Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The weekend

Alrite, I know its kinda late to post this.. but I just got the pics today :). Last weekend was a long one for me. I was out of KL most of the time. It was the first time I was actually planned and arranged for a wedding engagement, though we had lesser things to be done as we are the groom's family.

I spend the whole Friday preparing 21 different types of gifts to be given to the bride and of course getting our clothes ready for the occasion :P Saturday morning we made our move and it was a long 5 hours journey. It has been so long since I embarked in a long journey as this one. Beautiful sceneries.. fogs, mountains, forest, padi fields, kampung houses, rivers.. shades of green greeted me throughout the journey.

We stayed for a while in Swiss Garden, Sg Petani before freshing up ourselves and changing into (better) outfit :P Yea, it was the red sequin saree u can see in the slide show [UPDATED]. And beside me is my sister with her new hair-do.

The journey to the function hall was another 10mins. Believe me.. it was grand. Aactually engagement should be held in the bride's family but nowadays considering the 'shrinking' size of houses, many prefer to host the event in halls. You can view the pics in slide show :)

We headed back to KL early Sunday morning. This time, it was a tiring journey. Tried to sleep but couldn't. I still don't understand how the rest of them can sleep soundly :(


anup.777 said...

hey Amu ... nice pics! ... those paddy fields r so pleasing 2 da eyes yaar .... zzzzz (Anup dozes off after a hard day of lazing around @ work)

might i add ... u look wonderful tonite ... :)

Keshi said...

Amu wow nice idea of a slide show...terrific! But it's taking ages to load so Im only seeing 2 pics so far..the luscious fresh paddy fields and the wedding manadp ones. awww I didnt see u yet...

looks like u had loads of fun...any hunks? ;-)


Keshi said...

awwwwwwwww now I see u 2! WOW red hot beauty Amu and pretty yellow rose sis! WOW very nice n thanks for sharing these pics with us.

My cuzn flew to Malaysia for a wedding last weekend...wonder if its the same one :):)


visithra said...

Ooohhh nice nice - sis curled her hair? Coz i just did ;p hehe

but but photo not so clear :(( i want to see closer shot of u gals

Jeevan said...

Attending marrage is always enjoyable, i miss them nowdays. you and ur sis looking nice in saree:)

Invincible said...

Hey Amu, mez doing okie okie. Been busy off late.

So you had a nice time decking up for the engagement and did i read 21 diff types of gifts??

So did ya fine a suitable match for ya :P during the function. You were looking absolutely gorgeous in the red sequined sari :P :P

Tell tell :)

Keshi said...

ammmuuuuuuuu wheres ya?


Arz000n said...

Take me along with you to those paddy fields....awesome pics am0000nie...

Thanks for sharing em with us..

How you doing??

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hi !

great idea .. having a slide show !

but , i could see only 4 snaps .. thatz all there is ., right ?

the saree is very good !

and abt the previous post .. very nice of u to put it up .. i know , i need it a lot right now


tulipspeaks said...

@ anup

:) thanks honey *blink blink

@ keshi

sometimes it takes time to download. hunks? :( nah.. no one who caught my eyes.. hmm.. may be the wedding & reception next month will help :P

@ visithra
i add couple more pics.. check it out dear



tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

actually it has been v long since i attend a function like this one. :)

thanks :)

@ invincible

someone is here after so long...alrite dear i understand u were bz.. its okie

yea.. 21 different types of gifts.. can u see them on the stage?

lolz.. suitable match? for me? nah... *blink blink

thanks dear..

@ z000n

missing ya dear! i'm okie. hw have u been? :)))

@ deepa

i've just add 5 more.. :)



anup.777 said...

hey! ... thanks for sharing the new pics!!! ... beautiful Amu ... :)

PRADEEP K. said...

Maybe there are reasons why someone is not missed enough. If there are, I am not sure what exactly they are.

I trust you, and I hope you would have missed someone you loved. I shall not say any more than that right now.


priya said...

Ammu: Sooper slide show.. asathiteengapa. You look awesome, simple and ther lies the beauty.

Nirek said...

hey dear
whose engagement function was that? is it ur bro's? u r from groom's side. do convey my regs to bride and groom

anyways its pretty colorful function and u look great in that saree! :)
wish u a great day