Friday, April 07, 2006

Blogger of the month: visithra

This is just my way of appreciating my blog buddies.. those i love and treasure so much in blog-o-sphere..Each month, i'm gonna come up with one of my fav blog buddies with some intro of my own as well as my selection of their best (or may be best of the best) posts..

My fellow Malaysian, one of the few bloggers i've met...visithra, takes the honour to be my blogger of the month of april. Sharing the same alma-mater, we have never met face to face in the campus, yet..its the blogworld that bring us together.. A blogger with a taste for daily-life activities, who draws beautiful kolams, shares a close relationship with India (ahem..where is my Kanchipuram saree anyway) and captures pics of the moment..visithra is one of her kind (ithe konjem ice)

Here is my top 10 selection of her posts which i painstakingly she blogs almost everyday! Please go through her posts and do share with me your opinion of the post:

1. Where green rocks - her 2nd last post.. its about her campus, oppsss.. correction our green campus..enna azhagu..enna azhagu..

2. Nicking that name - see how possessive she is about her name.

3. Gotham City - i think i missed this post, probably i was in break. while i was going through her old posts, i found this and its about the magnifiecent Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia. Check out the beautiful pics captured by her.

4. On vacation in BC - Batu Caves!! Again, pics to be cherished!

5. I see! - I spend quite some time trying to figure out what is this..

6. Masala - 'detailed description' about Tamil/Indian movies

7. Roundabout - why i chose this post? coz i've been 'affected' by the same roundabout too..

8. Idly Mauvu to revenge - I was not a regular in her blog back then. Bumped into this post while browsing through. As I've met visithra, I can imagine her in white mauvu (flour)..kekeke..setteila

9. Life and death - you must read to appreciate

10. Would you - this one will keep you in thinking mode. too bad i wasn't a regular back then..*sigghhh

Well that was with her top 10 posts of my choice, which i sticked to the one posted for the last 6-months. If that is not enough, do go through her kolam drawings. You'll be surprised.



Ghost Particle said...

oh you got blogger of the months all ah....good good...visi is da best of dem all....hey did u kno shes going to get married soon...

praveen said... visi's posts...she can be soo michievious at times...

1.Where green rocks

I didnt know that she was from our campus until now...hahaha...uni generating ace ghost particle from there too??


hey is this the roundabout near kosass??my fren used to skip it all the time and get caught by the security guard with the "kondai"

3.Idly Mauvu to revenge

hahahha.....sounds kewl...must have one of those

4.Life and death

i seriously cried reading this one..i couldnt imagine the demise of a loved one

5.Would you

this one made me think too...girls out there, pls pls be careful.....

Ghost Particle said... not from from the other uni in bangi...:p

Jeevan said...

Visith is one of my best Friend(blog). her post will be very entertain, i like the posts when she wrote about the Kids and the Photos. :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

yea yea.. this is the 3rd blogger of the month, previous ones were z000nie & keshi.

.hey did u kno shes going to get married soon...
:O she maraikeran a pusinika in the soru. nvr tell me also.. ish ish

.im from the other uni in bangi
aha.. ANTHE uni ah..hmm..

@ praveen

uni generating ace bloggers.
vazhge nambe campus!!!! cekap eh...

my fren used to skip it all the time and get caught by the security guard with the "kondai"
yea, we are talking about THAT roundabout..and i've been caught by the same guard also..*siighhh

i seriously cried reading this one..i couldnt imagine the demise of a loved one
me too

@ jeevan
i think u came to my bloggie thru i rite? :)


anup.777 said...

'Life and Death' was real sad and straight from her heart ...

really can't say much ...

I'll be checking her blog henceforth ...

visithra said...

awwww am this months blogger?? awww awww n n i just came from watching a movie on friendship - awww thanks darling ;))) *hugz*

first and foremost - gp is lying - cheh am enjoying single life ok not fair!!

yeah vaazgha nambha campus - theres a few others as well ;)

yep the kosass roundie ;)

prav am also orang sana kampus dekat rumah ;)

idly mauvu taneh?? heheh no prob we shall arrange for a bath ;)

would you was written to remind gals about unknown dangers that one can face

Jeevan : aww thats sweet da ;)

thanks again darling and everyone gp prav jeevan anup

Keshi said...

