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once upon a time..

Updating tulipspeaks has become a chore now, as I have to struggle with my never-ending work and studies, plus my broadband service that has been showing its true colors since Tuesday.. *sigghhhhh.. nevertheless, i manage to put up a post..phhewww..

Title: ___________________

Actors: Amitabh Bachan, Jackie Chan

Actresses: Aishwarya Rai, Halle Berry

Director: Night Shamalan

Original story/screenplay writer: YOU

Budget: unlimited

Time to put on your thinking is a list of my imaginary cast for a movie.. all i want you to do is..TO BE THE STORY/SCREENPLAY-WRITER..write me a short story to be made into a movie which runs for about 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours..i'll come up with my own at the end of the discussion :P


anup.777 said...

Title: The Villagers
Copyright- AnupR
AB is walking along a lonely stretch of the highway looking for a lift. Along comes a minivan driven by Ash. Halle, Ash's friend insists they pick up AB. But, Ash doesn't have a good feeling about it so she doesn't stop. But, Halle starts pulling Ash's hair asking her to stop. In the melee Ash loses control and ploughs into another hitchhiker ahead (Jackie). But, Jackie escapes unhurt (as he always does). The girls stop the van and come out to take a look. Jackie pretends to be hurt and asks to be dropped at the nearest hospital. By that time AB reaches them. This time Halle offers AB a lift, and so all four of them ride on together. Halle and AB start making out on the backseat. Ash is disgusted. So she turns up the volume on the stereo. They soon reach a nearby hospital. She helps Jackie get off and takes himt o the emergency ward. When she returns, she finds AB and Halle dead ... throats slit ... blood all over the place ... she screams!
... she wakes up ... Halle is driving the minivan ... Halle stops the van ... and offers AB a lift ......... (credits roll)

Lolz ... in 5 minutes I got dis done ... :) a rip off of so many lame movies... but it'll seem new and intersting coz' M N Shyam will be directing it ... :)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


southpaw said...

ummm..sorry buddy writing story is like climbing everest for

Keshi said...

will come back on this...gotta think na :)


Keshi said...

Title: Seventh Sense

Halle Berry is an attractive and smart psychiatrist. She goes to Bombay to work for a short period. There she meets Aishwarya Rai who is a psycho patient. Aish is so pretty but mentally impaired. She has her whole life ahead of her's but she can't do anything cos of her illness. Halle is her doc.

Well one night,when Halle was sleeping she has a vision...a vision of Aish's village. And strangely she could speak to all of the people in Aish's life. So Halle talks to Aish's dad, mum, sis and ex-bf...she was shocked to find out that Aish was met with an accident and lost her mental stability. And that her bf dumped her after that. So Halle tells the BF off and he feels so ashamed of his deeds. And then Halle speaks to Aish's parents who so long to see Aish but cant cos they live far away. Halle tells them that Aish is keepin well and she'll be ok soon. Halle also talks to Aish's old school teacher and tells her that Ais is recovering and not to worry.

The next morning Halle wakes up and realises that she really did speak to all these ppl! Cos she has a msg on her answering machine from Aish's ex-bf Jacki Chang saying how bad he feels and he will come back to see Aish. And also there was a msg from her parents saying that Aish's old school teacher Amitabh died that night from a heart attack...he has written in his diary that he's happy Aish is recovering..those were his last words.

Aish's ex-bf comes back to see Aish and Aish recovers...

Yet another epic of Knight Shyamalan proving that we may well have a 7th sense...talking to ppl from a distance w.o. using any technology. lol!


Gates said...

'm bad at this story stuff...


I loved those tulip flowers though...

Jeevan said...

Title : Terror, help for Love.

Jackie Chan and Halle Berry, comes to India for shooting a Hollywood movie. Amitabh Bachan was a Police office, he is the chief security for Jackie Chan and Halle Berry. Bollywood actors invite Jackie for a function; their Jackie saw the Aiswariya and fall in love with her. The Halle Berry love amitabh, and follow him every were. When she was following amitabh, in a situation, Terrorist attack on amitabh (because amitabh arrested there leader some week back), but amitabh escaped, in that disappointment, they kidnap the Halle Berry.


Did Jackie propose Ais? Did amitabh save Halle Berry form Terrrorist? Is the remaining story.

