Monday, November 20, 2006

Unveil the mask

We all wear masks, dont we? Some admit it. Some don't. We pretend to be someone or something we aren't for some reason, with some people. We can't say no when thats exactly what we want to say. We try to look happy when we are sobbing inside. We wish good luck to others when we hope we are the one given the wonderful opportunity. We dress ourselves in saree when what we want is an ultra mini skirt. We visit temples when our wish is to be in the club on Friday nite. We like a gal/guy, but we hold ourselves wondering if our friend eyeing the same gal/guy. We put up a smile when our boss hit at our stalled project when we are damning him inside.

Why would we wanna be someone we aren't?


PRADEEP K. said...

Wow! Lovely post. :)

Most people identify themselves with their mask so much that they even seem to have forgotten their own true face.

Many wear masks for reasons known only to them. Perhaps they are dissatisfied, unhappy or afraid of their natural self. Masks provide them a convenient way to conceal what they want to hide, and exhibit what they like to show. Society seems to favor some masks.

Although a majority would strongly disagree with me, I personally consider that diplomacy, compromises, cosmetics and makeovers are masks as well.

I love who I am, and abhor masks. I cannot be really sure if I have not worn masks for short periods of time in my life. But I can be sure of two things: that I would never consciously wear a mask, and that I would shun a mask as soon as I realize that I am wearing one.


Nirek said...

Well said! Me too dont like people pretending! and ur wallpaper art is getting more and more interesting these days
carry on! Good work!

praveen said...

ellam thalai ezhuthu...sometimes we have to keep our feelings to urselfs to maintain peace around..could u imagine wat would happen if every1 starts speaking and acting out their mind??

What i cant stand is ppl making up stories about themselves..that only means they are not confident of their personality.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wears a mask base don situations:-)) If we don't wear it we cannot growup beating the competition and attitude of others.

Keshi said...

Nice post. Quite similar to my Masquerade post.

I know we all wear masks to suit the occassion and place. But thats not being someone else. Thats just US being ourselves. Dun u think so? I mean there r ppl who wear the same thing to the temple and a party perhaps. Then there r others who wear the saree to temple and a mini skirt to a party. But thats really being themselves! Cos if they r not comfortable doing that, would they really do that? It really depends on if ur comfortable at what u r doing. If u r, then u r being urself. If not comfortable, then u r being someone else.

We wear real masks when we show different faces to different ppl. Now thats something to worry abt!


Arz000n said...

I no doubt wear a mask.....and think u know about it too :)

I think I do it coz it makes me happy, first of one wants to know the sad story of my life and I dont wanna make people more emotionally attached to me or something..

secondly...already life is so hectic and busy, people maynot like to meet others who are using them as tissue paper....

As long as both the parties invovled are happy...and smiling....I dont mind wearing the mask honey :)

still_figuring_out said...

mask! huh! i have so many of them..we wear them because we have to if we wish to adhere to decorum and common decency.


The Angel said...

you were right :)

visithra said...

ill agree with keshi - it is not a mask if we treat ppl the same rather different aspects of ones character - but the mask ppl put in front of you being nice but back stabbing u - those kind are scary

tulipspeaks said...

somehow manage to post sumthing today. read thru the comments here. you guys are great! will reply to all comments in a day or two. thank you guys.


tulipspeaks said...

@ prady

i took a long pause b4 replying to this one. seriously, i think mask is worn out of convenience. an easy mean to hide our disadvantages and minus points.

I personally consider that diplomacy, compromises, cosmetics and makeovers are masks as well.
:O no........ not cosmetics pls! *looking at my juicy lip gloss..sigghhh



@ nirek

ppl pretend for many reasons dear. one of it for adapting themselves in a situation. got any similar incidence?

:) my wallpaper 'art' still in the beginner level. sometimes i go thru some done by pros and i was!


tulipspeaks said...

@ praveen

lolz. yen inthe kadupe?
hugeeeeee hugs!

@ priya

thats right. masks r worn for our convience. even i hv to admit that i wear one sumtimes. but its a matter of concern when it starts to hurt others in the process.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

We wear real masks when we show different faces to different ppl. Now thats something to worry abt!

athe thaan. its really annoying when u hv a backstabber wearing a frenly mask . its not only annoying but also pose a threat to us.

@ z000n

:) yea i do. and yes, u make everyone happy with it. i think few know the real z000n. actually im glad im one of the few. hugsss

but z000n, the mask u wear do not hurt ppl. it does not decieve others. in that way, u r most welcome to wear it anytime. ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ still

hey! welcome back! im glad u hv decided to come back dear. like i told z000n, i think masks r alrite until they do not decieve or hurt others.

@ angel

thanks dear.

@ visithra

scary masks... i've hv few unpleasant encounters with them. couldnt be discussed in the post however. but it serves as a lesson to me.


SUPRITHA.S said...

i chanced upon ur blog!!!..huh...its amazing!!!... damn true...

"The whole business is built on ego, vanity, self-satisfaction, and it's total crap to pretend it's not.” michael

Be Happy!!! :-)

anup.777 said...

basically we don't have much choice except to pretend and conform to the ways of the world ... sad but true

tulipspeaks said...

@ supritha

hey..thanks for the visit n comment.

@ anup

:) yea..its true and at times, it hurts.