Sunday, August 27, 2006

Aku, Si Jalur Gemilang

Namaku Jalur Gemilang, namaku yang baru sebenarnya. Sebelum ini aku hanya dipanggil sebagai bendera Malaysia. Mujurlah Tun Dr Mahathir berikanku nama ini 5 tahun yang lepas. Sungguh seronok dipanggil dengan nama baru. Ceritaku agak istimewa juga. Berbeza sungguh daripada rakan-rakanku. Mestilah istimewa. Negara mana yang beri layanan sebegini kepada bendera mereka untuk sebulan lamanya. Bermula dari 15 Ogos hingga 16 Sept setiap tahun, aku diraikan di seluruh pelosok negara. Wah, saudara/i tak pernah tengok aku ke? Aku berkibar di atas hampir semua teksi (sesetengah kenderaan persendirian) di Malaysia. Tak ingat ke? Tak bukan teksi, apa kata saudara/i pergi ke pusat membeli-belah? Pasti 'potraitku' ada di situ. Aku juga menghiasi blog orang :P. Ada juga yang buat 'rangoli kolam' bertemakan aku. Ada yang pecahkan berbagai-bagai rekod Malaysia dengan menggunakan namaku. Macam-macam la. Ikut kreativiti rakyat Malaysia yang kearifan mereka tidak boleh disangkal lagi. Aku juga diberikan percuma kepada rakyat oleh Perdana Menteri. Wah, bukan main hebat kan? Glamor sungguh hidupku ini.

Tetapi lepas 16 Sept, tamatlah sudah zaman kegemilanganku selama sebulan. Pendeknya hidup mewahku selama 30 hari. Kasihan la aku. Kadang kala aku tercabut dari kenderaan yang meluncur laju di lebuhraya. Terbang dibawa angin masuk parit, loji najis pun ada. Tapi ada juga yang lebih menyakitkan hati. Mulut yang manis memuji aku dalam sebulan ini mengutuk pula diriku untuk 11 bulan yang selanjutnya. Inilah yang aku paling tidak faham dan paling aku benci. Aku tidak pernah diminta untuk disayangi sebegini rupa. Tetapi, bukan main hebat lagi layanan mereka ini. Pada masa yang sama, aku tidak relakan diriku dicaci. Sekali lagi, niatku itu tidak juga dirahmati.

Memang aku tidak faham-faham kerenah manusia ini.


English translation:

Title: Me, the Stripes of Glory

My name is Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory), my new name
actually. Before this, I was only refered to as the Malaysia flag. Thank goodness Tun Dr Mahathir named me 5 years ago. After all, its cool to have new name. My life story is kind of special too. Quite different from my buddies from other countries. I am special, indeed. Which country treat their flags in such a wonderful manner for one whole month? Beginning 15th August till 16th September, I am celebrated throughout the nation. You guys never seen me before? I am raised almost on every taxi (and some private vehicles) in Malaysia. If not, have you guys seen my 'potraits' in shopping malls? Sometimes I do appear in bloggers :P. There are also those who draw kolams using me as their theme. There are even those who broke (and keep breaking) various records using my name. They are doing so many things. You know they can be pretty creative. Even Prime Minister gave me away for free to the people during this one month. Not bad huh?

However, after 16th Sept, my fame comes to an end. I lived a short glamorous for 30 days. Pity me. At times, I even got myself ripped off from the cars/taxis and fell into the drains. Yet, there is something else which makes me very sad. Its the people who broke my heart. Lips which praised me for one month, will curse me for the remaining 11 months but I asked for neither. This is what I don't understand and I hate to the core. I never asked to be loved and at the same time I don't wished to be cursed either.

I never understood human.

I've tried to translate as accurately as possible. Pardon me if you find any disparities.


Fleiger said...

Wow... that was a good one. Did you write the original version, too?

The state of flags after the Day(s) have been celebrated is often a sad story. In India too, there has been quite a drive to stop people from throwing the paper flags down in trash after Independence Day or Republic Day. The disposal code is supposed to be applied to them, but it was further made difficult by the fact that the flags were supposed to be displayed by general populace only on these two days. Now that the Flag Code is changed, hopefully they will see better days.

White Forest said...

too gud a read!