Some days later, Jackie met Ais in her resident and Propose his love, but Ais said he was in love with her boyfriend & dint accept. His boy friend was already marred & divorced but he dint told about this to Ais, because his aim is to marry Ais and live a rich life, in a situation when Ais know about his boy friends life, he hate him and she broke her love. After seeing the helping mind of Jackie, she also falls in love, but she dint show. In between the Halle Berry’s kidnap news spread, and Indian police appoint Amitabh to save the Halle Berry form terrorist. Jackie was also like to help amitabh, so they join hands and fight againt terrorist and save Halle Berry. In this fight, Jackie was wounded little in his hand and he was admitted in hospital, some rumors spread that Jackie was very series, after hearing this news, Aiswariya was shock, and rush to hospital. Ais was afraid if some thing happen to him, bu he is safe seeing him he was sin. Now she is thought, if I dint tell my love, I will miss him. So She said I LOVE you and accept his Love. Amitabh realized that Halle Berry was kidnapped when she was following him, and take response for that incident and married her. Thanks for reading my loose Story:)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 posts that i missed out on ...

btw , i left a comment on ur sis's blog .. i guess she doesnt blog anymore ....

and abt the past post .. .well ... i believe in commitment .... well, finding love is a game .. after that , i believe the commitment should be the same as in a marriage ... so , it doesnt justify trying to break it .. i feel the person should try to make it work .. after all , building relationships is all in our hands

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Title :

NOTE : This title is a mix of the characters' movies.

Setting : in the city and the village

Bachan has 2 daughters - Rai and Berry...... as kids , they were very close to each other ...
as they grow up, there interests vary ... one wants to be a beauty queen , and the other a contract killer .... they both pursue their respective choices ....

NOTE : i have skipped the incidents and their struggles on their career path.

They both come across Chan who is very suave and smart.
Hez a hitman who wants to protect a beauty queen ...
And gradually , Rai and Berry fall for Chan ...

The usual Rai-Chan around the tree songs and Berry-Chan kissing songs ...

when the sisters get to know abt each other's passions , they start hating each other ...

Finally , they both decide to wean "their" guy away from the other ...

Climax : Chan b/w Rai and Berry ... Rai with a gun, and Berry in a sexy, revealing outfit ....
And Amitabl watching the proceedings

{ What did u think : Rai was the beauty queen ???? }

uttara said...

here i wud change the Actors n actresses ..loll ;p

can i ???????? with ur permission ..loll

lemme knw till then lemme * THINk ...*

~~ leave scratching her head ..loll n taking some Thinking capsules ... loll~~ ..

Uttara the writer will be back ..:p

hugggzzzzzz ammu

dfg said...

hi amu
i will pass this one...
i did enjoy the story of others though.....waiting for ur one...

Maya Cassis said...

wow i had fun reading everyone's scripts in here.looks like everyone is on a movie roll

Nanyaar? said...

hey sweetie.,

What up home girl? Howz you?

Atlast a post ha? anyways Are you even serious about this whole movie thing?

If you are just lemme know... I got just teh perfect romantice sexual comedy ;)



~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


tulipspeaks said... last my internet connection seems to be okie! yiiiiiiiiipeeeeeeeeee...and i certainly had a good read so far ;)

@ anup

Halle starts pulling Ash's hair asking her to stop.
Ash's hair??????? *am000nie gets angry

Halle and AB start making out on the backseat.
huh? with injured jackie in the front seat? rofl

When she returns, she finds AB and Halle dead
ah..thats the punishment for making out! kekekeke..

btwn, i wonder what does the title has to do with the story? i miss out anything anup?

@ cheesy

still thinking huh honey? *am000nie waits with patience

@ south

kekeke.. at least i hope u'll have fun reading the stories here



tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi
lolz.. 1/2 way thru the story i started to wonder if u missed out jackie.. looks like he is halle's past..hmm..

@ gates

welcome.. hope u'll enjoy the stories here..

@ jeevan

The Halle Berry love amitabh, and follow him every were.
i tried to imagine this scene Shamalan's way and end up laughing so loud! kekeke..

looks like a happy-ending Bollywood kinda story.. hmm..



tulipspeaks said...

@ deepa

yea..looks like i might fail in one of resolution to make her to blog *sigghh

finding love is a game
i'm gonna quote u after this..for a very long time..

i must say i'm very impressed with ur ending.. even i was thinking aish the beauty queen :(

The usual Rai-Chan around the tree songs and Berry-Chan kissing songs ...
ah.. seems like Chan is enjoying the best of both world :P

@ uttara

come on honey.. it won't be fun if the characters are changed.. give a shot! :)

@ prakash

kekekeke.. alrite alrite. ur excused but do come back to read the rest of the stories..



tulipspeaks said...

