Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Don't you get bored of this?

Oh come on! For how long you guys gonna pick on women coz of the way she dresses? I'm just sick of it and looks like some idiots never shut up! Man.. what has gone wrong to my country? From Chief Minister who doesn't acknowledge Bangsa parents who killed their a political party's delegates insulting other some idiots zooming at women's thigh.. I just don't understand what is the priority of the so-called leaders of today! National issues? or Women's skirt? Don't know what I'm talking about? Read THIS.


-Princess Shin- said...

Sigh.. i get angry everytime i read The Star nowadays..

I dunno wat Malaysia is turning into..

alex said...

That is bad. Self control is what is necessary from the males, not banning what others like to wear!

This ban will only hurt people.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear when they say insult to islam. Hello men, when you can marry many women and look at women, why no freddom to women. Shmae on people who talk conservative.
If such people control, then you can many people who do it for money later.

Keshi said...

Im not even commenting anymore on such pigs. They aint worth my energy!


Anonymous said...

When I first read the headline, I was wondering the same thing, except I thought this was happening in India, which is not at all an impossible thing (we have some cases filed in courts against actors who kissed for a second on screen)

Ash said...


Nirek said...

those are jobless people's voices. Stupid guys!

PRADEEP K. said...

It is all about attitude. Wish someone would just wave a wand and bring a good change in the attitude of people.

Where is a Harry Potter when you need one?

tulipspeaks said...

@ princess

i'm worried about it too. slowly i'm shunning M'sian news but it doesn't mean the prob is not there. i don't know why and how our ppl turn to be more fanatical about some issues as we strive towards a so-called modern nation. something went wrong somewhr, but i don't know where.

@ alex

yes it is. and i'm glad a man sharing our views here. thanks!


tulipspeaks said...

@ priya

well.. thats how they out it. quoting one of the person involved "A woman who wears an indecent outfit does not respect herself, so how can she expect men to respect her?"

i mean.. does wearing tight pants (or even jeans) means we don't respect ourselves? or what does indecent outfit exactly means? idiots think in idiotic manner.

@ keshi down gal! seriously i'm pissed to the max here. to see such ridiculous law to be (en)forced on women.


tulipspeaks said...

@ fleiger

yea.. i heard about it too. how come seeing 2 white ppl kissing is a pleasure and seeing 2 bollywood stars kissing is a crime?

@ ash



tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

:) not to be harsh on you.. just a ques: would u date a girl with a mini-skirt?

ah.. this ques should be posted as a post by itself! long to see my blogmates, how satheesh? lolz.

@ prady

lolz.. he is filming the next installment of Harry Potter. too busy!


Keshi said...

who cares abt such men Ammu...just kick their shitty law and their dumb asses off to the gutter.


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

thats right. the women must hold hands together and ignore such unacceptable decision made by gov or whoever. after that, gov is for ppl not the other around.


Ghost Particle said...

just smile and wave...

remember these are the gifted people who would skip prayers if kareena or rani is in town.

tulipspeaks said...

@ gp

:) true enough.