Friday, August 04, 2006

Save Our Coliseum

[update: Gov now wants to lease Coliseum instead!!]

Before you think further, let me introduce to you the oldest cinema theatre (+ cafe + hotel) in Malaysia, The Coliseum. Looking ancient, Coliseum Cinema build in the 1930's and still standing proudly despite numerous huge building surrounding it. One of the remaining 5 classic theatre still open till today - well, at least till TODAY. Soon it MAY BE gazetted as 'National Heritage' and closed for cinema viewing.


Grandma has so many stories about our very own Coliseum. Her memories are endless. Her stories are heart-warming. She still can recall how she spend her weekends with grandpa watching Tamil movies there. A journey to Coliseum which cost 45cents and a ticket that cost another 40cents was a good bargain for estate workers like her. And she still complains grandpa left her at home to watch Bobby with his buddies.. lolz..


Dad, being a movie-enthuasist can never resist Coliseum. So does mom. So am I. The last movie I watched in Coliseum was with my friends. I can still remember the noise we made seeing Madhavan on the silver screen :P I am very sure my buddies from KL have similar 'encounters' there..


Now, should Coliseum be gazetted? Should our memories taken away from us? Should we just sit and watch a classic cinema being shut down?

Save our Coliseum


praveen said...

Sorry da..i only went once to coliseum to watch a movie and that was my last..I'll never go there again!! It was basically the crowd I couldnt tolerate!

So I guess I'll not give any comments to the pertaining issue as I do not have any feelings towards this particular landmark

Ghost Particle said...

we must do something...this is real bad. We must start a petition!

anup.777 said...

i hope ur efforts bear fruit ... All the best, Amu!

Jeevan said...

ya it should be worry, if they close our entertainment place, but it was proud to know a cinema hall is going to change as National Heritage Center to rejuvenate arts and culture in the city.

In Chennai many Cinema Hall's are changing as Marriage Hall's:( Your grandma's complains of leave her in home to watch Bobby with his buddies is so sweat to know:) I read about this Coliseum some time in Visith's blog too.

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY dear friend, nice to have u with me:)

Maya Cassis said...

hope they don't tear it down..with so much and so many people's emotions attached to will be a pity if they tear it apart

Keshi said...



visithra said...

jeevan thanks for remembering

i am so distraught by it - its just i havent had the time to pen my thought on it - yy there y cant they pick somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!

tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

it must be a weekend or a night show.. :P normallah when u have huge crowd of young blood around. :)

@ gp

yea. its really bad. but i must say im particularly stunned seeing the response from our makkal in the newspaper :) (almost) everyone loves Coliseum. i think now its gonna be really hard for gov to take over. they must be thinking twice of their earlier annoucement.


tulipspeaks said...

@ anup

:) thanks a lot anup..

@ jeevan

im not amused or proud when they say they wanna change it into sum kinda National Heritage Center. I'm very sure whose 'heritage' they are talking about. i know my fellow m'sians knows about it too. i dont understand why of all the places, a famous cinema which is still generating income need to be taken away!


tulipspeaks said...

@ maya cassis

true.. very true..

from the latest development, i think they r not going to take it away. but u knw, anything can happen in politics.. lets see..

@ keshi

thanks dear


tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

:) hey.. u r back!! hows the thiruvilla :P

hmm.. yea.. when jeevan told me about ur post on Coliseum, i searched ur blog n found it! :) i knew then u must be as angry as me..

wanna lepak in Coliseum for Something Something?


Jeevan said...

Amutha u have been tagged! see my blog:)

Known Stranger said...

when i read this - i remember the oldest movie hall that was built in india in early 1900 or in late 19th century i dont know . It is in bombay now mumbai. It just screened the moving slide of movies with no dialogues or music. just slides that were made to move.

it is now nothing but a desereted haunted place.

activist are trying to give rebirth to it.sorry i forgot the name. i have to search the googel