@ maya cassis

have any story? wanna share? :P

@ nanyaar?

hie honey. sorry about 2day's msn thing.. i replied but u dont seem to get it :(
come on.. give me the perfect story.. wanna know how creative my medic boy can be :P



Keshi said...

haha na I didnt miss Jackie...Im Mallika Sherawat na lol!


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi
nowwww.... thats a news for me!

muuuaxx.. good morning


Arz000n said...

Thats something nice :)

I'm alredy working on Sholay will trynna think about this afta Im done with that...

But wud luv to see other people comments out here ...

anup.777 said...

lolz ... Amu, M Night is an intelligent chap ... with this lame plot I came up with, the only way one would watch it would be if he named it like one of his earlier movies ... and remember 'the village'? lolz .... :)

Michelle said...

AB is aishwarya's dad n jackie chan is halle's step dad...halle dusn get along wid her step broz n sisters so she leaves home in order to make a living...she reaches new york city wer she starts modellin...ash also an aspirin model meets halle,they become best frnds...they fall in love with the same guy,they hate eachother,they become enemies...they're at eachotherz throats...but then the guy dies in a tragic car accident both r sad...both become frnds again,both go back home...n shut up n bear wid their lives whether good or bad...


LOL.... so damn lame!!!

Keshi said...

**n shut up n bear wid their lives whether good or bad

lol Mich hahahaha!


tulipspeaks said...

@ z000nie

i cant wait to see ur bizarre story :)

@ anup

besides a good director, i hope u'll get a GOOD producer as well :p

@ michelle

so, whats the moral of the story? do not fall for the same guy u fren has her eye on :)))))



Keshi said...

Amu hey Im ok...just was wondering abt how ppl just suddenly leave and it's too late then..thats why I wrote that...besides I havent heard anything abt Janice yet...


tulipspeaks said...

Its my turn now..

Title: The Unknown (is this title taken already..if yes, sumone pls let me know)

AB is a reknowned genetic scientist. Residing in unknown location in Washington, his secret project involves creation of super-human through genetic mutation. and these super-human species do not pose much physical strength but are intellectuals who has distinct capabilities in developing various gadgets. His latest creation is a super-woman named Aish.

Aish, being a progeny of Eistein's gens decided to bring the nuclear bomb tech to a new height. Teaming up with Halle (another super-woman) she began developing her new invention.

AB, who on the other hand, is someone who believes in peace for all man-kind came to know about this and immediately send his creation, Jack to 'handle' Aish.

Jack met Aish. One thing lead to another, and they fall in love (don't ask me how). Somehow, Jack manage to influence Aish to abandon her intention. They flew to Mumbai to start a new life there......




leaving a disappointed Halle behind.


just took 5 mins to think and write this down. too much sc-fi influence i guess..hope i won't get sued for this! kekekeke


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

i got so worried, u know..ish.. don't do this again


musings (m000nie) said...

amuuuuuu... well cant think of nything...

nice story k00kie... will contact u if i want a script write :p

Keshi said...

thats a very modern sci-fi movie Amu...good on ya! WOW!

m000nie....aww mine was silly n just like me :)


Keshi said...

btw Amu why would Halle be disappointed..she's not a les na? lol!


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

btw Amu why would Halle be disappointed..she's not a les na?

that one.. we have wait for the sequel :P


Keshi said...

omg u telling me she MIGHT be a les? lollll Amu ur too sweet!

hey have u seen NV ard?


tulipspeaks said...

@ m000nie

awww.. u r back after so long here..missing ya honey

its okie if u cant think of one..but i hope u enjoyed the rest of the stories here


tulipspeaks said...

lolz.. she might or might not.. kekeke.. ggezzz what AB has created!

n000nie huh? well.. i've been keeping in touch with him, but he is missing from blogs.. think he is busy


Keshi said...

NV keeps in touch with everyoen except me...but thats ok...

Thanks Amu!

Princess said...

Title : Vanishing Sky

Into the rain storm clouds, we get to see a furious beast. As it turns towards the screen, there is a big lightining and after that the beast disappears.
The title flashes with a bit fury in a fire font and black background.

