Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm bored

Its end of the year.. and my workplace is deserted.. my blogmates all on holiday.. I'm dead bored!!! Seriously, I feel like I'm stuck on the same date for days! Ish.. this is bad.. I mean really BAD. I just can't wait for the NEW YEAR!

The video looks messy when it goes out of the alignment. But it worth watching. A scene I never get bored watching over and over again.


PRADEEP K. said...

Hey darling! I'm not on leave. I'm right here with you. :)

I know wot you mean sweetheart.

C'mere... Huggggggggggggggz!


tulipspeaks said...

@ prady

kekekeke.. :)


Anonymous said...

hi dear,
we are back from vacation! thats the lovely song. how was ur christmas vacation?

I think shankar's this imaginary sequence abt love between guy and gal is fantasy of every girl in this world. You ,gals, will like to see ur guy go mad behind you and at your needs ,right?

Anonymous said...

I wondered when did you change the template. Its different and looks nice.

Me not on holidays but took a break for few days not writing anything. Sometimes our minds are blank and we can't think of anyhting right.
Have a nice celeberation on new year.

tulipspeaks said...

@ nirek

hey... vacation eppadi irunthuchi? well, i just visited a fren for x'mas. thats about it. spend the rest of the days sleeping. lol.

oh come on.. its not like that. i dont wish my man to knee down for me all the time. but once a while, being sweet and showing that he is there for me is not sumthing hard to do i think. am i asking for too much? i dont think so.

@ priya

changed fully on x'mas eve. wanted sumthing different this time.

well.. i understand what u mean. sumtimes even i feel like that. feel like doing nothing in TS. :)