Wednesday, December 13, 2006

classic vs beta

I attempted to switch when blogger beta first introduced but somehow I couldn't. The blogger was down at that time I suppose. Now that some of you have already switched to blogger beta, I would like to hear some feedback about it. Is it better than classic blogger? What are the advantages apart from what we can read in blogger knowledge? Any bugs or disadvantage? I know that we can't switch back to classic blogger once you have changed it to beta. And lately, I had problems commenting on blogs running on beta. Had to use my google account instead **sighh.. Is that just a temporary thing or I have to rely only on google account to comment?

Anything else I should know?


Ash said...

Hey Ammu

Me too having problems with posting comments on the blogs running on beta.

But i guess i am going to stick with the classic version :-)

- Ash
Dreaming in Metaphors

Keshi said...

Amu Im sticking with the Classic version cos Beta suxx. I mean alot of ppl said they lost few features and some couldnt find their previous posts! That scared me. Also I cant comment in their blogs unless they allow Anonymous comments and thats annoying...I look like some faceless shitface there.


Anonymous said...

Hi ammu
beta blogger rocks! I love it!

1. labels based browsing old posts
2. archive browsing styles is great
3. no static html pages, so no more waiting to publish. all dynamic sheets, so no page limitations too
4. it has all the features as blogger, plus lot more
5. good that it is linked with google, now we dont need to use two different ids, just one gmail id is sufficient
6.templates are customisable, so all u did in ur current template can be put there also.

I can help you if you have technical doubts. I had switched to beta on the day they had given me. was waiting for do u find my new blog template. feedbacks pls

smiley said...

there are quite a bit of hurdles and problems with the beta version especially as u try to comment in one of them. so i have chosen to remain with the classic version and have it more simple :)

PRADEEP K. said...

Baby, Beta version is only a test phase of an application. There is no saying how it might turn out.

On the one hand, it might become a success, and replace the existing classic version once all its bugs are identified and rectified. In that case, we will obviously avail of all its new features without having to do anything special on our side.

On the other hand, a beta might as well fail, and with it your data might even go down the drain.

My sincere advice is: If you wanna involve yourself in testing the beta version, please make sure you start a separate test blog in that environment, and experiment only with sample, non-serious information there, which you might not mind losing in case things go wrong.

But for your actual blog, where you write so many useful and lovely posts, please stick with the classic version, which is already known to be working.


Ghost Particle said...

i hate blogger beta for the commenting thing. thats so ridiculous and apartheid like. How could the discriminate classic bloggers. If ever they force me witout properly launching beta, im going to host my blog on my own domain with the classic software.

Anonymous said...

Well yes amu u will have to stick to a google account if u wanna switch to the beta version
Though there isnt much of a difference btw the classic and beta

But as of now am using beta itself

Anonymous said...

Well yes amu u will have to stick to a google account if u wanna switch to the beta version
Though there isnt much of a difference btw the classic and beta

But as of now am using beta itself

Anonymous said...

Well yes amu u will have to stick to a google account if u wanna switch to the beta version
Though there isnt much of a difference btw the classic and beta

But as of now am using beta itself

visithra said...

i havent been able to comment on any beta blog since yday not even as anon - so frustating

btw wish ur sis for me for her bday ;)

Anonymous said...

I switched to beta just for categories and label. Yes you need google a/c and with beta you can switch to classic template and have the same features.
You do not have much beautiful templates in bets to go with. I cud only change the header image with beta.

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

hmmm... having problems while posting comments on beta blogs... phew!! I will stick to classic.. are you switching to beta??? **scared again**

Anonymous said...

hey pardon me guys...
but i m not facing any probs with Beta... i think one can go ahead with it

Jeevan said...

I too face the same while commenting on Beta, sometimes i used to post it twice or trice or comment through gmail account. Think i am satisfied with classic so no need to change to beta.

Arz000n said...

this beta blogger system is kinda pissing me off lately...coz I cant comment and if I do, it shows some Z000nie profile which doesnt link back to ma blogspot blog


No comments....thank god am in Wordpress :)

-Princess Shin- said...

I so agree with you.. I'm afraid to switch to beta too.. I think i'm juz gonna maintain and not do anything about it..

coward me.. =)

tulipspeaks said...

@ ash

looks like we dont have much choice. beta is no longer beta and we all will have to switch to new version soon.

@ keshi

i would want to stick here too. but hmm.. looks like that wont be the case.


tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

i got ur points dear. i like the labels/categories the best and thats wht made me to think. well, im working on a project using new version of blogger. if i like it, then i might switch earlier. if not, i'll be staying here for lil longer.

@ smiley

simplicity is the best eh? ;)


tulipspeaks said...

@ prady

as for now, they have dropped the term 'beta'. does tat means we wont hv any probs switching? konjem professional advice kodunge pa! :P

@ gp

that pissed me off a lil. had to log in my google acc to comment. now, they are refering it as new version of blogger. eppadi? gonna switch?


tulipspeaks said...

@ vipul

hmm.. alrite. got that. :)

@ visithra

is it okie now?

thanks for the wishes dear.


tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

hmm ic. thanks for the feedback dear.

@ eclipsed thoughts

lolz. i read blogger news. apparently they hv dropped the word 'beta' n calling it new version of blogger. guess we all hv to switch sooner or later.


tulipspeaks said...

@ dhava

aha.. defensive :P

@ jeevan

:) as for now, i'm not switching either.


tulipspeaks said...

@ z000n, my darling

hmm.. wordpress kinda too technical for me. im staying in classic blogger for a lil more while.

@ princess

lolz. most of us are. so, welcome to the club!