Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Change of the wind

Its pretty interesting to note where blogspot is heading now. Or should I say where tulipspeaks is heading now? Started as ==my diary==, my bloggie came a long way since April 2005. It was a lame effort trying to learn something new in the Net. But ever since I found myself a wonderful circle of blogmates, I have transformed my inner most feelings into writings; I shared my problems with all; I seek guidance from the fellow bloggers. Although I sound random at times, I speak (write) what my heart yearns and do what my mind tells. I may sound gross, rude, extreme or whatever.. but I never pretend.

Actually this post is not about me. Its about others. Those who meant so much to me. But have since quit or disappeared from blog-o-sphere. Some promised to return to the blogworld; some left us without word; some vowed never to come back. I've since lost majority of my buddies and its not something I have forseen. I think its gonna be a very long post if I decide to list down each and everyone of them. I can only say that I'm missing everyone to the core.

I took break. I ignored my blog. I 'punished' it at times too. Yet, I come back - I keep doing it. Its the love I have for my little tulips. The latest 1 month break was an essential one and I must say I learnt alot during that time period. When I came back, I wanted to do a major transformation in this bloggie. Then, I decided to hold my plans and make the changes slowly. At the same time, I can only wish for the missing bloggers to make a come-back soon.

Changes take time and when one happens suddenly.. I'm jolted....


Keshi said...

I started my blog as a venting out session and then gradually it became my diary and now it's s#x bomb lol!

Anyways, I miss few blog buddies too...and I too sometimes feel like quitting and u know I have had major dramas b4. But right now Im happy with blogging and the many great ppl I have met thru it.

Amu I know that sometimes we all need a break, so we go, refresh and come back, perhaps not. But for those who dun wanna come back, let em be. We can only do so much and they too. If they dun cant be here for a very valid reason, we have to u'stand that. But if they quit cos they dun wanna blog with their friends anymore due to some ego issues, then so be it. So I say 'just to hell with them'. Atleast we r still here for each other. Huggggggggz!


Jeevan said...

I feel the same ya, some of your regular friends comment's are missing in some of your recent post. we cant guess what's problem with them, so lets wait till they visit.
I am very happy to comment here, when i start blogging, i dont know what is blog.

praveen said...

I guess I'm one of the bloggers who have been some sort of M.I.A. for some time. Its just that buddies, I'm starting to get bz and its high time I get my priorities straight. I wont be leaving forever, but it might take some time before I get back straight on track. Nevertheless, I do try to keep in touch with my buddies..take care ya all

Nanyaar? said...

Talking about MIA have u heard that band? from London, that srilankan chick is hot!! he he..

okay lemme be serious.. Which I am really trying hard to be.., hey ammu some people quit bloggin not coz they dont wanna blog, or like Keshi said have some ego problems, but just coz they wanna let it be, probably they want a new start,

Or to be more excat I want a new start., a new name, a new attire, I am not tending a beautifull garden of tulips like you are, Nanyaar? was just an identity which somehow seems to be lost into the deep world of blogging, that doenst mean I'm not going to come back, probably Im missing bloggin already and Im back, probably not.

Be of Good cheers, Friends are friends forever even or not they are around.. ;)


For the last time..


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

as i am accessing the blogs thru pkblogs , i cant see the pics ...

yeah .. even i've felt like not blogging many a time .. but it is mine .. and i always come back !

read abt the tragedy ... it is heart wrenching :(

anyway .. we cant ask bloggers to settle down here permanently , can we ? afterall , everybody gets tired of monotony !

:: The Protector :: said...

first thanks for dropping by....

second you have a beautifully desinged page...

next comes to the post ... yeha tats true for me blog has become as a part... but it to become monotous.... sometime or other every one need a break....


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

well.. like u i started my blog to scribble my daily affair.. then it bcame a medium for me to shoot down someone.. now, its changing its form..slowly :)

honey.. i know what u been through and u know what i been through.. but we don't knw what most of missing buddies going through. at times, i cant help it but to worry abt me dumb, but thats how i feel.

but yes, i am very happy that u r still around. and i hope u'll stay for a long time to come..


@ jeevan

yes u r right.. my regular buddies are missing in action :) and again u r right, we got no idea what happen..

im happy u r still arnd.. thanks buddy..


tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

at least u r still 'visible' in my YM!! .at least i know, u r fine.. but thats not the case about the others..

@ nanyaar?

here u are.. dont know why.. but my heart is telling u'll be back.. v soon :)

counting on it..


tulipspeaks said...

@ deepa

ah!! they blocked blogger again!! :( :(

@ protector

thanks alot for the visit :)

taking a break is v different from disappearing without a trace.. while we are blogmates, some of them have been v close to me.. sort of buddies in the virtual world.. would we abandon our friends in the real world and disappear? unlikely nah? then why would those in the virtual world being dumped?



Keshi said...

**but we don't knw what most of missing buddies going through. at times, i cant help it but to worry abt me dumb, but thats how i feel.

true...but we cant do anything abt it unless they seek back our friendship, can we?


Known Stranger said...

more than the post the title - change of the wind sounds poetic and it strikes me a thought to post