Sunday, November 26, 2006

They call it Fun Fair

Those who are close to me would know the hard time I am going through now. It has been a week since I started to pop in pain-killers for my headache which doesn't seem to go away. And been a week since I have a peaceful sleep. What I need most at the moment will be a shoulder to lean on. Too much to ask I guess. But I needed a break somehow. So, I couldn't say no when my cousins wanted me to join a 'tour' at the fun fair.

Fun fair always been a family affair for us. When grandpa was well and still with us, he used to bring me to these fun fairs. Me, being his fav and eldest grandchild, always given what I want, and one of it will be touring the fun fairs. Big wheels always my favourite although I am kinda afraid of heights. Fishing for some ducks, hoping for huge teddies also something I loved to try here. There are so many things I remember about fun fairs in my childhood, but I lost for words each time I wanna write about it. This time I think some pics I took at the fair able to replace my words.


Keshi said...

whats this headache ur having? U never told me abt it? U ok?

Fun-fair seems like real FUN and I hope it helped u to relax. Take it easy Amu!


Keshi said...

and abt the prev post:

if he needs space, give him that Amu. Sometimes the bestest of friends need time and space from each other. U did ur best. So time to let him go on his own and come back to ya when's he feels like it.


Nirek said...

Get well soon buddy! I was in depression for really long time now, I can feel how bad it is there!

praveen said...

hmm...come to think of it..i dont think i've ever been to a fun fair..not even when i was little..funny rite?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

can u buy the soft toys that r on display ? or are they just for show ?

@ prev post : Well, u know sometimes we get suffocated my our friends' love and affection .. maybe , this is the case .. maybe he just wants his space. by leaving him alone , u might lose him , but by constantly trying to be with him, u might lose him forever !

@ CCTV post : man ! that really was horrid

Anonymous said...

Sometimes u need to take a break from things no, relax a bit
WOrk and life isnt running away from you
its better not to degrade your health

Ghost Particle said...

u have migraine thats wat u have.

Arz000n said...

I used to enjoy fun-fairs too....though ma parents hardly used to spend any money on those rides...but it was fun watching people :)

And regarding the headache - is it Migraine or something??

You take care gal....hugzzz

Arz000n said...

You have both ma shoulders lean on wheneva u wanna....u dont need invitation and you know that am000nie pieeezzz...

Get well sooon :)

PRADEEP K. said...


Too much to ask? Nah! Just ask the right persons.

Fun fair! Great! I haven't seen the slide show (yet); I'll see it asap. Hope you had a great time, though. :)

Love ya.

Jeevan said...

Hi Ammu:) hope you feel better not. Enjoy with your cousins in the Fun Fair, the pic are very nice, the giant wheel and the dolls. It has been years I visited the local Exhibition, I miss the train ride, shopping’s, settings of monuments and the special appalan which will be on the sale.

Anonymous said...

Hope you will have a gr8 time ahead….
Take care buddy!!!

anup.777 said...

is the headache related to the prev post, Amu? I hope u get well soon dear ...

tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

hugsss.. im okie dear. think my brain over-worked for the past weeks. thinking non-stop. hahaha..

anyway, i still got it but it should be going off slowly now.

yea, i think space is wht he needed. :) he is back now.

@ nirek

:) thank you. but it was not exactly depression.. its sumthing like being worried about a matter to the extent of hurting ourselves. i make sense nah?


tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

aha.. missed a huge thing la. lolz. wanna make up for it now? ;)

@ deepa

they r not for sale. they r gifts meant to be given away when u score certain points in the game.

and deepa, u r so right about my fren. guess all he needed was time alone. being a drama queen, i've just blurted out! silly me.


tulipspeaks said...

@ vipul

hey.. back to the blogworld or what? :)

thanks for the advice. will try my best to adhere to them!

@ gp

its tension headache.


tulipspeaks said...

@ z000n

fresh from orkutting with u..guess, i'm feeling okie now. geezz.. u got a charm dont u? :P

and i know.. z000n is all need invites for leaning on u.. oppss.. on ur shoulder. hahahaha

@ prady

:)))) i did have a great time. u know it too. hope the riots in ur place is not that all. hope to c ya online on monday.. and yes, in one piece!


tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

hey u r back! hope ur pc is alrite now.

@ dhava

:) welcome to tulipspeaks. and thanks.

@ anup

nah.. its me being just me.. lolz. okie, im blabbering already. im getting better now. thanks dear.