A morning after a heavy downpore the previous night. Ash walks out of her cottage into the big streets of Tokyo.
As she walks through a small street, someone touches her shoulders from the back. Ash turns around and faints down shouting in fear & horrified seeing Amitabh.

A lightning flashes very close to her eyes, she finds a beast turning towards her. The beast comes close to her, she could not move, it grasps her hands hardly & then tries to tear her throat with a beasty look in the eyes and sharp ugly nails.


As she wokes up. She finds herself in a dark room with a single candle and her hands tied up tightly.A door gets open & Someone approaches her from the door light.
As the man, Amitabh approaches near her and extends his hand, she finds the blood droplets falling on her cheeks. Scared of him she screams aloud and shouts for help. Not knowing what to do, Amitabh closes her mouth with a cloth.

Jackie who was walking on the nearby street hears of this and runs inside breaking the doors to find ash in a tied-up state. By the time Amitabh comes inside and fights with Jackie to get complete control over Ash. Jackie tackles the situation in his own manner and they both run away leaving AB in the firing room tied with a broken leg.

Halle Berry, who was a chief executive of a financial firm finds the smokes coming out from the house, and comes to rescue AB. As she rescues, AB tries to kill her. Horrified she leaves him half untied. AB escapes from the fire. But for everyone else, he was already dead.

He moves to a drainage tunnel and takes rest and heals his wounds. As he pours some liquid squeasing a little blue paper like thing a fire like glowing liquid falls on his wounds and the wounds vanish away.
Then he picks out a half torn & half burnt picture of Ash and shouts aloud "I'll kill you".


Jackie who came back to find if he had escaped, find AB escape from there and follows him till then. While turning back to go to see Ash, he stumbles upon something and when he turns to see if AB has noticed, he finds no one to be there. And when he turns back to position, he finds AB in front of him with even more power. AB makes Jackie energyless by making him smell a volatile stinky liquid. Jackie falls down having lost all strength. AB reaches to find Ash. He finds her by her smell.

When he reaches there, he finds Ash in ground shedding some blood out of her arms. Furiously he nears the hand and brings the hand close to his mouth. A few drops of his saliva drops on her bloody cut. It starts to dry of and clot.

As he was doing so a wooden block hits him from the back. He turns around to find Halle Berry. AB turns back and shouts at her, "you spoiled my life and now you are trying to spoil my girl's life" "I'll kill you". "Why you are changing faces ? show me your original face you." Halle Berry turns into a 45 year old Ash. "You checked your self with your inventions that is your fault. I too have done that, but you never told that a baby was inside you when experimenting. I'll never ever forgive you."
"Because of that experiment only I have got such powers.I need more power, coz I am losing my powers now-a-days.She....Her blood has the power to make me stronger, because she is a mixture of both of our powers. I love you AB. That is why I tried to save you. Both you & I will make a new world of ours. Both of us can share her blood which will give us the power to heal even a broken limb. She will give the power to grow the arms which have been cut. Why don't you understand. I love you dear."
"Shut up. I'll never let you take her life. She is my daughter. She is my life. She is the one for whom I live in this world where people like you also reside.I am here to protect her."
"Because of your experiments only I have lost my neat arms and now blood is always shedding form my hands and is always infected."
"But I have learnt to master the cure of such wounds. Now I can cure anything in this world except this wound of mine."

HB becomes a creepy disgusting ugly & poisonous creature that creps towards AB at one side and Ash at other side. She enrols AB within her extending arms. AB could not move. She starts sucking Ash's blood. By that time Jackie comes there. He was now with some strength coz, the medicine given by AB was initialy tranquilizing and extracting all energy but as time passes it gives strength of mind & body which he assumed to prevent Ash for her whole life. Jackie gets some amazing powers like an immense increase in his speed of travel. He fights HB and puts her to death by using a unique solution given by AB. And AB dies kissing the forehead of her daughter, being infected by the poisonous thorns of HB. Ash & Jackie walk away & ask for lift and leave Tokyo to Sydney. There they settle down with a happy life. Then, they give birth to a girl child. When both Jackie & Ash were on a picnic to a beech resort, they were sharing good moments. Suddenly they find their child to fall from the upstairs to the hall when they were in the balcony. She broke her arms and got a fracture. When they were hurring to the hospital, on the way they found that the fracture started healing by itself. Shocked of the fact they looked at eachother.
The End

tulipspeaks said...

@ aizwaikcha

thats a simply amazing story. just being directed by N.S??? wow! gonna be a blockbuster nah?