Thursday, May 11, 2006


Finally.. I've submitted my draft of my master thesis to my supervisory commitee!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

So, what does that mean now? Well.. I have to wait for outcome of the supervisory commitee and make neccesary changes before submitting to the independent commitee who gonna shoot me down during viva presentation :P Till then, I'm FREEE!!!!!! Feel like a great burden lifted up from my shoulder..phhewww..

Now that I got ample free time..I'm gonna finish up with what is still due:

Task 1 - Finish reading Da Vinci Code before the movie opening..that'll be on 18th May..

Task 2 - The state of Perak wants me to pay her a visit..lolz.. however, it is subjected to the availability of a 'tour guide'..and yea, accomodation..

Task 3 - Blog-hop without fail and without excuse..

Task 4 - Update n u t r i t o d a y..again without lame excuses..

Task 5 - Concentrate on ==mahasiswa==, brainchild of a group of ambitious university students..

Task 6 - Oh yea, I forgot.. I'm still working as research assistant! That project is due to be completed by July 2006 :)

Task 7 - And the re-union party which has been postponed couple of times..


praveen said... first...yeah, its like we switched roles..i used to be free and now i'm super bz and ur free...funny eh...

i hope i stop doing all the mishaps in the lab and be a better researcher...lolz...and wish u all the best dear

PRADEEP K. said...

All the very best, dearest Amu. :)

Keshi said...

Happy Wesak Amu! Yes it's the same celebrations in Sri Lanka...the brith, enlightenment and the death of Buddha...

Glad to know u have some free time now dear...u deserve it muahhhhhhhhh!


southpaw said...

Have a nice time amutha and best of luck for all ur future ventures...:)

Jeevan said...

Wishes for your works which your are going to finish in your free time. I have just started reading Da Vince Code, finished 8 chapters. Happy Wesak Day:)

Known Stranger said...

i have to do you frist pending work too. i wann to finish the book before may 19th. movie is getting released.

Rohit Talwar said...

Hmm.. All the best for the submission!

Arz000n said...

I've submitted my draft of my master thesis to my supervisory commitee!

Lets get retarded....
Lets get here...


Good luck am000nie piezz...hugzzzz

Arz000n said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you too cutie piezzz!!!
Pass on ma regards to your mom too..

Hugzz and take care!!
Hope you are doing good...else I'm always there...feel free to buzz me, disturb me anytime...


Known Stranger said...

couldnt call up mom - she is in nepal with my dad.. having late life honey moon. may be when her mobile comes to reachable coverage she would find my message.. till then... parents had said.. not to disturb them...

~ v I v E k ~ said...

Glad ur free now..My god...UPM is like a cemetery one at sight since its holds stuck in my lab and my flight test site(AREA 51)...anyway all the best to finish the just waiting for the movie..

Keshi said...

Hows ya Amu?


tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

:) yea.. looks like it.. all the best to u to dear

@ pradeep

thank u. same to u :))

@ keshi

well.. the 'free time' not really free time actually.. i got a huge list of things to be done ASAP

btwn..i'm fine here dear. hw r u doing?



tulipspeaks said...

@ south

thank u dear.. same to u also

@ jeevan

let me look... well..i'm in chap 83! wow.. i didnt realise it at all.. kekekeke..

@ stranger

ah.. now i hv 2 ppl reading it b4 the movie release! all the best :)



tulipspeaks said...

@ rohit

thanks dear :)

@ z000n

lolz.. i can feel ur exictment here! hahahaha.. thanks dear.. u know i DO disturb u in YM..kkekekeke..

@ stranger

wow! ur parents r really a romantic couple! lucky u..

@ vivek

well.. thats the situation in UPM everytime it breaks. in a way, i like the quiet atmosphere but closed shops can be a hassle as well..



Keshi said...

Im goooood ta Amu!