Monday, July 17, 2006

b a c k ! ! !

Thats right, I'm back after a long 1 month break. It was important for me to go away for some time - I managed to gain back my life now.. what it means? Let it be a mystery for now...

But one thing I must admit.. this sudden break have enlightened me of many things. One and the most important of it will be.. who are my real buddies.. who wants me around.. who thinks I'm important for them.. Not going to name anyone here but you know who you are :P

Looking back what I've missed so far.. lolz.. I missed a great deal of stuff!! Let me provide a summary of what should have been my posts for this past 1 month:

WORLD CUP!! - I may have not post a single entry on WC 2006, but I'm a great fan of football :) Hmm.. its a pity that my fav team bowed out in the quater-finals (can guess which team huh?)..nevertheless, this WC was an entertaining one and as usual every England and Brazil game became a family show..

Keshi's birthday - well.. I did not miss it actually.. *wink wink @ keshi.. just that I missed posting about her.. Yet, I think she does not need a post to know how much she means to me.. enna seri thaane keshi? :P

A number of Tags - kekeke.. too bad.. anyway, I'm re-structuring my blog and from now on, there will be few changes which I think it'll be quite obvious.. hmm.. and Tags will be one of it.. wait and see :)

Mermaid anyone? - well.. there is Ghost Exhibition going on in Malaysia, somewhere nearby my place (oppsss..) and there are thousands of people thronging this small exhibition center to 'see' the ghosts themselves..and the crowd-puller is a mummified mermaid.. hmm... interesting piece of news..

Malaysian PM vs. Ex PM- no Malaysian would have missed this entertaining drama which is being unfold in front of our very own eyes.. guess, this piece of news worth to be mentioned as a post later. So, I'm saving this for now.

The wedding - remember my post on an engagement ceremony which sis and I planned? Well, the wedding took place on 2nd of July. Truly a tiring but exciting experience..

Blogger of the month - hmm.. I'm puting this idea of mine on hold..

So, after this, my postings gonna be regular. Probably twice or thrice a week. Guess thats good enough. Its not easy for me to handle so many bloggies at the same time :P

To Mr Devil_Himself.. I saw your comments in my shoutbox. You can't judge me anymore. You have already given up that rights. I'm not going to explain anything to you. I don't think I owe you an explanation. Yet, I'm not going to say I'm not going to welcome you here anymore. You are free to come and go, just like any other bloggers. And I mean.. JUST like any other bloggers. The same goes for me. I hold no more grudges. Thats all I can say to you for now.

Thanks for visiting me again..


Keshi said...

WB Ammmmu mwahhhhhhh! Im so very glad u came sooner than I thought u'd...u will never know how much I missed u! Blogville wasnt the same w.o. ur presence. btw nice new template...great change! I must say u really look more gorgeous this time ard ;-)

WC...hmm I could only watch Beckham and Zidane for hours n hours...and thats abt it ;-)

aww u didnt miss mah bday at need for posts, I know u r one friend who has me in ur heart always...and thats rare. HUGGGGGGZ!

The pics u sent me of the recent wedding were BEAUTIFUL! U look sooo good in that saree.

I hope u had a great break Amu...seems like it was a refreshing one within. Thats great. So stay this time and bring us more of ur sweet and sensible posts that always make me think. So good to have ya bakk HUGGGGGGY!


visithra said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ure back ;) sorry couldnt come earlier was busy a bit

footie fan? Oh we could have had so much fun but who b or e?

Me wanna see photo also :(
Did u go see the mermaid?

I love ur new look - gorgeous

PRADEEP K. said...

Amuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Welcome back! :)

Sorry I couldn't visit earlier. Remember how I told you that I was unable to open blogs? Well, the Indian government has asked certain ISPs to block blogs. We can't access any blogs from here.

Keshi just told me of an alternate method to visit the blogs I love. So here I am :)

Great new template! Looks lovely. Just like you. :)


praveen said...

hey da, vanthutiya...nice to see ur kinda bz...nallaiku proposal pass up pananum..we need to discuss things da..eppo free?

Jeevan said...

Hi Ammutha Welcome back. we have missed your for a long month, i remember u some times, why she is not putting post. hope your days went fine:)

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshiiiiiiiiiiiiii

:) :) :)

yea. couldn't stay away too long actually. i still hv some unfinished work which i'll complete end of the month anyway.

glad u like the template. initially ther header was saying "dangerously sexy".. was a bit reluctant to change it to tulipspeaks.. kekeke

The pics u sent me of the recent wedding were BEAUTIFUL! U look sooo good in that saree.
*wink wink @ keshi :P

hugsss honey..

@ visithra

hugggggggggggggggsssss visi

its okie if u r late, ur presence that matters. yea i'm a footie fan n its the great E.. was anticipating a B-E clash but didn't materialize this time *sigghh..

the photo should be in ur inbox by now ;) and no, i didnt go. i was not allowed to (by u-know-who) :( :(

@ prady


hmm.. this doesnt make sense. i dont see any valid reason for blocking blogs. gggrrrr...

lolz.. lovely dovely me.. :P



tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen


kekeke.. proposal okie acha? yes, we need to meet.. thurs okie thaane? i'll see u in YM later tonite.

@ jeevan

thanks jeevan. appreciate the fact that sumone is missing me after all :) my days were hectic beyond words but in the end, i saw success. athe pothum..

dont worry, i'll be a regular after this..



Keshi said...

**initially ther header was saying "dangerously sexy"..

lolz wut was it?


Mohan said...

what a superb blog

Arz000n said...

Hugzzzzzzzzzzz Am0000nie piezzzz :)

Welcome back to blog world sweety...and its always nice to see you back here..

And I hafta tell u one thing...this new template looks sexy



...just like ya :)

Take care...

Keshi said...

yeah the template is sizzling!


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

ish..athelam sole kuudathe :P

@ mohan

thanks mohan. hru doing there? i tot u stopped blogging all together! waasup fren

@ z000n

:))))) how can i stay away for long? i love u guys nah?

lolz.. i know u'll like my template..

all the best to u honey.. muuuaxx.. im v happy for u



Keshi said...

**..athelam sole kuudathe

lol appidiya madam?