Visithra is a smart darling with an infectious attitude...she writes from the heart and is perky and funny. I love to read her interesting posts and her even more interesting comments in other blogs...she's a wonderful blogger with a great sense of humor.


Keshi said...

Amu I say ur the blogger of the month for May...I choose ya...I will write the post for u....u just got to post it here...will u?


visithra said...

keshi : aww thanks ;) n yes yes i agree amu should be next months blogger of the month - the votes in amu u'll just have to agree ;p

tulipspeaks said...

Good Morning to all

@ anup

i did cried reading it..

i'm glad i've just 'match-make' her blog with urs..kekeke..

@ visithra

ish..GP lied huh.. athane parthen... would hv killed u if u plan for A WEDDING without our knowledge

yeah vaazgha nambha campus - theres a few others as well ;)
we should hold a gathering..kampus kaki(s)-cum-bloggers gathering..what say?

@ keshi

athe athe.. and she is very talkative too..think i'm the quiet one :P

Amu I say ur the blogger of the month for May.
ish.. ms april n ms march.. see, its suppose to be me posting to appreciate others..cannot be 'appreciating' myself nah?



praveen said...

ok set am000nie...we'll have a kampus kaki(s)-cum-bloggers gathering one day...after my exam la....


we'll attack am000nie with the idli maavu and "netthe vechu meen kozambu"

tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

alrite..gathering after ur exam..if visithra also okie with it.

:( ildy mauvu + sterday fish curry on me? aiyoooooooooooooo..i better turn vegetarian from today onwards..escapeeeeeeeee


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

oh !

i have never been there !
newayz , congrats to her

Ghost Particle said...

me...lie...was that me...ceh ceh...pavum visi.

visithra said...

hey should be ok -;) tell me when will bring the flour eggs n idly mauvu ;p n i know the perfect location ;p

Nanyaar? said...


Visithra is just awesome., Infact I was a regular to her blog before evening knowing anyone called Amutha. Most of all posts, i like the posts were she writes abotu her dad, really reminds me of how lucky I am.

She is one of the few bloggers I have learnt to respect.

And I hope the best is yet to come. :)

Ammu its high time la! You are going to be next blogger of the month!!!
And I am really really sorry about the other day.. Will catch you laters what say?

Arz000n said...

Congratulations Visithra!!!

And you are one cutie piezz am000nie...hugz to ya...take care

Keshi said...

no...we r appreciating u dummy! :) I will write a post and ppl can add to it...hows that?


Shiv said...

Nice and novel Idea!!Visit..Congrats!!

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

r u seriously mad at me? can't we talk bout it?

tulipspeaks said...

@ deepa

u should pay her a visit..its a blog worth spending time for ;) trust me..

@ gp

lolz.. she gonna punch ur face for creating rumours :P :P

@ visithra

gathering soon after praveen's exams.



tulipspeaks said...

@ nanyaar?

sumone called me sayang.. hmm.. still waiting for tat person to appear ONLINE in my msgr..

@ z000nie

hugsssssssss.. u r a cutie too... :P

@ keshi

:( keshi called me dummy *sob!! sob!!


tulipspeaks said...

@ shiv

welcome to my space..and thank u too

@ n000nie



Keshi said...

hehe Dummy but a smart one :) Hugggggggggggz Amu!


Princess said...

Please read my comment on your previous post and let me now what you feel about it.

Its nice that you encourage your fellow bloggers in a different way.

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Well can't you un-piss yourself Amu??

*makes an innocent face

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

lolz..alrite alrite.. *am000nie smiles

@ aizwaikcha

i've responded to ur story..its truly amazing..

@ n000nie