Thursday, September 21, 2006

She.. a woman

She bore you many years ago
She is your mom

She watched you grew up
She is your grandma

She shared her lunch with you
She is your sister

She brought you along for shopping
She is your aunt

She lend her crayons for you
She is your childhood girlfriend

She cheered you scored a goal in a match
She is your college sweetheart

She walked 7 times around the fire with you
She is your wife

She laughed when you tickled her
She is your daughter

She gave up her life when you lost yours
She is your everything

She..a woman.

Being out of the university may means freedom and independency for many. But for me, its the time that is teaching me various role I am playing/going to play in time to come. My heart is saying "ammu, move forward!!!" but my legs are stuck in one place. I'm watching the world moving fast, people passing me but unaware of me standing there, alone. No.. its not self-pity as some may say..this is the reality I'm seeing now. Seeing a world unknown to me when I was 'safe' in varsity. Feeling like a baby born after 9months in mother's womb-struggling to understand what is this all about. Yet, I am now clear about one thing - being a woman of this century is not as easy as some may think: you are a woman with desires on your own but at the same time, you are still bound to society's norms and culture. Breaking the barrier is not a piece of cake-mind you. So, I have decided to follow the flow. My life is definitely changing its direction. My only hope is that YOU will live the life to the fullest when I'm no more. I'll be praying for that.

Pardon me for the not replying to the comment on the previous post & for not blog-hopping. Will be back in full swing by tonite.


White Forest said...

a tribute to women ...wonderful!

Keshi said...

Women r multi-talented :)

yes I too stop to see the whole world passing me by...but thats just the way the world is. No one will stop for another. We pass each other by.

**My only hope is that YOU will live the life to the fullest when I'm no more.

whats this all abt Amu? U ok?


Keshi said...

and thats a cool pic of u!


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Arrey !

What happ to you ? Are you unwell or smthg ?

Jeevan said...

Every Life is not easy! Wish u a wonderful life. She.. a women is so sweet:)

Maya Cassis said...

hey nice pic of a saree?
and lovely musings

visithra said...

nice tribute ure looking gorgeous

Nirek said...

I perfectly agree with you that women are the BEST creature ever god has created. They are sometimes very confusing.
They make ours (guys) life more interesting and painful also

PRADEEP K. said...


I've already told you about the image. So I won't say anything here... ;) LOL

** "She... A Woman!"

That says it all! I earnestly hope women can break the binding shackles and the social barriers in order to see more and more of their dreams get fulfilled. May they get the strength needed toward this end.


May all women find the strength within themselves

Anonymous said...

"She.. a woman"

Goood one.... I may add....

She is the Pain...
She is the Torture...
She is the Enigma...
She is the Ectasy...
She is all a Big mystery...

tulipspeaks said...

@ white forest

:) thanks dear.

@ keshi

definitely we are ;)

im okie, i guess. just blurted out what i felt. avalavu thaan.


tulipspeaks said...

@ deepa

physically im alrite. emotionally sumthing not very right.

;) thanks for asking, honey. u read btwn lines.

@ maya cassis

thanks. yea, thats a saree. my fav piece of mysoore silk ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

:))) thanks dear. compliments always means more when it comes from same sex. lolz.

@ satu

oh boy.. why wanna call us creatures?? cant find better word huh? im offended :(

actually we r v straight-fwd 'creatures'. i dono why men always find us 'confusing'. *sigghh.. no wonder men r from mars & women r from venus still in the bestsellers list.


tulipspeaks said...

@ prady


thanks prady. thats a genuine hope for all women, not only for me.

@ its me

like what i told satu, we r not such a confusing or mysterious beings. seriously.


priya said...

Being and born a women is always a gift and we shud treasure it. Women live their lives with mind and body which indeed reflects through her success.

tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

Being and born a women is always a gift and we shud treasure it.
surely it is.. no one can boast to be stronger than women - one thing im sure about.