Friday, June 02, 2006

2006: A Mid-Year Post-Mortem

Back from a kutty (small) break.. just a post mortem of my 'resolution' for this year, refering to my wishes for the New Year 2006.

Career and Finance
I wish to earn more
I wish to save more
I wish to save enough for a new car
I wish to enter a NGO
I wish to enforce my role as a nutritionist more aggresively
I wish to publish at least 2 more scientific articles
I wish to send off my first draft of master thesis by February
I wish to make up my mind on my further studies
I wish to build up courage to be away from home, just in case i decided to further studies in overseas
I wish to seriously start thinking on being a freelancer

Looks like I still have a long way to go in order to achieve my target for the year. I did send off my thesis; looking for a job so that I can save enough for a car. I am trying to be independent, kinda hard at the moment. Yet, I'm trying.

Daily Life
I wish for a more tolerant goverment counter staffs
I wish for lesser traffic in my campus
I wish to drive through the security everyday without being stopped for identification all the time.. after all, most of them knew me :P
I wish not to pick up any traffic summons (i have a clean record of driving for 4 years)
I wish double or triple parking syndrome in Klang Valley will come to an end
I wish to wear all the sarees i have bought in 2005, most of them still resting in my wardrobe
I wish to keep my desk tidy all the time
I wish to be more compassionate
I wish to change my flooring
I wish to paint my room as well.. having the same old boring look for 4 years now

The counter staffs are not bad, I meant those whom I met so far. The traffic in campus is still the same although now, its kinda empty with students back home for break. lolz. I was stopped once by the security. Not bad.. and no traffic summons so far. All the sarees will be used by july this year. My desk is always tidy-I cleaned it at least once a week! Room paint and flooring will be changed soon. ;)

Relationship and Friendship
I wish to be more tolerant to drinkers and smokers
I wish not to hate backstabbers (and former backstabbers)
I wish to send off my sis to uni without sheding a tear
I wish not to cry for a guy
I wish not to taken for a ride by anyone
I wish to make a difference in a life of at least one person
I wish to attend at least one friend's wedding
I wish to not to go into chating anymore, that chapter is over
I wish to show i can live without err.. someone I wish to stop flirting :)))))))))

Nope.. not tolerant to any smokers/drinkers so far. I just can't stand them, just like the backstabbers. :( and i did cry for a guy.. shit! and I'm still flirting - try asking prady about it ..kekeke!

Blogging activities
I wish to maintain 2 blogs
I wish to update them at least once in every 3-4 days
I wish to blog-hop every 2 days
I wish to top the blogcharts
I wish to achieve 200 posts in this blog
I wish to pull my sis into active blogging
I wish to maintain good friendship with my blogmates
I wish not to miss any v000m
I wish not to hurt feelings of any of my blog buddies..i have done it once and i feel so bad :(((((
I wish to be a 'tulip' for the rest for time here

I do maintain 2 blogs but do not update them that often. My post has reached 138, another 62 to go. and my sis has refused to join, tell me..who scare her off? But I'm always the tulip..

Entertainment and Hobbies
I wish to enjoy at least one concert
I wish to watch the new season of Survivor from the first episode (i always miss the first few episodes usually)
I wish to stop cheering after Miss India in any international beauty pagents
I wish to buy a book a month
I wish to start a mini-library
I wish to go shopping only once a month, not everytime i hear the word sale :P
I wish to finish off the scrap book i've started long time ago
I wish to learn a new game
I wish to go on vacation.. haven't go on one for 6 years ;)
I wish to stop watching movies in vcds all together

Okie. I must admit its almost total failure here! May be except buying 1 book a month and Survivor! My social life sucks!


Keshi said...

WB Amu!!!! Mwahhh!

BRB on the post...


visithra said...

lots of wishes good luch darling

oh on the library n the book wish the same too but u might like this

PRADEEP K. said...

Muaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

Always good to take stock of your goals, of what you have achieved, and what you have yet to. This post is a great example.

I suggest, sweetheart, that you also couple it with a SWOT analysis.

For those who may be wondering what I am talking about, SWOT means listing out your own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is a very personal analysis that you make.

And honeyyyyyy... I'll talk to you about flirting on YM. ;)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

welcome back

and i am totally for women working even after marriage .. itz an absolute necessity

and dont worry abt lack of social life .. it'll just get better ... try to keep urself happy .. thatz all

Puspha said...

Just stumbled upon ur blog. Very nice. Will visit again.

praveen said...

hey dear... abt bad social life..for me its basically work and concking by 9.30- 10 pm...

and btw pushpa, checked out ur food blog...was fab!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi


duh! u still brb huh? :(

@ visithra

thanks for wishes and link. had a glance at it, will check it out again soon.

@ prady

lolz.. continue the rest in YM..



tulipspeaks said...

@ deepa

thanks honey. will do just that ;)

@ puspha

welcome to my space :)
i checked ur yummy cakes and cookies. cool! will be checking it again soon.

@ praveen

kekekeke.. u dont hv to mention abt concking early. i know it alredi. :P
enjoying ur weekend?



luvwannabefree25 said...

I'll cross my fingers so when you look back at the end of the year you'll be able to say... "YEAH"!!!
JD ;)

anup.777 said...

hey hey hey Amu ... All the other wishes may be fulfilled ... but it just wouldn't be right if u stopped flirting yaar! ;)

I wanna know what love is .... I want u to show me .... I wanna feel what love is ... I know u can show me ... ;) lolz ...

tulipspeaks said...

@ luv

thank you luv.. i do hope u see u arnd when i said that :)

@ anup

lolz.. come on.. talking abt flirting.. i think we didnt even started it yet! :P

:)) wanna knw what is love? guess u came to the right person...


Arz000n said...

Welcome back am000nie piezzz!!!

My social life sucks!

Cheer up!!

Jeevan said...

Hope your wishes come true soon. i buy a book for a year. nice post:)

Keshi said...

Amu mwahhhhhh Im bakkk! Thanks for all ur words of wisdom and the love u always shower me with...u never doubt me, and thats what I luv abt ya..HUGGGGGGGZ!

wow a lot of plans ha...great!

**I wish not to taken for a ride by anyone

Thats exactly what my latest resolution is too...never ever let anyone take me for a ride...especially when they themselves aint that great to me.

Thanks n luv u always!

Wanderer said...

yup i juz pray tat this year will be Rockin and all the upcomin years will rock more!

though i dont believe in forecasts

Known Stranger said...

hmm i searched hard to find what was my resolution. got it. i took a resolution last year never to make a resolution for new year. i am holding ti for past two year.

praveen said...

@never ever let anyone take me for a ride

same here..wb babe

praveen said...


never ever let anyone take me for a ride

same here..wb babe

Rohit Talwar said...

Ah. Who doesn't want to earn MORE? ;)

All the best with the "want to(s)"!

tulipspeaks said...

@ z000n

hie buddy! how have u been? kekeke.. i missing ya in my YM..boy where have u been eh?

@ jeevan

a book for a year? duh! come on..ur reading habit can't be that bad nah?

@ keshi

:))) i know u will.. good gal.. welcome back and make sure u stay. okie?



tulipspeaks said...

@ wanderer

lolz.. i dont blv in forecasts either.. its just my wish and what i intend to do this year..thats all :)

@ stranger

rofl.. good 'resolution'!!! kekekekeke

@ rohit

:)) thanks dear



Keshi said...

:) I will be staying Amu..cos how can I leave friends like u!