Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code - The Movie

There was not a huge crowd at the cinema today, considering Da Vinci Code (watch the trailer) has just been released the earlier night. I was wondering if this is a sign that Da Vinci Code (DVC) might be a let-down. Well, may be it was.. a little ;)

Prady has already warned me against watching the movie. He felt that the content of the book by Dan Brown will be diluted. After watching it, I couldn't agree more. Some essential parts have been omitted and storyline has been change a little. Dan Brown has gone into great length explaining and expressing each and every detail. I'm disappointed that Ron Howard couldn't do the same. Each character mentioned in the fact-fiction novel, failed to be developed fully by Howard.

I don't wanna go into details, it will spoil your anticipation (for those haven't read the book/watch the movie). Yet, I would say DVC-the book should be read first in order to understand and to appreciate DVC-the movie. After all, a visit to Lourve (especially when Robert Langdon pays his last visit to the inverted pyramid), Sir Isaac Newtoon's tomb in Webminster Abbey, Temple Church and Rosslyn Chapel- all within 2 1/2 hours and at the cost of RM9.00 is worth it.

My verdict: Prady was right.


Michelle said...

they alwez do tht...the stroyline of the movie will b altered a bit...but a dan brown book,i feel,can only b enjoyed by readin it cuz the movie cudve been for how many hours they wudn b able to capture every detail n make it as enticing as dan brown did :) im lookin forward to watchin the movie tho :)

Michelle said...


Jeevan said...

I have decided to watch DVC after i finish the Book first.

~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

amuth babes...!!!

im back sweety ...
hws ya ?
missed u loads...

im planning to watch this movie on the weekend ..ill give u my review then ...

take care n have fun

Keshi said...

oh so u saw it already Amu wow!

well a movie cant usually capture every detail of a's too hard in a limited timeframe and also some bookish details r not easy to portray in acting. Anyways I can gather wut u mean...sounds like not-so interesting a movie??

**Yet, I would say DVC-the book should be read first in order to understand and to appreciate DVC-the movie

I agree with that. It's always great to know the story before watching the movie of it...

Have a good weekend Amu! btw if u see n000nie can u ask him to check my blog out :):)


anup.777 said...

i'm gonna wait for the pirates to release it ... lolz ... :)

Gates said...

No movie can do justice to a good novel. I remember the same happened when I watched GodFather, it was so disappointin'.

But 'm gonna see this movie anyway..!

praveen said...

yeah am000nie dear, keshi is right..there is a limited amount of time and thus not every part of the book can be elaborated..

this msg goes to pradeep as well..looking at the postive side, the movie would capture the interest of those who previously were unaware about the book (like my fren ghana)..once they find the movie interesting, they would look for the book to gain more interest..and also other books pertaining to the, by right, we shouldnt be worried about the movie diluting the message...lets look at it as a summary or synopsis of the book...the movie would be a brilliant vehicle to spread dan brown's message...

that's practically how i got hooked to harry potter novel's previously

No movie would do justice to the book..but it would be nice to see the movie just to see how the events were picturized..

visithra said...

humm ive read the book n i loved the movie - errr am i one of the few who do? hummm

Keshi said...

**, by right, we shouldnt be worried about the movie diluting the message...lets look at it as a summary or synopsis of the book...

totally agree Praveen!

Amu hows ya today?


Ekta said...

I havent seen the movie but practically everyone who has seen it has said its pale as compared to the book!
But I guess that was bound to happen--the book was so exceptionally brillaint that would be difficult to match up to its standards!

uttara said...

lemme watch this damn movie...loll
hows ya my baby??

Anonymous said...

Is IT?
Nevertheless gotta watch it... The hype factor is too large in this case.. just like Mangal Pandey..


tulipspeaks said...

@ michelle

hugss for being the first :)

got a point there. although they did alter the story line a bit, i still think its worth watching at least for the magficient places!!

@ jeevan

:) a good move.. make the read faster..join the hype..

@ kiran

miss ya lot too.. aww.. at last u r back now. whr have u been honey?

its tues now, hv u watched it?



tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

kekeke..pretty advance isn't it? have u watched it?

@ anup

OMG! come on.. some movies are never meant to be watched in vcd.. it can do justice to the story line..

@ gates

:) have u watched it?

@ praveen

kekekeke.. we have discussed so much in YM about DVC and yet, u still can gv so much input..

i'm amazed at my junior gal now..



tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

lolz.. looks like it

@ ekta

true.. got a point there.. btwn, have u watched it now?

@ uttara, the beauty

i'm okie darling ;) watch it faster.. and lets gossip abt it!

@ virus

welcome to my space.
the movie is still worth watching although it does disappointed some.



Keshi said...

not yet Amu...


PRADEEP K. said...

Nobody minds if a movie omits certain unimportant parts of a book for lack of time.

But in this case, they have been totally unfaithful to the book for several other reasons including marketing. They have surrendered to a community that called it blasphemy. I can never respect that kind of compromise.

I think it is like stabbing the author in his back.

Sorry guys, whatever you say, they have been unfair to the spirit of the book. My intensity can never forgive them.


tulipspeaks said...

@ prady

i do share ur sentiments..


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