Known Stranger said...

hmm interesting. learning the new trends of malaysia

visithra said...

I read this on vbgs blog - it makes sense

The writer noted that we all decorate our homes during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas - whatever festival it is that we celebrate. So why is it that we get angry when someone asks us to fly a flag?

we prob have to work on the disposing part though


Ghost Particle said...

hey is it better to not to fly the flag coz it wil eventually go to the dumps?

Keshi said...

interesting post...

**However, after 16th Sept, my fame comes to an end.

what does that mean?


tulipspeaks said...

@ fleiger

original as in malay? yes.

what is the Flag Code, anyway?

@ white forest

:) thanks


:: the protector :: said...

tats a intresting read....hope everywhere the same happens..


tulipspeaks said...

@ known stranger

its not a new trend..been going on for few years now.

@ visithra

why is it that we get angry when someone asks us to fly a flag?

isn't it better not to fly it at all rather than flying it without the real patriotism?


tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

nope. my point is..why wanna fly JG just bcoz the government is saying so? just bcoz ur fren is doing it? or simply bcoz ur rival taxi company is flying it? what is the point when u over-decorate ur vehicle or home or whatever just bcoz u wanna get into the Merdeka mood? what is the point of doing all this when u bitch about the country for the remaining 11 months?

@ keshi

Our offical Merdeka (Independence Day) celebration ends on 16th Sept. Its a significant date as that when Malaysia was formed.

@ protector

:) we seems to be unified in one trend.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

even i find it hard to understand humans at times ...:P

went thru ur sis's blog

and abt the marriage , it is just too sad .. but these things often happen .. in bollywood , a similar thing : boney kapoor - sridevi

Fleiger said...

Wow, great...

Flag Code is the part of Indian constitution (I think), which mandates how you can display the flag, and where we can display it etc. etc.

This should be shown to as many people as possible, so that the flags get the respect they deserve.

Keshi said...

why does it end?


tulipspeaks said...

@ deepa

pity the flag then. :P

oh yea.. sri devi's story is very much like CT.

@ fleiger

i c.. i get it now. i dont think we have anything like that code here (fellow m'sians can correct me if i'm wrong). i think its an appropriate code espl now.

@ keshi

lolz.. now u sound like my History teacher asking questions in the class..


our Independence day celebration is not an one-day event. its a month long celebration. u'll see flags everywhr but only until 16th. the celebration officially ends on 16th which is Malaysia Day (formation of the new Malaysia).

purijantha darling?


Mayur said...

Now thtz interesting!!
Hope we all maintain the thin line between patriotism and prejudice...

Jeevan said...

Thanks for the translation, first i was confused what u have writen then only saw the English translation.

HAPPY 49th Independence Day:)

Ghost Particle said...

Happy Merdeka Ammu....finnaly got my merdeka post up!

Fleiger said...

Yes, as long as the flag code is reasonable, it should be imposed. That stops people from just throwing away their flags, or showing disrespect to the flag in other ways.

smiley said...

Selamat Hari Merdeka

Keshi said...

lolz gotcha Amu tnxx!



tulipspeaks said...

@ mayur

welcome to tulipspeaks.
and thanks.

@ jeevan

the translation was written with all of u guys in mind. :)
its important for me to get my msg across.


tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

Selamat Hari Merdeka, gp. saw the post. was a meaningful msg to all.

@ fleiger

thats v true. come these politicians here nvr thought of that kinda Code for M'sia?


tulipspeaks said...

@ Smiley

thanks. my wishes to u. thanks for dropping by.

@ keshi

appada... ipovachum purinjathe *wink wink


Keshi said...

Happy Independence Day Ammmmu mwahhhhhhh!

lol yes finally this blondy boo got it :):)


musings (m000nie) said...

am0000... nice work here... i never knew u guys celebrate the whole month!... must b very festive... but then its sad when its the end.. the way the flags r strewn on the streets!!!... saddening

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

thanks dear.

kekekeke.. athe thaan! :P

@ m000nie

huggggggggggssssss.. after so long. missing ya like crazy! :)
yes honey, the flags would be in really sorry state after the celebration ends.

but anyway, Selamat Hari Merdeka to all my M'sian buddies.


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Happy Birthday Amu!!!

Hip Grandma said...

Well written!A happy B'day to you!