2006

Thaipusam: The Procession

Sorry for the delay guys, this post should be up by last friday night.. my broadband connection at home was not behaving over the weekend..blogging from office now.. hehehe.. but even then, the connection is pretty bad..*sigghhhh

On 10th midnite, i took part in Thaipusam procession of Lord Muruga.. an annual procession that lasts for about 6 hours (12.15 am - 6.30am).. a walk that was almost 20km long leading to reknowned Batu Caves, home to Lord Muruga in Kuala Lumpur..This is my second time following a crowd of about 50,000 tagging along a silver chariot bearing Lord Muruga..Check out Visithira's blog on some beautiful pics on Lord Muruga's procession..

This year's procession was kinda struggle..not enough sleep, tired, rain.. all contributed to the fact that i took a long 6 hours to complete the walk, wherelse i walked the same 20km within 4 hours last year. One question may blink in your head...why am i torturing myself, walking 20km for 6 hours? you may argue that God never asked me to torture myself by walking and blistering my feet..true..but i haven't my own reason to walk..and to many's dismay it has nothing to do with religion..weird nah? i know...

Along that walk.. i found myself at peace.. not because feeling close to God, or what-so-ever reason others may give.. but during this time, it gives me a sense of freedom.. freedom to walk on Kl roads without fear of being knocked down by speeding cars, freedom from all sorts of entertainment, which tend to divert my attention back home, freedom from being confined to my cute car... it gives me anytime between 4 and 6 hours to think.. to think about what i wanna do for the next 1 year..what i wanna achieve before the next procession..whom i'm gonna be 1 year from now..whether i have achived something over the past 1 year..

It may sounds like stuff we tend to think over during our new year resolution..but for me, thinking about my plan for 1 year during a walk like this means more.. i get to analyse myself better..whether it has anything to do with Lord's procession..or its just me.. i don't know..

But there are things i don't like about this procession.. firstly, to have bloody-fools ramming their TZM while the procession going on.. idiots who are responsible for the air pollution as well as tearing our eardrums..i mean, boy! KL is big nah? Ram and show off your TZM somewhere else man! I have no words to desrcibe these creatures' ignorance of other's peace.. i wish you'll be burnt in hell.. er... yea, i sound bad..sorry about it...

Next, those who wears excessively sexy and body hugging clothes to the procession.. okie, don't get me wrong here.. i'm a modern gal myself.. and i certainly love to dress up sexy, especially with a guy beside.. but this is not a place to show off your flesh..for Godsake! this is a procession.. something sacred.. even if you don't pray and just joined the walk for fun..please respect the other's sentiments on this.. read my lips (or words)..PLEASE WEAR SOME CLOTHES

Third..duh! please don't litter... well, you drinks and in some places, free foods will be given out during the procession.. and sterofoam paper cups, plastic bag, plastic cups are some of the rubbish just thrown all over the road where the chariot will be crossing...thats gross!

I just hope and pray the crowd will behave least next year..May God Bless..

Between here is some pics that i took with my camera phone..kinda blur..but, i really wanna share them with you guys..

The procession...

see....i bought peacock feathers!! :P thats my sis's hand at the background..

The tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world..shining in golden paint..can you see the 272-steps leading to the cave at the background?

Close up!

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~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

yipppeeeee!!!!! me 1st

~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

wow ....

6hrs of walking ..???
amazing !!!
***bows down to u ***

@ tzm???
whats that???

@skimpy clothes...
oh yeah ...those are some wannabe's who flaunt their flesh ...n crave for unnecessary attention during such times...

@ litter...
it happens evrywhere....they shud be sent for civic sense classes!!!

~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

nice posty amu ....cheers!!!

Arz000n said...

I saw pics about this fesitval...think on Visithra blog...
Thanks for writing a post abuot it to...lemme read am000nie piez :)

Jeevan said...

Hope you enjoyed the Festival. 20km waking and thinking about the fuuture, sure it will give u good idea and good health by walking.

uttara said...


ennadi epidi irrike???

arrey thai poosam is awesome festival .. hey i heard lots abt that temple at malaysia .. n wen i read abt it i was thinking abt u soo much ..:D

awwwwwwww u r a gr88 women sweety


uttara said...

do u read
" kandashashthi kavacham"???


praveen said...

**my broadband connection at home was not behaving over the weekend

athane nenache... i was wondering how come u didnt put up any post on thaipusam..i reckoned that you were bz..

i hate all those guys who make such a galatta during thaipusam..i havent gone for the chariot walk..but i've witnessed their acts at bc during thaipusam

idiots...some of them even get drunk then start dancing all around...there was once whereby one guy in my dad's group got drunk and acted as if he was in trance...he annoyed every1 and they wacked the shit out of him

dudes out there...pls stop treating thaipusam as a mega carnival and treat it with some respect as it is a religious event....same goes to all those ppl without enough clothes..

anup.777 said...

u r one amazing girl! ... good for you!

visithra said...

I second the ramming, the clothes and the litter

i think theyre ramming to irritate the cops - some kind of showing off thing i think - some ppl can be idiots

the clothes - i really wonder y they come dressed for a club at a temple - dont even get me started on the hugging - there was this chinese couple climbing down the stairs holding each others bottom - yeah really i was stuck behind them

its so sad this ppl carry all that rubbish up into the caves n just leave it there - bring it down when you go down - eventhough the temple has gotten the municipal to clean up - wheres the common sense

ppl can be so inconsiderate

ps glad u like the photos;)

tulipspeaks said...

@ kiran

muuaxxxxie for being the first..

tzm? kekeke.. check these pics:

@ z000nie

yea..she gave a wide coverage on this festival.. beautiful breath-taking pics over there..

@ jeevan

kekeke..yea..thats was a eventful journey..



tulipspeaks said...

@ uttara

naan nalla iruken di..kekeke.. nee eppadi iruke? :P, m'sia is reminding u on me huh? not bad.. at least i got sumone thinking about me.. *sigghhh...

btwn, kandashashthi kavacham... i know a little only..

@ praveen

i dont know how to categiorize these holigans.. insult to the community... :(

@ anup

lolz..why is tat so anup?

@ visithra

thanks for sharing my sentiments in this ma.. btwn, i simply love those pics.. must take a lesson from to snap cekap bin bakap pics..kekekeke..



still_figuring_out said...

that is sweet, to take time to think and reflect on past year and our actions while walking beside GOD.

skimpy clothes during the procession?? you should have snapped those..

praveen said...

i agree with should have taken pics of those skimpily dressed..then can send it to be published in the star or nst dailies...hopefully those culprits will see it and feel embarassed..if ur lucky can win prize also...hmm..wasted huh...nvm next year, i shall try this project..hihihi..hey, no offence ah ne1

visithra said...

no probs - will talk one day about photos - my fav subject ;) but the cam is also great u see ;)

-Princess Shin- said...

Wow.. this muz be interesting! I din know such a tradition existed! Thanks for sharing! =)