Friday, September 08, 2006

When Empress Can't Rule..

The world have anticipated the birth of a new born way across the miles in Japan. Everyone awaited a new born who may or may not end the succession crisis in Japanese monarchy. And 2 days ago, a baby boy was born and celebrated by Japanese all over the world. I'm sure the young child will not realize how important his birth at least for another decade.

If I sound random to you, it may be because you were not following up the succession crisis of the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan. Being one of the oldest monarchy in the world, the royal family of Japan has been plagued with a dilemma-whether to allow female heir to reign as empress as there were no males born in the family for the last 40 years. I think you have to read about the royal family here and here before proceeding further.

I have nothing to do with Japan, except using Japanese-made electrical and electronic goods, but I have been following up this issue closely for years. Mainly its because of my adoration for Princess Masako (left), an Asian version of Princess Diana. Being a Harvard & Oxford graduate, many have expected her to transform a traditional Imperial Palace to a modern royalties. Yet, she became a part of the tradition and blend with the customs of the royal family. A crown princess who has reached 42 but only have a daughter, Princess Aiko to show. While I am happy for her and her cute little daughter, not everyone share the same sentiment. Expecting no male would be born to the royal family in years to come, senior members of the royal family begun discussing the possibility of handing the throne to a female heir, in this case Princess Masako's only daughter.

Yet, God proved to be the director of this drama when a baby boy was born on 6th of Sept 2006 to Princess Kiko, the younger daughter-in-law. Now, the majority of the Japanese are generally torn between their adoration to Princess Masako and Princess Aiko, and the Imperial Household Law (1947) which states only males would succeed the throne.

I am eager waiting to the latest development in a country which torn the world during WW2 and got itself torn apart in Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombing, only to emerge years later as one of the strongest economic power in the world. Will they move forward by changing the law, or will they stick to their so-called tradition?


Keshi said...

This is total stupidity. Thats all I can say. Man or woman, we all can be good leaders. If royal families cant get it through their thick heads, then dun waste time giving them publicity. Tell them to go stuff it.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

yen ivalavu kovem? :/


Keshi said...

no Amu Im not angry. Dun u think Im saying the truth? It's stupid and it's sexist.


Invincible said...

I think they wud go with their 'Imperial Household Law'.
In the modern era, does it really matter who heirs the thorne? i think it's just the expenditure on royal family that swallows huge chunk from ppl's money tht really matters.

Jeevan said...

Princess Aiko was very cute esp. in her school uniform. Its wrong decision that a male only have rights to rule and female don’t. It must be changed!

I like Japanese for there brisk life; we have to learn more form them.

anup.777 said...

this was an interesting one Amu ... didnt know about this ... I honestly don't mind who sits on the throne ... but wld be interesting to watch nonetheless :)

alias Fleiger said...

I would like to see the law changed, but as an outsider, it is very hard for me to tell what exactly they want.

I am sure nikichan will keep us appraised of events.

- Fleiger

visithra said...

im very sure the imperial rule will remain - the japanese are still are sexiest bunch

White Forest said...

she is beautiful!

ketki said...

i dont really think gender has any thing to do with gud leadership!

phantom363 said...

the japanese society is still very traditional. the women are still very much under the glass ceiling. the subtle form of revenge, is refusing to have children. which is why, japan is among the 'oldest' society in the world. no youngsters being born.

it is also interesting that masako has blended with the royal household, and is now another walll flower. just reinforces my above para. qed. :(

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

it is sexist,nevertheless thats what those ppl been practising for ages. i still think it will take longer for anyone to change their mind.

@ invincible

In the modern era, does it really matter who heirs the thorne?

for us, no it doesnt matter. for them, it does. ;)

glad to see u here , dear.


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

yes she is. inherited her mom's looks just like Princess Diana-Prince William.

agree with u here, they r workaholics.

@ anup

:)) glad i gv some inputs there! lets watch this together *wink wink

@ fleiger

yea, even they are divided in their support for Princess Masako and Princess Kiko.


tulipspeaks said...

@ visithra

lolz. yea. i felt the same reading news on the new baby.

@ white forest

beauty with brain! :)


tulipspeaks said...

@ ketki

welcome to tulipspeaks.

apparently it does (according to them). honey, this ppl can even disown their Princess when she married a commoner. u'll know the whole story if u read more about japanese monarchy.

@ phanthom

interesting note from u. a different approach/view to why Japan is an old nation.


alias Fleiger said...

That's interesting... maybe we will see a woman leading Japan. Though knowing japanese, that's a tough decision for most of them to take, going against centuries of tradition.

aCey said...

omigosh! i love the japanese royal fam! ^_^ i'm really sad for little princess aiko...