Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006

[updated] and welcome 2007!!! Sharing a new year wallpaper with all of you.. did it in hurry, might not up to the mark :P For those with link to my personal flickr account, check it out for some new year pics.

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Many has mistaken that my previous post When It Ends was dedicated to a person. Indeed it was a post meant for all of us. A post for the year 2006 which we are going to wave goodbye this midnight. Some going to do it in style - like in parties and some going to let it go with teary eyes - like me. Does it going to mark the end of many things? May be...

Standing right on the last day of the year 2006, we are looking at another year of hope - 2007. While I believe its going to be adventurous, only God knows what He actually has in the plan for me. Nevertheless, I'm seeing it as a start of a new life. A brand new life.

I came from a modest background- spending my early years running around rubber and palm oil plantation. I find school as the most exciting place when I was growing up. Enough said about my childhood days, my teens was not boring either. With bunch of schoolboys running after you (ahem..ahem), it was fun indeed. I put my mark in the academic field when I was in my teens. Somehow it slowly deteriorate when I reach my late teens. Too bad for an ambitious girl like me.

I've spoke alot about my early uni days in my previous post. Don't wish to repeat them. Yet, I would say the last 3 years were the most challenging years in my life so far. I sank to the bottom and it was so hard to get up. I thought of quitting my studies couple of times, saved only by true friends and family who stood by me. I struggled through my postgraduate studies. I met so many people; did so many mistakes and learnt lots of lessons too. I still can't believe I'm done with my viva, and waiting for my graduation ceremony. It was that challenging. I still have some unfinished business, somethings that hanging on my life refusing me to move into a new phase of life. I want to let go of many things, but the memory stays. Its like you came so close and yet, it still so far.

Simply put, life has lessons in store for us. we may or may not like it but we have a discipline master waiting at the end of each day, teaching us a new lesson everyday. When we started to crawl, we afraid to walk; when we started to walk, we afraid to run; when we started to run, we afraid to fall; when we fell, aren't we suppose to stand up and start running again? How many times we actually fell but refused to stand up again? And don't you realise that the older we gets, the harder it is for us to stand up? Looking back, isn't it more fun to just stay as a child? No worries, no sorrow. And the best part - we never think twice standing up no matter how many times we fall. Beautiful childhood memories.

To those who knows me well, you guys know what I'm talking about. And you all also know how much does a PhD means to me. Once I'm over with masters, the next question that I was asked about was regarding my further studies. I'm really touched by souls who cared so much for me, by those who genuinely wished for my happiness and success. I owe so much to you guys. But when my mind is still blurred with things that happened in 2006/05, I doubt I will be able to continue my PhD anytime soon. It may or may not happen in 2007. But my wish to obtain a doctorate will definitely come true.

My wishes for 2007 is simple. I want to live again.

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anup.777 said...

Hey Ammu ... *hugggsss* ... Amen to that wish!!!

Wish you a wonderful and fun-filled New Year!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ammu that was just awesome girl.. I wanna live again... very true and we all do think:-))

Have a great new year:-))

Michelle said...

Happy new Year!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady,

Happy new Year!!

~ p E a C e ~

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful!!

A very Happy & Prosperous New YEar!!

PRADEEP K. said...

Hi Amu!

I have told you once before that 2007 is a kind of new beginning in your life. At least that is what my experience with numbers speaks.

Yesterday again I recalculated all your numbers, and I can certainly tell you that this year will be a very prosperous one for you.

God be with you!

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Ammu! HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Phd or not, u r definitely gonna LIVE girl. Just stay strong.

I'm partially back but will be in blogville tomorrow. TC!


tulipspeaks said...

@ anup

:) thanks sweetheart. Happy NY to u too.

@ priya

same to u dear.


tulipspeaks said...

@ michelle

same to u dearie.

@ vivek

vange junior! :P Happy New Year vivek.


tulipspeaks said...

@ prady

yea i remember it v well. thanks for re-calculating it. u dont really hv to do that u know. :)

thanks again.

@ keshi

hey sweetie.. u r back! muuuaxxx.. had fun nah?

:) yea.. im gonna live.. probably will come up with some 'surprises' God willing..

hugssss and lots of muuuaxxx


tulipspeaks said...

@ white forest

:) thanks dear. Happy New Year to u too


Anonymous said...

nice one!!! u have a wonderful page here!!!


Gangadhar said...

Happy new year to you,Ammu..
Thanks for your wishes.. :)


Keshi said...

btw u look gorgeous in those pics!

Sanjee came to Aus in early Dec and left b4 his sis came over :) awwww d u like him so much? Shall I really pass the msg? ;-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ deepsat

thank u :)

@ gangadhar

same to u. :) thanks for the visit


tulipspeaks said...

@ keshi

thanks dear. ur pics are awesome too!

awww.. well... i dont mind getting to know him :P


Seema said...

Here's wishing you too a great year ahead - filled with the professional and personal success, and the best of health and happiness n lotsa new beginnings!
Ur looking great in the pics !

Keshi said...

oki then ;-) and I really dun mind having u as my sis-in-law :):)


tulipspeaks said...

@ seema

awww..thats really sweet. thanks dear.

@ keshi

kekeke.. we both dont mind. how abt him?


Jeevan said...

Really u have a great ambision! Wish u will win in this:)

Have a wonderful year. hugsss!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you do realize by maxing up the grphics in ur blog it is very slow to load...

tulipspeaks said...

@ jeevan

thanks :) God Bless you.

@ gp

Happy New Year.
the thing is i've surveyed around and none of my frens have prob loading TS. probably its bcoz of our slow connection for the past few days.