Sunday, December 24, 2006

Boy & Girl - Wallpaper

I always have this thing for dogs. May be because I grew up with pet dogs. First it was Bobby, but I can't really remember him. Was too young back then. Then, it was Dumeen - a huge golden brown dog whom I love to ride on. lolz. I was about 4 yrs old then. After that, we had few dogs whom we named Dumeen - no idea why. After the last Dumeen died, we didn't have any more pet dogs until my uncle's friend decided to gave away her Australian Silky Terriers. I mentioned about it HERE, but recently I took couple of pics of Boy & Girl which I have since uploaded in my personal flickr account. Didn't know what to do, so decided to make a cute wallpaper out of their pics. Check it out.

Download it! 1024*768 | 800*600


Jeevan said...

Cute wallpaper! you really gone a ride on Dumeen?

Happy Sunday:)

smiley said...

never grew up without a dog since we were kids :) nice wallpaper, template:)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Ash said...

Merry Christmas to you!

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

thanks. yea. that time i was a lil gal nah? :P

Merry X'mas :)

@ smiley

:) thanks.


tulipspeaks said...

@ loon gal


@ ash

Merry X'mas dear


mandelism said...

wow wow naii kutti,
meow meow punne kutti,
i tonite bynk spam, banyak notti,
duno wat to write, tata tutu titi!

tulipspeaks said...

@ mandel

lolz. naai kutti ennode. punne kutti yaarode?


Anonymous said...

nice pic. and btw the template and the pic in the title is also great...

happy christmas