Monday, October 09, 2006

Lazy pig

and it refers to me.


that's how I feel for the past couple of days. Lot of stuff to do but just don't have mood to do anything. Newspapers looks dull. Computer screen looks invisible. Got so many new books and magz on my shelf and I got no mood to read any of them (which is weird). Haven't blog hop properly for weeks and don't have mood to do that also. I just happen to post the 2 posts below last Friday out of blue. Nothing in the pay-TV that interest me nowadays (may be apart for AP, DC and NGC). Even CSI looks too routine. Cleaned my room twice and don't feel like doing it again. Washed my car only to be blanketed by the damn haze-thanks to our neighbor. Think I am going mad. Migrated to new yahoo id last week and all my buddies are in but no one seems to be online nowadays. Wonder what happened. Was considering a saree-shopping spree but hell no, I am not going to ask money from mom!! Wished had more frens jobless like me. At least can lepak around. Nothing like that also. Feel like wanna travel around more but don't have a company. Hate to go alone. I think I better get hitched soon.

and I sound random. *sigghhh


Eclipsed Thoughts said...

take a break... or just stay inside your shell... take your time and enjoy life.
First time in here... i shouldn't smother with such silly advices i guess....

anyways, take care n dont forget to live!

Nirek said...

I was indeed feeling same. Came to office on saturday, had lot of things to do, but still didnt do anything! :(
Are you also in love break?

Keshi said...

hey lazy n bored babez!

I think u need a good holiday. And u dun have to have a partner/friend for that. Actually u should get away from ppl every now n then and spend time in solitary for few days. Gives u a breather babez. Ur old enough to travel alone arent u? Cos if u put that off till ur hitched I wonder if u'd really get the break u deserve...u know what I mean.

So go on it...see places...break free.


PRADEEP K. said...


Cheer up!


Jeevan said...

Some times in our life we have to face these situations, have a peace sleep! go out and meet your friend. Or listen to good music, u can feel betterpa.

Take Care Hugs:)

Nanyaar? said...

Hey Ammu,

Wad up? you dint add me:( you knew my email address mesa feeling so bad.

And hey trvaellin around the world seems like a good idea, you know i'd definetly give company.. :D ;)



priya said...

It does happen for no reason and we shud take time to come back with what we wanna write.
SOmedays I have felt empty nothign to thinka nd write and I keep quiet and stay in my world of dreams.

artnavy said...

One thing that works for me when I feel rather blue doing a jig saw puzzle or even a jig to a favourite peppy number.

Indulge urself with a good massage

smiley said...

time to take a break and refresh urself :)

visithra said...

hummm breathe darling breathe

frustrations r normal - plus i think u want to start working on something n not just the normal stuff - find a new hobby?

tulipspeaks said...

im all mixed up. boy.. i'll come back to this one when my mind starts working properly.